In the pharmaceutical paradigm versus the natural paradigm- we all know the natural paradigm must prevail

75 years of geoengineering that is now scaled as weather modification has left a terrible mess, ozone layer damage, hydroxyl depletion, and toxic chemical inundation that is desiccating whole forests, chemically accelerating forest fires and leaving toxic metals absolutely everywhere to be absorbed and cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. What a lousy science paradigm, which only buys the fossil fuel companies more time to emit, and our disgusting depopulation elites-enthusiasts have hijacked and supported the program. It can get worse though, if President Biden is duped into making SRM official and paying these losers to double down on the toxic crap. This pharmaceutical “shading” physics paradigm is so inferior, unwise and rotten, it really had to be government classified!

It’s time to provide the physics that will heal. That involves removing the GHGs trapping heat and helping the heat escape to space, which it can do very rapidly. Al Gore described a net zero scenario at COP 27 worth mentioning: at true net zero, the Earth system would take 35 years to cause CO2 to “fall out of the sky”. This is hydroxyl and water at work, and we need to speed this process up with our available hydroxyl dispersal technology which is nature-based and extremely powerful. Here are the key roles that hydroxyl plays as our main cleansing infrastructure, which deserves to respected much more than it is by mainstream scientists:

Please note that the psychotic depopulation elites will relish and enjoy this information for all the wrong reasons!

We Must Understand and Address the Hydroxyl Radical of the Atmosphere, or More Life Dies.

Hydroxyl is made mainly by the sunlight based breakdown of ozone where an ozone atom, O* combines with water, H2O, to form 2OH*, and it provides a colossally important set of ecosystem services for the planet and its lifeforms every day. Due to human activities, it is now completely inundated, which will lengthen the climate disaster, and continue to kill more than 20 million people per year. (10million dies from bad air quality, and 10 million die from climate related drought, flood, inclement weather, starvation).

Scientists generally do not understand the hydroxyl infrastructure, therefore it has been neglected, disrespected, and abused with almost no end in sight. Positive climate feedbacks like runaway methane release are now the consequences of this unacceptable oversight.

Hydroxyl is responsible for:

  • Fastest GHG removal-all types-all at once: oxidizes methane, SLCPs, ODS, PFCs, and hydrolyzes CO2 via enhanced weathering (20B Tonne annual sink capacity of Earth system)
  • Attaches to all particulates, aerosols and molecules including forever chemicals, promoting deposition to ground. This helps with ozone layer repair, air quality.
  • Kills Viruses.
  • Kills mould.
  • Kills unwanted/unfriendly bacteria.
  • Deodorizes.
  • Removes non GHG pollutants like Nox and maintains air quality at adequate capacity.
  • Provides surfactant services to mixing weather fronts which reduces weather extremes.
  • Is involved in precipitation mechanics, and triggers coalescence, droplet formation and precipitation.
  • Increases cloud albedo when sufficient via regularized convection cycles that produce “clean” clouds.
  • Reduces/controls tropospheric ozone levels.
  • Ages aerosols into CCN (cloud condensation friendly nuclei).
  • Reduces/controls VOCs, volatile organic pollutants.
  • Removes smoke.
  • Increases mineral diversity, which leads to plant diversity.
  • Increases biodiversity after large scale hydroxyl based oxidation events as widely noted in the fossil record and peer reviewed literature.

Hydroxyl can be replenished and increased to help with the climate disaster by quickly removing all GHGs at once when dispersed at scale. There is developed, scalable, affordable dispersal technology that can be found at It’s bad but we can act by scaling this technology.

“We Ignore the Hydroxyl’s Inundation at Our Gravest Peril”

As an Academic, I studied and wrote about what I think is a better way to enhance weather and precipitation by carefully placing residue-free concentrated hydroxyl radicals and positive OH+ ions instead of Silver Iodide and unbelievably toxic seeding chemicals which, in my opinion, are the epitome of bad and careless pharmaceutical paradigm science. I think that we can suppress and trigger precipitation with natural electrochemical-spatial management. If you wish to read that thesis it is available over at at

If you prefer non-toxic approaches to weather and climate management, the best thing you can do is share this post with other scientists and with politicians. Scientists are unfortunately generally not taught Earth system science and Paleo chemistry well in universities so they get trapped in the pharmaceutical paradigm much to our grave danger, and, politicians think that they are hiring and relying on wise scientists advice, which they generally have not had. I think that government employed scientists are the laziest and worst among us, and, are huge cowards. They opt to keep their heads down and get their pensions which has contributed to them not serving us at all regarding the climate disaster, which many of them know about. Even now, air quality scientists hardly ever advise lowering air pollution in a practical way-they just let it happen to our collective detriment and peril.

Stop trusting the government scientists and the geoengineers from Harvard University because they are badly mistaken peer-reviewed liars on SRM and a lot of them are unethical because of this. They also deny what is happening right now with SRM all over the world, having treated you all like mushrooms out of fear and knowing that the solution is truly less than mediocre, and is very dangerous. They need to be told that to get us all off this mistaken aerosol masking effect rebound warming paradox, we need natural cleansing and offsetting, and have it done quickly. These are the same engineers that want you to overspend on giant suction fans with dirty chemistry, and a morally stranded fossil fuel made via the expensive and dirty Fischer Trop process that professional engineers have criticized as net carbon doubtful. The inventor has sidestepped being stopped by claiming that economies of scale will prove out. Society cannot afford over-engineered technologies that swallow up energy, expensive staff and resources, and only focus on ONE GHG. Easy to adopt full solution technology is critically important. Combine this with the parasitic COP meetings going almost nowhere on the emissions reduction phase out and removal reality, and you have huge waste and useless carbon footprints and difficult emissions gaps. Pitchforks are sort of justified for all these useless eaters!

You can sponsor my work by purchasing the most affordable, powerful nature based advance carbon offset for your own carbon footprint here starting at $1.50 CAD:

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc.

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