Global Government Means Cooperation and Collaboration not Oppression

I think that any party who is against global government is a cheater on some level. They know that they have an unfair amount of something that would likely be taken away and given to someone else, if they were examined for justice. Cultures that hold these kinds of people up as examples of being successful are deceived and corrupted.

Obviously we need to examine this, as the world is full of people whom are not fed, -nor even fed healthy proteins- and they are given unhealthy grains as an emergency stopgap. We need to govern the wayward capitalist machines that are causing this, and other injustices to people and the planet. We need to get above a number of global issues and associated corrupt corporations, appointed politicians and govern them.

We need to vote this class of global governor in democratically and ensure that corporations’ top governance people do not form a governance pact with these people, who should be working above them, to ensure that everyone’s best interests are protected. The current appointed UN processes and structures are currently not accountable and they allow the placement of corporate people into governance positions. This is totally corrupting the public’s agendas. The shocking fact that a Saudi executive can be the COP 28 chair, and the UN hears the backlash on this, and no heads roll is absolute proof that we are getting too far away from decent and better thought out principles on global governance.

Democratically elected global policy leaders need to operate totally insulated from the corruption we know about, are currently experiencing by well written mandate legislation that is agreed upon democratically. We don’t have democracy at all at the UN or global levels, we have patronage and a terribly obvious revolving doors between the same people who want to be a politician and a corporate executive. This class is notorious for insulating itself from real accountability, by sequestering its advocates by appointing them into various different positions that are created by politicians and purchased or brokered by corporations.

I think we need to create the global democracy from entirely outside the current systems. The best justification for this is that the current failing systems have served us by revealing pretty much ALL of the questionable bad actors and the absurd, “in your face” injustices that they have allowed.

We need people who conform to principles, not principalities and powers, and we need to empower them with a clean mandate to govern and distribute the resources and infrastructures of this small planet, giving everyone a well thought out birthright. Coming out against a principled global government is essentially making a play for any number of darker agendas, that we must resolve to eradicate with good and clear political will to do better than the doubtful international patched quilt that now helps a few at the expense of the many, which is the actual oppression that is really going on.

Viva Cundliffe


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