Some fault lines that lead to necessary analysis of our lack of political will, effectiveness and failures where climate change is concerned

In order to make changes to our climate related injustices, we need to look at a number of imbalances that hold progress back. The billionaires wealth is the product of a system that is out of balance, where few elected politicians will step out and pledge their careers on the plank of taxing wealth accurately, fairly, and consistently across the board. I wonder if they feel that they are putting their lives at risk by standing in that corner of badly needed policy improvement. The wealthy are flying into lower Earth orbit and polluting the air abundantly for fun and marketing traction while people are dying and displaced because of the emissions from all of their collective projects. Politicians need to be mandated to govern all wealth movements.

Let’s also face this: the fossil fuel companies were so crooked that they managed to hoodwink and scare or lobby and brine politicians into giving them massive subsidies, while also allowing them to avoid taxes. Policy makers need to be awake to this dangerous arrangement now, as they enriched a very corrupt bunch of jackasses-smart jackasses that are still liable for the ongoing plumes of decades old GHGs in the atmosphere. It’s one very bad bunch of apples, and the political class must be asked repeatedly to resolve to protect citizens from this swindle. The taxpayers were left so thoroughly on the hook by fossil fuel company management and shareholders, none of them can truly hide from the obviousness of the horrendous political machination and maneuvering around a system that is governed by elected people in the free world who were flawed. It is time to clean up the flaws by admitting that politicians can no longer hide their historical failures in these areas, and must evolve to a transparency that has been achieved in public offices despite their efforts to hide their donors’ direction.

There really should be no such thing as a tax haven, and no entities should be allowed to escape taxation. Where did the accounting professions go wrong? They got greedy, I suspect, trading their knowledge of the loopholes for personal gain and power for its own sake. The only way to stop this doomed fault line of corrupt accountants is to change tax law, and to do that, it will need to be resolved from the top. The only lever that can achieve this is the political class, and the grass roots must call for a brave new political class loudly and urgently. Status quo politicians need to be vomited onto the proverbial carpet, and voted out in droves.

Governments have failed to protect their proletariats, because the politicians made more money and career runway running with the military industrial pharmaceutical complex. They have now reaped their own peril by this failure, allowing too much pollution, not directing regulatory bureaucrats to reign in pollution permits, and the bureaucrats happy to just obey and rubber stamp pollution permits, And let’s remember, universities have been the source of the so called scientists that we all trusted to make sure that too many pollution permits were not allowed. Well, their complacency or cowardice has now led to our collective peril, and the grass roots should be very ticked off about it.

These are real fault lines that occurred in the developed world, and the whole world, as in people everywhere should be informed of them so that we figure out to head off our own extinction. I urge people to run for office that are willing to govern the flows of wealth properly for the protection of the taxpayer, who is now in the streets regularly about global warming, telling the inadequate leaders to step up and be realistic and truthful. Frankly we would all like to be excepted from the retarded concept of pollution externalities that the corporate class foisted onto the unsuspecting taxpayer.

Climate change is an ongoing plume event, so currently, there is no statute of limitations to stop the pursuit of those who should be held liable and culpable. The courts everywhere should find the forensic evidence obvious, and if they don’t then forensic scientists are failing us on that effort as well.

We must keep grilling politicians on all of the points mentioned here, and, I’m sure there are a few more that will come to light.

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