How Close to the Brink are the Idiots Going to Take us?

Those who use artificial chemicals to modify weather and climate do not understand or do not respect the natural system.

The hydroxyl safety net of the Earth is fully and irresponsibly inundated by intentional and combustion based aerosols, in addition to the GHG overload, short lived climate pollutants, and forever chemicals. The hydroxyl in the Troposphere intercepts our trash every day, sponsored by what sunlight is allowed through, now that solar radiation management is in full swing under the false banner of weather modification.

Complacency, cowardice, laziness and heavy-handed chemistry brought us here. According to the US government’s own documents from the Department of Agriculture, they are desiccating the forests under aerosol spraying, and then sponsoring fires that kill-you guessed it- people. This is so sick! Folks, we are suffering from bad scientists with no moral compass and other scientists who work for government who dragged their feet on advising politicians, and then scientists who think they can strong arm the weather and climate with harsh chemicals, and be paid for it. Evil does touch a significant fraction of our scientists, you need to know that. This is NOT treating the root of our atmospheric problems.

We have extra moisture in the atmosphere with global warming that would be better distributed if it were not depleted of hydroxyl via the aerosols and the incredibly lax job government has done on lowering this rests at the feet of government scientists, whom have probably brought us all past the brink. I hold them accountable, and no longer trust them, along with the geoengineers that are not prtecting the Earth’s hydroxyl safety net. The least they could do, is fund hydroxyl dispersal technology from my company, ReductionTech Inc. Let me ask, the hydroxyl system is taught and written about in the peer-reviewed literature so why don’t these geniuses realize that it should be protected? The wilful incompetence is stunning against a backdrop of documented evil agendas for depopulation, that are supported by scientists in love with artificial pseudoscience that solves very little. It’s not a good stopgap measure because it depletes hydroxyl, which will attach to any aerosol particle and be taken out of commission.

Try to find ways to hold these very poor, unethical scientists I mention to account. Even professional associations have been lenient. They did not choose to invent in alignment with the natural Earth system, and they should be called out for this major flaw across several disciplines of science, including chemistry, engineering, medicine, food, and agriculture. At the base of it, it is about money, and they were willing to cheat sound 7 generation principles to get ahead for themselves. Note also that this is incredibly male dominated.

Take a good look at your scientist colleagues and finally weed out all this artificial dead end science, and put it in its proper place- minimized, defunded and in the past. Only clean chemistry is going to get us out of this sick push to this brink of extinction we are now at.

The lack of sufficient hydroxyl contributes to inclement weather, because hydroxyl is a surfactant as well as an oxidizer, hydrolyzer (of CO2), bactericide, anti virus/mold and a deposition promoter. These services are critical, and I’m prosecuting scientists who have allowed this through permitting work, or directorships in government, or senior advising scientists in the private sector, and more. Hydroxyl is a necessity- it is infrastructure, and it’s failing by now failing to match to the heavy pollution load by all of the different pollution pulses. This is as bad as an ozone layer weakening because hydroxyl intercepts ozone destroying substances that can migrate upwards by attaching to it and weighing it down, bringing it to ground. This is significant combined with all the other hydroxyl services. It is necessary infrastructure that has been inundated that is currently in need of attention and protection so that it can perform all of its functions and removals. It can be relied upon to remove all GHGs all at once, which is badly needed, but it would need to be manufactured and dispersed, which it can be without any big suction fans or costly complex technology designs.

Only about 52% of scientists can be trusted in my experience. And the super-wealthy have intimidated many scientists over the decades. This is not a good situation.

Viva Cundliffe

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