Male Chauvinism and Male Favoritism are Deadly Male Dominated Conspiracies

The imbalances caused by male primacy have thrust humanity into grave danger with climate change and general pollution. As a woman, I know that men prefer to work with combustion technology, but they never learned how to avert and prevent the consequences because they barely know how to work together on big issues. They never got organized adequately, and they pushed the combustion technology agenda, which is tied to their higher paycheques and manhood so deeply, it really got out of hand.

Combine this with the male dominated STEM professions, where many scientists, engineers, and chemists traded their ethics for a personal paycheque, rather than agitate for the actual truths around having a clean environment. This failure needs to be called out as personal middle and upper class greed.

The misogyny problem also includes more newly arrived females in the STEM professions. We have been overlooked by at least 4 female decision makers, which is totally disgusting to us. The fact is-we have the best value technology, with the wisest and most safety creating chemistry in the world-the hydroxyl. Women in the STEM professions are woefully ignoring the misogynist bias and not opting for even a shred of affirmative action. I find this disgusting professionally-what is wrong with these women?

Recently, STEM government departments, and programs began paying “lip service” to being inclusive, but it is a false policy change, mainly promulgated by social pressure and demographics changes, but I remain fully skeptical of this new face of the STEM communities because frankly, the white males who are entrenched in Western society aren’t stepping back without a good fight. Perhaps unfortunately, this demographic, which steered humanity into several major ongoing disasters, is actually quite a psychotic population. Outsiders have had to drag the majority of this group kicking and screaming into a place with better morals grounded in reality.

I have met a few prominent exceptions in the white male senior demographic who have had real decency, real empathy, real senses of justice, but they are sorely outnumbered. I wish that men would work harder to pressure higher ethics and consciousness in each other, and do it a LOT more quickly because the endangerment caused by male dominated societal imbalances is hard to countenance. I’d like to kick a few asses in this demographic recently as I work to scale this great nature based technology that is not hard to grasp by most people if they pay attention. We really need people to pay attention to what happened and what IS happening around this technology. People should be AFRAID to lose hydroxyl dispersal technology of this global caliber. If YOU don’t do it- WHO WILL?

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc.,

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