Tap into the Combusted CO2 for Oxygen


Global Warming needs this physics problem solved and it is not geoengineering


Geoengineering as it is currently being applied is mimicking volcanic eruptions. The heat is deflected both upwards and downward back into the system. Several other problems are associated with it but let’s just focus on this on area. Mt. Pinatubo erupted and secured a cooling phase for about 5 years, but the cooling from that event is now gone. The cooling is relatively transitory from particulate matter.

The reason particulates and aerosols only temporarily cool is because they still add mass to the air, which unavoidably forms a physical barrier to escaping heat waves. The heat stays in the system and continues to accumulate when there are high GHG levels.

There is only one element that can actually cool the planet according to the fossil record and we have a route to making millions of tonnes of it cheaply for an air lift operation. 5 times over oxygen has created a sustained cool down when it is sufficiently present in the upper atmosphere as an oxidant. The cooling from this drove the ice ages. So the lesson in the fossil record is that the physics problem that oxygen solves is removing mass from the atmosphere that exists because of greenhouse gases, mainly this was methane in the past.

Atmospheric chemists watch the oxidant levels and presently they are low because of a toxically saturated atmosphere. In ice ages, the oxygen levels were elevated. In order to initiate real and lasting cooling, we simply need to add to the oxidant levels over time and monitor the removal rate of the GHGs.

Specialized weather modification can also use oxygen ions to increase cloud brightness, increase the albedo of aerosols, and remove cloud cover for enhancing the night cooling phase.

We don’t have to subject ourselves to the pitfalls and death tolls caused by geoengineering. The expense of geoengineering must include the cost of all of the plant and animal and human morbidity, and the damage to the ozone layer. If we do not face this soon, we are committing murder and suicide. Who will be healthy enough to operate a cool down if we don’t get started? With oxygen there is hope and life, and cooling. Are we going to choose a better solution?

Kinder Morgan Emissions will Further Damage the Ocean and Here is How to Repair it

Every Year, 84 million Tonnes of CO2 will be produced by Kinder Morgan as mobile emissions. The ocean is damaged by CO2 emissions but we can repair the damage by placing oxygen in the ocean at the rate of .4 million Tonnes per year at the going rate of $230/Tonne, which is $100 billion per year. The cost of oxygen would come down if the oil industry invested in the remediation technology itself…wait, maybe they should.

Where in the economy we pay for the repair to the emissions-caused damage is an important discussion to start. Fossil fuels have a large and generous profit model that is too large in today’s environmental situation. They can now consider themselves informed in advance that the emissions from their oil products cost money to clean up with real clean up operations.

If we are ever going to balance the climate we have to perform remedial chemistry which often gets swept under the rug. Now we see that we are being told to adapt, to lay down and adjust so that business profits as usual can continue. Scientists and policymakers know that this cannot continue. Every aspect of the fossil fuel industry should cost, according to our remediation company’s (GC Green Carbon Inc.) calculations, 25% more to have than it does now, so that the extra can be put aside to remedy the damages.

Will the big financiers ever meet this challenge? They never knew that the remedy to CO2 existed by oxygenating the oceans, which is our main CO2 sponge. Currently work is being undertaken to move this technology ahead. We need to look at how we will fund this ecosystem service in the future if we are going to create lasing cooling ability on the planet. Geoengineering is only a temporary stopgap because we all know that Mt. Pinatubo and other volcanoes only temporarily cooled the Earth. What truly cools is solving the physics problem of heat removal and oxygen did this 5 times over at the beginning of each ice age. It did it slowly, and in exquisite detail we see it in the fossil records.

There is an enabling technology that can make large quantities of oxygen, compress it into tanks and transport it to where it is needed. I suggest that we have to go with the proven cooling solution found in our planetary history. Oxygen destroyed the methane in the atmosphere which allowed the heat to escape. Why not do this again to save us from more starvation, war and possible extinction?

For All Kinder Morgan CO2 Emissions damages, four plants of this size (75 MW) could provide the oxygen for the ocean to repair the damage to it from those emissions.

