The next four years 2023-2027 are going to be extremely difficult for humanity

NOTICE and Q2 2-23 Climate Mitigation Policy Prediction From ReductionTech Inc

April 10, 2023

Based on our experiences with several different funding decisionmakers in the climate technology field, we are issuing a prediction about what is going to transpire with respect to climate solution finance in light of the critical next four year El Nino period.

Firstly this El Nino period is likely to be very serious and damaging, with a major uptick in death and property losses partially due to El Nino itself, but also because the hydroxyl radical is now fully inundated, as evidenced by the growing increase in methane levels, which is a SURE SIGN that the Earth’s hydroxyl safety system is now overwhelmed.

We see that funding decisions are not appropriately researching, understanding and recognizing the natural system opportunities, and this will result in delay that will cause losses out of the control of ReductionTech Inc, who seeks to scale a controlled hydroxyl dispersal to create an oxidation event that will halt global warming while improving biodiversity, including improving plant and mineral diversity, increasing Earth’s albedo, cleaner air, calmer weather, and normalized rain.

We are forced to advise all of the citizens of the Earth that all of the above mentioned planetary improvements are indeed very badly needed, and we offer a scalable and affordable dispersal technology that provides and oxidation event under controlled conditions at scale that can deliver them.

Unfortunately our experience with decisionmakers in the climate mitigation field is that they cannot seem to embrace the deep and obvious body of science literature that supports the offered approach, and find a way to back the proposed procedure. The literature on this geochemistry is abundant, and we unfortunately cannot force decisionmakers to perform the research that we point them to that would remove their hesitancy.

We believe that our job is to keep warning humanity about these shortcomings, so that we can find a faster path to funding a superior, clean, affordable, scalable residue free mutli-disaster mitigation that is avaliable from us.

The many decisonmakers that we have encountered have been clearly advised. This warning serves as additional advice. Until we have decsionmakers that can apprehend the referenced science, trust the nature based chemistry approach, humanity will tragically be forced to struggle longer than necessary.

I trust that this issue is clear, and I call on decisionmakers to be more proactive in better understanding the Earth’s ecosystem, before it is too late.