Hydroxyl Based Companion Stack Janitor 17 times more potent than CO2 and can make Clean Coal Carbon Negative

Releasing hydroxyl from one of the ReductionTech ceramics removes 17 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere a year by emitting only 3 tonnes of oxide radical, which forms hydroxyl on contact with water found in the air. The CO2 is caught with water and reacts with OH* to form carbonic acid, which rains out. In the soil, this acid leaches out minerals, increasing mineral diversity, plant diversity, and biodiversity. Enough hydroxyl to match the CO2 released and match the releasing methane burp are a necessity, not a frill, that aligns with the natural Earth System. The atmospheric sink for CO2, when paired with hydroxyl dispersal is up to 20B tonnes a year, which is enough to remove humanity from danger and put the total ppm of GHGs from the 510 ppm total all the way down to the 380ppm range and remove all methane and all other climate pollutants. This would lower and create an effective CO2 level total of 380ppm, and the world would also be free of all other atmospheric pollutants, saving at least 20 million human lives, and halt biodiversity loss, whole calming weather events and increasing cloud albedo (reflectivity of heat to space).


The fact that we have not been scaled is due to widespread ignorance, which we are working to change. The climate and engineering professions, while ignorant also shamefully harbor misogyny and female founder marginalization biases for which they will be held accountable, since we are a female owned, female run technology company at the moment. This is a major black mark on Canadian society and scientists. The federal government science bureaucrats who run the innovation and CCUS programs now state that they are inclusive, but I am still skeptical.

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