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Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd


A good presentation on the latest geoengineering thesis and modeling but it is not the only approach there is Georemediation

If the oysters, scallops lobsters are losing life to CO2 levels have we gone too far on our global thermostat? Should we look at something non toxic rather than toxic? Would this method to shade the planet at the mesosphere above the Ozone layer interfere with cooling efforts from using non toxic oxygen on the clouds to remove heat? How will it help the Ozone layer which really protects life? Do the particles really levitate up there and for how long? Isn’t it just more of the same thinking used lower down or is it more appropriate and logical? What is the most important thing when you have an emergency in a large room and need to leave-the exits, we need heat to exit our atmosphere and so how is this accomplished?

A new carbon free fuel is on the horizon Hyper-Oxygenated Water

We don’t know yet what this could promise, but Hyper-Oxygenated water looks like this:

You take pressurized Oxygen ions and combine them with water to up to about 5 atmospheres or 75 psig to obtain a combustible fluid. At ambient pressures, water can absorb the oxygen and create a pH of 10.5, and we theorize that each atmosphere of pressure added would increase the concentration by about 40% on the pH scale. One atmosphere added may add .4 to the 10.5 based on what has been observed in the GC Green Carbon lab.

“Working up from these pressures, 10 atmospheres brings this solution to close to a 50% solution” says Viva Cundliffe. “The catalytic effects of the oxygen ions under pressure in water have yet to be studied, but the water does not need to be highly purified according to our findings.” The fuel may have 90% of the energy density of 99% hydrogen peroxide and an autoignition profile that would be practical for ships and possibly aircraft as a co fuel. “Certainly oxygenation this way, along with the hydrogen content deserves to be studied further”.

The added pressure concentrating the fuel may be the property that was missing from Brown’s Gas that would give this potential fuel a practical basis to be applied.

With more funding this research will be on the bench as the world looks for decarbonised fuels to mix with hydrocarbons or standalone non GHG emitting fuels.

Courtesy GC Green Carbon Inc.


Georemediation mops up after geoengineering

GeoRemediation: What it IS

Oxygen, oxygen oxygen,

Non-Toxic and Sustainable while it sustains human activity and the Natural system…

  • Pro-Sunlight for Plants
  • Pro Clean Air
  • Pro ozone layer
  • Pro rain and blue sky
  • Pro Clean water
  • Pro Clean oceans
  • Pro healthy ocean pH
  • Pro healthy ocean life food chain
  • Pro Clean Soil
  • Pro Clean Food
  • Pro global cooling by removing greenhouse methane and other GHG gases
  • Pro polluter pay
  • Pro sustainable ecosystems
  • Pro-healthy, life giving conditions of every kind
  • based on the geophysical principles of the Earth system
  • A human right as a part of the global infrastructure

Works with natural geophysical and geochemical processes and obeys the dynamics and understands the composition of the natural world and how to balance it naturally.

It is Not:

  • An aerosol, it is a naturally occurring gas needed for life
  • Geoengineering, it replaces it and restores the natural system with active reduction of carbon dioxide levels
  • Expensive (50 cents per year/per person for 30 years for 8 billion people)
  • Allied with geoengineering
  • Part of a secret global government
  • Unclear about its mandate to restore the Earth to a natural like state as much as possible
  • A trade off of negative effects
  • A depopulation agenda
  • Based on artificial and synthetic precepts
  • Military
  • Political
  • A black or classified project
  • Laser or directed energy enhanced
  • Cause wildfires, Alzheimer’s, cancer, drought, illness and diseases, or sunburning
  • Going to need remediation itself like geoengineering does
  • Applied until fully tested on a small scale
  • Properly funded
  • Unfounded in science, it is rooted in historical fossil and current scientific records and applies the chemistry relationships and consequent chemistry properties and physics which are well understood.

If you want to know more go to http://www.gcgreencarbon.com, and http://www.vivacundliffe.com and check out Viva Cundliffe on YouTube or twitter: GCGreenCarbon

Provided by Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd