Basic Income for 9 billion with a 10% Administration Budget

If we take the 360.6 Trillion and divide it by 9billion people, we obtain an individual allotment of $40,066 USD Isn’t that interesting. Who’s entitled to someone else’s allotment, who actually exercises that prerogative while dismissing this mathematically perfect wealth distribution figure? Are we ever held accountable for our income and lifestyle choices?

Does living in a society where there is a notable capitalist culture bubble just mean that you are just lucky and others are basically out of luck? Should we take a relatively primitive aboriginal, or and emerging economy citizen and deem them entitled to a basic income as a birthright as a human being? What is the most responsible and fair distribution of the Earth’s wealth?

We all know that the millionaire-billionaire sector is very slow to being considerate about reducing their huge carbon footprints. I call on them to take their businesses and portfolios carbon negative on a long term and sustainable basis by 2035. Anything less is completely unjustified.

What is successful about polluting your neighbors home and yard by using outdated technology that is culturally a marker of financial success in capitalists dream scenarios. Clearly, financial success does not make you a good neighbor, a caring individual, an environmentalist, or a positive force for justice and equity. If it did, we never would have been led by combustion and development excesses in the pursuit of high owner and shareholder profit models which are found in countries who have hoarded the most wealth. Why is this monetary paradigm so emotional and polarizing? This cultural and financial emotionality and ambition clearly demonstrates that we are not conscious that we live on a small planet, and have to be conscious of our finite resources here as well as our lifestyle impact on others.

Criticizing the wealthy is appropriate global policy in light of the physical state of our planet at heir hands, and then exhorting them to change specific behaviors and adjusting their thinking to truly include others in their consciousness in a way that makes environmental and financial equity possible is necessary. They insulate themselves and pursue their material ambitions while trashing everyone’s sense of equality. The hierarchy they have espoused and pursued is harmful to the planetary environment, and the power they have wielded has compromised many individuals the in this system, felt they needed to hush or to capitulate their ethics in order to secure a pay cheque. We need to govern profit models.

Profit models should be categorized and taxed and regulated. This would protect startup companies from being forced to project steep profit models in order to get private financing. If the profit models of fossil fuel companies were regulated and taxed, the commons would already be wealth enough to pay for the climate mitigation needed now. Presently, we are terribly behind and it’s because of ungoverned capitalism.

We should not fear this subject, in fact, we risk looking like very dead idiots if we don’t address the points made here, because wealth insulates the wealthy and makes many of them functionally deaf to issues of equity, basic income and environmental justice. Their fear of living on a “Road Warrior” planet, with stockpiled canned food and desolate natural scenery needs to be hastened so they seriously look at their priorities which should include reverting significant wealth back to the human brotherhood that we cannot indefinitely avoid recognizing and supporting. The most important question in all of this is- where did their love go? Is it still being channeled into the pursuit of what they think is “fabulous” material success at the cost of Earth being made an unstable cesspool for everyone else?

The best way to address these corporate kleptocrats is with strong and fast, possibly retroactive profit model policy.

I currently run a company that I bill as profit controlled, in the carbon removal space, so that we are publicly understood as a morally conscious corporation that will not gouge the consumer. We think others should have to follow suit.


2 thoughts on “Basic Income for 9 billion with a 10% Administration Budget

    • Thank you for your comment. I prefer to support mitigation, geotherapy or thermoengineering-thermal venting designs in infrastructures. All unwanted residues should disqualify projects. What are your thoughts?


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