ReductionTech Inc Miracle Hydroxyl Dispersal Natural Global GHG Removal is Now Advance Selling on Shopify

On this site, they offer 8.3 Kg Carbon removal for $1.50, and so limited budgets can participate in advance funding this best Value direct air capture (DAC) technology.

Certification information will be updated as it happens, and is being sought from several partners after being vetted already by the CARBON REMOVAL XPRIZE judges. This technology is a 2025 finalist, and also has a Katerva Finalist Award 2019, and a 2012 Nobel Prize Chemistry Nomination.

To my blog followers, please go over and have a look at the progressing Shopify site, and consider even a small purchase because this will send a huge message to larger partners. Please share our news and more news is coming. We also won a scholarship with Coralus-formerly SH-E-O, who also paid for this one year launch on Shopify, so we are gaining momentum.


Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO and Founder of ReductionTech Inc.

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