Closing down Luxury Emissions Access is Warranted

I am calling for the shutting down of all private airports, and private leisure air traffic by the airports of the world immediately because of the climate emergency. I also call for the banning of all luxury yacht and boat usage of recreational and corporate craft over 20 feet for the same reason. These people need to be regulated to understand that these emissions are completely unwarranted and unethical.

I call on all political leaders to direct their governments to enact immediate policy like this until the emergency is remedied. Politicians must now lead properly and also limit their own air travel footprints as much as possible. No excuses. People are dying, and until humanity has addressed this, people should be respectful of this emergency and realize how they can create a better situation…cut emissions and go carbon negative with everything- all businesses and all projects. Anyone not in compliance with this is a criminal who is living the most disrespectful moral hazard of humanity’s existence and must be stopped. I encourage people to be more vocal about this now.

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