There are Actually 63.2GT of atmospheric pollutants to remove not 40GT

While we focus on the great strides we are making on CO2 in the world, We have to remember that in CO2 equivalents, we do still have a lot of other gases, like methane, synthetic greenhouse gases, short lived climate pollutants, and water vapor changes as we try to cool the planet.

If we look at the ppm excess over 350, we see that we are 72ppm over that. Let’s also add the 42ppm (MIT, 2012 Report No. 211) in CO2e for all the other climate pollutants; that is basically One THIRD of the excess we need to deal with. The XPRIZE Carbon Removal focuses mainly on CO2. These other pollutants actually are very heavy so they present as fewer molecules. Some are 3000x worse in their global warming potentials. Their un-GWP- weighted amount is what I want to point to, because it shows how this small fraction holds all of the other bad actors. Note this table:

Apportioned pollutant gas presences

Since the non-GHG gases portion is so small, it is daunting to think of how to attack the problem. The best solution available is the hydroxyl, which also happens to remove CO2 and sequester it into the geochemical sink of the Earth as minerals. It provides a 2-in-1 service. No other Earth-friendly compound does this. If we disperse hydroxyl to remove CO2, it will also remove these other gases, including the growing methane gas, which hydroxyl is its most important and effective sink. If we have a methane burp emergency, I suggest we use OH*dispersal.

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