Exactly what is going to happen to the Earth Climate

All aspects of the climate are going to get worse and be spurred on further by pending negative feedbacks until we have removed enough greenhouse gas to reverse the warming physics. The aerosol masking effect does nothing to actually solve the 150 year old problem of melting glaciers. If we don’t solve the greenhouse gas […]

The climate caused weather extremes are destroying US crops

It’s only a matter of time with this June 2019 being the hottest in recorded history, that the forensic reality of CO2 pollution is internalized by everyone as the endangering fact it is. The facts will remove your biases for you as this progresses. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/19/extreme-heat-wave-hits-us-farmers-already-suffering-from-flooding.html?__source=sharebar|twitter&par=sharebar   Here’s the impact of burning all fossil fuels: https://m.phys.org/news/2016-05-fossil-fuels-earth.html […]

Dr Natalia Shakhova explains key flaws in peer reviewed science on Arctic methane hydrates

In her May 2019 paper, Dr. Shakova addresses data analysis, and approach errors that signal we need to be ready to mitigate Methane right away. Shakhova METHANE HYDRATES EMERGENCYgeosciences-09-00251 (1)   Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Cryptocurrency   https://www.mintdice.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-facebook-cryptocurrency?page=1   Viva Cundliffe, CEO We localize the removal of dangerous greenhouse gases and pollutants from […]

World climate shift remediation challenge

We are taking submissions for the world climate remediation challenge! Minimal damage to the environment is a key benchmark. So far, we have the Oxygen earth oxygen airlift and Ground level hydroxyl dispersal, Tethered hydroxyl downdraft protocol Ocean Seeding Marine Cloud brightening If you have any other good GEOtherapies, please post them in the comments […]

Excessive windfall profits a major driver of climate and society failure

Everything on Earth is monetized which means that a resource from the earth is tied to that money; there fore, wealth hoarding is a form of gouging the resources of the earth. When spent, that money again draws more resources from the earth and system, thus, when we encourage expenditures, regenerative projects which increase resources […]

Technical brochure for hydroxyl remediation for municipalities

This technology treats all GHGS and air quality with nature’s magic bullet, the hydroxyl and it does not require any fans. Municipal Government GENERIC Intro v 04 W FAQ Reproduced courtesy GC Green Carbon Inc.   Are Cryptocurrency Security Threats Stifling The Market? https://www.mintdice.com/blog/are-cryptocurrency-security-threats-stifling-the-market?page=1  

Natural Sciences Geotherapy Association Founded May 27 2019

Natural Sciences Geotherapy Association Founded May 27 2019 For sustainability sake, the association proposes that all climate, environmental and weather modification can be achieved in a non toxic way using oxygen, water, hydroxyl and their positive and negative ions and associated subtle energy and physics. Vision “The consortium of weather, environmental and climate modification groups […]

hydroxyl remediation for climate inventor says it won’t be used until it is too late

I wrote this blog that you are now reading for two years, about the plan to cool the Earth with oxygen based science. Oxygen is part of the global thermostat. I also present to different groups to encourage them to apply the technology that can emit hydroxyl and naturally clean everything in the atmosphere including […]

Aerosol modeling alarm as new climate models predict higher warming

https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/04/new-climate-models-predict-warming-surge Aerosol “shading” of the atmosphere could be contributing to lower hydroxyl production. If this were the case, it could account for the added warming as this universal cleanser helps with heat escape by removing pollution from the path of outgoing longwave radiation. I hope the models reveal the reason for the higher warming soon. […]

Expanding deserts means receding hydroxyl levels

Projected Drought No *OH¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦2 ppm OH ¦¦¦¦4 ppm OH ¦¦¦5-7 ppm OH¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ OH removes all GHGs in cluding triggering precipitation, VOCs, SOA, POA, CO, N2O, PM 2.5, ODS, and is the universal and natural Goldilocks cleanser for Earth. When it is overwhelmed health is seriously compromised and it is now being overwhelmed. The good news […]

The aerosol feedback disaster we need to know about to avert

recent papers by have shown that we are in for a dire irreversible problem if we continue to warm. If aerosols are allowed to persist while we have greenhouse gases, the loop looks like this: Too many aerosols interfere with precipitation, causing drought Drought removes moisture, which lowers or removes the hydroxyl, reducing/removing the atmosphere’s […]

atmospheric aerosols use up oxidant which causes more warming

The OH* radical is normally forming bonds with particulates and making the particulates more soluble in water so that they will be removed by rain. The hydrogen side of the molecule can penetrate the surface tension of water. When more particulates are in the air, the OH* ligands are used up and a shortage will […]

Aerosol Masking Effect Policy Action Deadlock Resolution

Perhaps the darkest chapter of our global warming emergency is the policymaker deadlock with the fact that aerosols and particulate matter are having a cooling effect that we will lose as we halt combustion, causing a rebound of warming and taking us into the 2’C warming category. The way to address this is to remove […]

Actively remove greenhouse gases other than CO2 and see global cooling

We have a lot of greenhouse gases other than CO2 that can be removed with an oxygen airlift at 19 Km altitude to trigger some cooling. 16 computer modeling groups have been contacted to initiate the design of a model to show the changes we can expect from an oxygen airlift. Results will be released […]

Our global collective is our atmosphere and we all now damage it beyond its capacity

The sky is a limited container-handle with care! In science, the convention of working with pollution at its source to stop it presently is not working. How do we know this? Because emissions went up 1.7% in 2018. So, as an engineer, I’m telling you you have to really cut your personal emissions and the […]

Urgent Bulletin about the Arctic

https://thebulletin.org/2019/04/how-to-save-the-arctics-moderating-role-on-global-warming?fbclid=IwAR1qVx_ha9pD8eUntFYE5D782bB_Jm32z1AVjITmksXgclbU7rvDGKIr4Tg Municipalities at the front lines of climate change intervention need the support of Provincial and Federal governments. If they include air and climate quality control as an infrastructure, they are going to need to do it on a global basis.  

As air conditioning and refrigeration increases we will cause more global warming

More Leaks The air conditioners and fridges mainly use potent greenhouse gases to function. As we collectively use more of them as the globe warms, we are in for additional leakages for a couple of reasons. More use means more wear and tear on these units, which entails leaks from damaged seals, or from when […]

Global hydroxyl deficit contributes to hothouse earth and we can intervene

Simple Calculator of *OH Needs Airshed Constituents in ppm This calculator can be adjusted for any air shed’s constituents and show the deficit of *OH. With wildfires the deficit becomes extremely high. CAP ppm   CO 0.871 Sox 0.0004 CH4 0.2 PM 2.5 7 O3 0.028 Nox 0.0126 .010-.045 CO2 0>0006x 410ppm 0.24 1/100 of […]

Carbon Insurance Numbers for every person on Earth

A carbon insurance number that holds your personal carbon budget information profile and history and helps you find ways to offset your carbon over a certain level has now become necessary so that scientists can manage the climate mitigation work that is being done and started. If we don’t confront this fact, we are going […]