Resolving the Climate disaster by 2100 is Possible

65% of Global Warming Problem Addressed in CAD
Line ItemTotal ReductionTech Inc. System CostCost
Capital Equipment-TECHAll Infrastructure Costs$8,800,433,333
Green Energy 550 MWAll Green Energy Costs Incl. Recycling kilns$620,000,000
Staff & Contractors$8,400,433,333
Contingency & Profit10% + 15%$2,200,108,333
Buildings 220,000M^2103 ft stacks/40,000 cells=10.83=$12M CAD$44,000,000
<$50/T Fully Scaled cost Total$20,064,974,999
USD Equivalent$16,051,979,999

Buy the removal of your personal carbon footprint from us here: Honestly, who do we expect to pay for this? If you think the Oil companies should, then send them this article and tell them to pay the costs…one way or another- we encourage you to take your power, or suffer the totally unnecessary consequences;

For the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Finals in 2025, we were required to project the costs for a GT removal. We can also calculate as shown, the costs for any fraction or complete resolution of greenhouse gases for the whole planet.

We do not have to endure this crisis for much more than 100 years if we disperse hydroxyl in an Oxidation event, which has occurred on this planet before, bringing: Pristine Air, increased biodiversity, plant diversity, animal diversity, increased cloud brightness, decreased weather extremes (Surfactant), cloud condensation cooling services, normalized rain and lowered virus, bacteria and mold loads.

Deep, rapid, globally scalable, safe, rare simultaneous total GHG removal without residues-we make all pollution fall safely to the ground and restore the global ecosystem.

Deeply rooted in widely published Science, we restore the Earth System. Creating a near zero climate sensitivity can only be done to the air safely by hydroxyl.

Society does not have to pay an arm and a leg for technology to reverse climate change. Technology does not need to be expensive. ReductionTech Inc doesn’t believe in fleecing the average consumer while reversing climate change, at scale, which it can do by 2100. Other technologies with expensive processes, residues and fan equipment are too expensive. We would like to keep people’s finances as intact as possible (because we think this will do the most good). The front running technologies that are being funded are typically removing only one gas at a time -expensively, using up resources and generating toxic/unwanted residues. People- decisionmakers and citizens, are vulnerable because every day and night around the world, they are being traumatized by media reports on climate change disasters with rising death tolls. The response to throw lots of money at over-engineered and under-delivering carbon removal is a panic response.

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