The depopulation agenda and the powerful are so corrupt that it will extinct humanity and put the sick perverts into their bunkers

This article is for the perverts of the depopulation agenda. Congratulations, you all win your retirement in your emergency bunkers, where you will endure the fruits of your evil anti-life agenda. Enjoy trying to power your vertical greenhouses, keeping your slaves in line with guns, and eating out of cans for the resto of your sick lives.

I am a person of significant faith, being a reader of the Urantia Book revelation, and have noted the contrast between the corrupt controllers, the paid off and threatened politicians, threatened and intimidated professionals that cower to you who are so powerful that you are virtually anonymous. However, you are not anonymous to God and Jesus Christ. I think you will be held to account for your exponential hypocrisy, heartlessness, and greed. The insane asylum that you have created on Earth will be vindicated and probably penalized fully on a penal planet after you are done ruining this one, you’ll have those conditions for eternity.

The psychosis of greed was shown at COP 27, where the fossil fuel companies are trying to buy more time, with the help of duped, bought off and intimidated politicians. You all are at your absolute worst by dragging your feet on fossil fuel emissions. You are also terrible evil beasts for consigning us to weather modification and solar radiation management, mocking and jeering at the observant people who have standards of decency. These situations are totally psychotic and within them are the seeds of your destruction, I guarantee it. Your materialism and selfishness are fueling your long term demise. You will likely not have a shot at eternity for what you are perpetrating in the pursuit of comfort and wealth. Spiritual and religious dispensations describe how completely you will be dismissed and likely destroyed by the just divine beings we know about.

No one will come to your aid, no one will talk to you, you-if you live- you will be isolated like Satan and Lucifer and their minions, who have been imprisoned and await permanent destruction now on a prison planet not far away. You traded your short term gain for eternal life, while psychotically harming and neglecting principles of decency. At this stage of what is happening, I can pretty much guarantee that for you as a class, there is now no going back. It is so far along into mass extinction now, that you all are unrecoverable spiritually. All of your plans, your abused privileges, behind closed doors are all pretty much exposed to everyone else now, and the exposure is going to get more intense because humanity is awakened.

What you have done on Earth is so merciless and selfish, that it will be met, I believe, in kind, before you leave Earth and when you are awoken after your death when you will be called to judgement. Some of you will probably be deleted while unconscious.

All around this is not a good picture. You are total failures as human beings. It is stressful to watch your machinations unfold. The good people should really stick together now for sanity’s sake, and for solace, but be truthful. The fall of humanity’s Earth based habitat was due to the addiction and pursuit of wealth, and willful self-centredness of the elites. Scum, scum, scum.

I have allowed comments for this blog post, so if you are a good person and wish to add to what I have said, please comment.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd

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