The single best way to deal with aerosol dimming removal shocks is to create air that is devoid of GHGs and mix it in

This dimming effect that will cause an aerosol rebound as a sudden temperature increase needs to be dealt with by hydroxyl dispersal because concentrated hydroxyl is the only agent that can safely make air devoid of all GHGs at once. Doing this will rapidly cool by allowing heat to get vented to space. The global dimming paradox, also known as the “McPherson paradox” can really only be confronted by a complete and total GHG purification method. The Earth system science is clear, hydroxyl is the only safe, available, affordable, scalable, natural compound. It does this already but humanity inundated it by overconsumption of fossil fuels and refrigerant GHGs, and, short lived climate pollutants, SLCPs.

Hydroxyl oxidizes SGHGs, methane, N2O, at the same time will remove CO2 by neutralizing it by hydrolysis, creating increased mineral and stabilized biodiversity, calm weather extremes, and increase cloud brightness. It also attaches to any aerosol particles it encounters, both natural and synthetic, and weighs the particle down, bringing it to ground. It participates in precipitation mechanics by acting as a weather front lubricant or surfactant, which causes faster resolution of weather events. Folks, let’s get serious here-why do half a job or spend billions on SRM geoengineering that doesn’t solve the GHG problem? Hydroxyl dispersal is scalable NOW. Showy, irresponsible physics fundamentals around blocking sunlight only are not necessary or efficient in light of scalable hydroxyl dispersal.

Hydroxyl is a major part of the Earth system, is fully understood with a few exceptions. Frankly why would we try to apply CO2 only solutions, or methane only solutions when frankly the hydroxyl gives us pristine air that rapidly vents heat to space, which deals with our problem at its root?

Blocking sunlight with different geoengineering techniques do NOT get to the root cause and remove the offending GHGS.

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Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc.,

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