Situation report From Viva Cundliffe 22-04-2022

The Global competition, XPRIZE for Carbon Removal announced today their top 60 and top 25 picks and qualified a base of 287 from which these competitors were selected. Now we know what kind of team we have for their CO2 removal focussed mission. Congratulations to all who are continuing to work. We should make headway with these efforts!

The global situation also includes the ocean and upper atmosphere. Here is a recent report on the state of the Ocean which is projected to degrade quite badly:

We need to avoid Oceanic degradation as much as possible. XPRIZE Carbon Removal teams will help with this in some measure, which is good news.

Further, the Ozone layer is tied to this problem because of potential damaging UVC radiation leaks, which appear to be happening now over the USA:

Let’s hope that the IPCC positive claims are correct, we await this report:

We should note that short lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) are increasing and we probably need equatorial satellite surveillance so I have suggested that NASA consider two equatorial geostationary satellites for this emerging problem, and the fact that the holes often intrude into the equatorial zones:

The Ozone degradation can allow deadly UVB and UVC into the Ocean and, on land, damaging trees and plants, which we cannot afford. This will contribute to the development of a Canfield or toxic Ocean because of phytoplankton death. More CO2 will release than be absorbed. I have a concern that the Ozone layer is depleting and am watching for more evidence. The question I have is-how many poor years in a row will qualify the Ozone layer as being in need of mitigation? Are they open to this at all? There is a company that can offer an airlift of 5MT of doubly ionized oxygen to the stratosphere. O++ would be a double-strength because it can form OF2, which is heavy and would fall out toward Earth, out of the Stratosphere more readily.

We need to treat the situation holistically and without harsh methods when gentle methods are available-hopefully chemists and engineers have learned that lesson given how harsh chemicals are the cause of our problems.

I will provide another update next Friday.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc.,

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