The wealthy are at the helm of a great deal of injustice

I proposed a 50% tax on $7million gross wealth or higher- no exceptions seems fair and generous taxation from the state. Now we have to urge politicians to wake up to this and enact robust tax policies.

The wealthy need to understand their own illusions of grandeur. I apologize if this triggers them at the levels of their egos, but it needs to be addressed. They have used every accounting trick, loophole, lobbying, propaganda, lies, different types of deception, bribery, and money itself to make more money and in the end, they foisted most of their pollution onto the tax payer.

Philanthropy came up corrupt and fell massively short of the need under this private control. Mostly they garnered respect through fear. Others’ fear of loss of income or career. Few of them have been criticized directly on the major issues of human thirst, hunger, poverty, birth control, climate gases, and, their own footprints. Their footprints are far too large when they actually need to go carbon negative in their lives and projects right away.

It is good that there is some philanthropy for the climate, but there is far from enough. Time to open your wallets to the appropriate extent, which is a lot, as soon as possible into the many aspects of world problems, and global warming. Greenhouse gases need to be removed post haste.

On behalf of the disadvantaged everywhere, we must rise up, and force the broken scales of justice in our taxation policy because the world’s wealth is being hoarded and kept out of circulation. There is no good reason of any kind for this to be happening when the need is so dire. Let’s support brave well informed, and ethical politicians in the fight for this humanity to distribute wealth appropriately. What has been happening is not appropriate.

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