Wealthy Must Back Down From Their Materialistic Pursuits and Help With Climate Change

“Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself” is an admonition that is coming true in the opposite direction. If the wealthy do not assist their less affluent neighbors, they will perish last in a very ugly global heating disaster. They will live in the disaster conditions longer which will be part of their compensation for failing on progressive financial policies for key infrastructure personally and societally.

It has been noted that all we really need to do is to take the most wealthy registers, and divide up the $1trillion in costs caused by the wealthy on a pro rated basis. This way, the carbon footprint inherent in every $M of wealth can be offset fairly at $50/T CO2. These numbers are already available and can be assigned to individuals in the wealthy class as a debt owing to everyone else who is shouldering the burden of the wealthy’s emissions from luxuries and projects resulting in excess runaway profits that also have damaging carbon footprints. We cannot afford to take much time to communicate what the wealthy owe to the climate disaster and it is getting personal for a lot of people who deserve better treatment than what this class of people are offering. They are presiding over a sinking ship which they cannot get off of, and believe me, most would welcome their exit if it were possible. Because we have to come together, we need to transfer $1Trillion to GHG removal from the atmosphere from their coffers as quickly as possible.

I suggest that the 2021 Forbes millionaire and Billionaire list be used as the compensation guideline. The $1Trillion can be pro rated across that group by apportionment to wealth. We can set up a trust for the funds to be held until the GHG removal methods are selected. A file with the names and amounts owing will be posted here in the near future. If the wealthy choose to be forced into court to release these funds, well, then they have chosen to plunge us all to our deaths, frankly.

This is an invitation to the wealthy to organize a payment action as a group as soon as possible. Names and current to 2021 wealth will be posted here.

I want you to know that I do not like to be the bearer of these nasty details. THE PURSUIT OF UNFETTERED AND IRRESPONSIBLE WEALTH WAS NOT MY CHOICE IN LIFE, therefore I do not apologize for being frank with you on these facts. Please cooperate now on a global scale to help yourselves as well as those that you have hurt and continue to hurt and maim. The time for diplomacy has passed I’m afraid.

How Many Millionaires Are There in the World? – General Estimates

1. The global number of millionaires reached 56.1 million in 2021.

(Credit Suisse)

There are currently 56.08 thousand adult millionaires in the world, with a total net worth of $191.6 trillion. They make for 1.1% of the population.

17. The number of billionaires exploded in 2021 to reach a new all-time high of 2,755.


Forbes’ 35th Annual World’s Billionaires List of 2021 includes a record-high number of the world’s wealthiest people: 2,755. Altogether, these people are worth a staggering $13.1 trillion, which is $8 trillion more than the collective wealth of the previous year’s billionaires. One hundred and six members of the list are under 40 years of age, and two-thirds are self-made.

Source: https://fortunly.com/statistics/millionaire-statistics/#gref

Let’s apportion these fortunes into the $1T that should be paid by them for GHG removal:

191.6T + 13.1T=204.7 T Total wealth. $1T / 204.7 =0.49%. This means that just for GHG removal, NOT INCLUDING reparations from weather, fire and crop failure extremes, each of these persons owes $4,900.00US per million dollars of wealth to pay for accumulated emission removal to 2020. They can send these funds to the XPRIZE Foundation and earmark them for “GHG removal work”. The XPRIZE can act as a receiving foundation for these overdue funds. This is my opinion about the XPRIZE Foundation, but please note that the Musk Foundation is currently financing the XPRIZE for Carbon Removal, so it is close to the technologies which will scale for the GHG removal emergency.

As and example If you were worth 200 Billion, you should pay 0.98 Billion towards GHG removal to be current with your obligations under this apportionment scheme to 2020.

It would help if the wealthy refrained from private jets, pointless luxuries and yachts until humanity figures out how to handle these very hurtful emissions-which you are personally liable for.

Please help in spreading this information.

Viva Cundliffe

To see what you owe as a billionaire current to 2020-see the list: https://www.forbes.com/billionaires/

If you are a millionaire- you owe 0.049% of your 2020 total net worth to catch up with GHG removal work needed to offset your pollution.

FYI a personal carbon footprint of around 5tonnes a year is justified-that is about the EU average. Anything above this can be classed as a liability on the global carbon budget, so please govern yourselves accordingly. If you have paid for offsets in the past, just be able to provide the proof of purchase.

If we took the $204.7T and divided it among 8 billion people, each person would receive $255,875.00, this helps to illustrate the kind of wealth disparity we are dealing with on Earth. Excessive wealth is an opportunity cost for everyone.

Disaster prevention dollar saves 6$ in damages according to experts. That suggests that the wealthy will not only owe $1T for GHG removal work, but will owe an approximate additional $6T in damages. 6 from 205T is still a mere 3%. This murder-suicide of the careless deserves some swift and sure adjudication if we are going to

2 thoughts on “Wealthy Must Back Down From Their Materialistic Pursuits and Help With Climate Change

  1. There are three things that people need to know, in order to act, or to support action, about the converging crises that humanity faces: Below, I list those three things, and put them in relation to the recent IPCC WG2 report.

    1. How bad — the WG2 report gets *most* of the way there, despite under-estimating severity.

    2. How soon — the WG2 report, as dire as it is, has again under-estimated the speed (and severity) of near-term impacts.

    3. What can/must we do to mitigate impacts or reverse course — everything from the IPCC has been absolutely worthless on this point — saying that emissions must drop does not say HOW that can be achieved or WHAT must be done to achieve it.

    If not now, then soon, it should be clear that WHAT and HOW include:
    • Rapid contraction of human and economic activities
    • Immediate programs of deep austerity — akin to WW2-era “home front” efforts, preparing for a Century of transition — whittling down human activities (uses of energy and other natural resources) to bare essentials, until we are in a position to sustainably increase
    • PR, programs, incentives/disincentives, geared to reduce global human numbers to ~2B or less, ASAP (~2100)
    • Support programs to help people through a century or more of “frugal” existence
    • Immediate abandonment of capitalism, moving toward steady-state economic systems compatible survival of advanced human civilization and the human species — adoption of planned economies for the duration of this transition.
    • Public works programs, to repurpose non-essential labor to essential tasks, in support of local infrastructures, local food production, local support programs (focusing on health and shelter), and research and conversion projects to develop and implement more resilient societies through this period of transition, until global human numbers can be sustainably supported, in an egalitarian advanced human civilization, by the technologies and (local) natural resources and technologies available at that time.

    Unfortunately, the IPCC does not acknowledge (or even study) the fact that the Earth is in a desperate state of human population overshoot (probably by a factor of 4-7), relative to the number of people that the Earth can support in ANY form of advanced human civilization, especially an egalitarian human civilization, based on any known or readily foreseeable technologies… but that is a critical fact, too.


    • Hello, and thank you for this excellent, urgent response, which I agree with. The authorities are still in denial unfortunately, but I will publish your response here.


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