A Few Great Features of a Hydroxyl Dispersal to Your “Imploding” Atmosphere

Hydroxyl has been our atmospheric protection smart molecule. It is now inundated and we are all losing our protection as the atmosphere implodes. You can buy your own protection with a hydroxyl dispersal today at www.reductiontech.com or go over to Shopify.com.

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Global Government Means Cooperation and Collaboration not Oppression

I think that any party who is against global government is a cheater on some level. They know that they have an unfair amount of something that would likely be taken away and given to someone else, if they were examined for justice. Cultures that hold these kinds of people up as examples of being successful are deceived and corrupted.

Obviously we need to examine this, as the world is full of people whom are not fed, -nor even fed healthy proteins- and they are given unhealthy grains as an emergency stopgap. We need to govern the wayward capitalist machines that are causing this, and other injustices to people and the planet. We need to get above a number of global issues and associated corrupt corporations, appointed politicians and govern them.

We need to vote this class of global governor in democratically and ensure that corporations’ top governance people do not form a governance pact with these people, who should be working above them, to ensure that everyone’s best interests are protected. The current appointed UN processes and structures are currently not accountable and they allow the placement of corporate people into governance positions. This is totally corrupting the public’s agendas. The shocking fact that a Saudi executive can be the COP 28 chair, and the UN hears the backlash on this, and no heads roll is absolute proof that we are getting too far away from decent and better thought out principles on global governance.

Democratically elected global policy leaders need to operate totally insulated from the corruption we know about, are currently experiencing by well written mandate legislation that is agreed upon democratically. We don’t have democracy at all at the UN or global levels, we have patronage and a terribly obvious revolving doors between the same people who want to be a politician and a corporate executive. This class is notorious for insulating itself from real accountability, by sequestering its advocates by appointing them into various different positions that are created by politicians and purchased or brokered by corporations.

I think we need to create the global democracy from entirely outside the current systems. The best justification for this is that the current failing systems have served us by revealing pretty much ALL of the questionable bad actors and the absurd, “in your face” injustices that they have allowed.

We need people who conform to principles, not principalities and powers, and we need to empower them with a clean mandate to govern and distribute the resources and infrastructures of this small planet, giving everyone a well thought out birthright. Coming out against a principled global government is essentially making a play for any number of darker agendas, that we must resolve to eradicate with good and clear political will to do better than the doubtful international patched quilt that now helps a few at the expense of the many, which is the actual oppression that is really going on.

Viva Cundliffe

Resolving the Climate disaster by 2100 is Possible

65% of Global Warming Problem Addressed in CAD
Line ItemTotal ReductionTech Inc. System CostCost
Capital Equipment-TECHAll Infrastructure Costs$8,800,433,333
Green Energy 550 MWAll Green Energy Costs Incl. Recycling kilns$620,000,000
Staff & Contractors$8,400,433,333
Contingency & Profit10% + 15%$2,200,108,333
Buildings 220,000M^2103 ft stacks/40,000 cells=10.83=$12M CAD$44,000,000
<$50/T Fully Scaled cost Total$20,064,974,999
USD Equivalent$16,051,979,999

Buy the removal of your personal carbon footprint from us here: Honestly, who do we expect to pay for this? If you think the Oil companies should, then send them this article and tell them to pay the costs…one way or another- we encourage you to take your power, or suffer the totally unnecessary consequences;


For the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Finals in 2025, we were required to project the costs for a GT removal. We can also calculate as shown, the costs for any fraction or complete resolution of greenhouse gases for the whole planet.

We do not have to endure this crisis for much more than 100 years if we disperse hydroxyl in an Oxidation event, which has occurred on this planet before, bringing: Pristine Air, increased biodiversity, plant diversity, animal diversity, increased cloud brightness, decreased weather extremes (Surfactant), cloud condensation cooling services, normalized rain and lowered virus, bacteria and mold loads.

Deep, rapid, globally scalable, safe, rare simultaneous total GHG removal without residues-we make all pollution fall safely to the ground and restore the global ecosystem.

Deeply rooted in widely published Science, we restore the Earth System. Creating a near zero climate sensitivity can only be done to the air safely by hydroxyl.

Society does not have to pay an arm and a leg for technology to reverse climate change. Technology does not need to be expensive. ReductionTech Inc doesn’t believe in fleecing the average consumer while reversing climate change, at scale, which it can do by 2100. Other technologies with expensive processes, residues and fan equipment are too expensive. We would like to keep people’s finances as intact as possible (because we think this will do the most good). The front running technologies that are being funded are typically removing only one gas at a time -expensively, using up resources and generating toxic/unwanted residues. People- decisionmakers and citizens, are vulnerable because every day and night around the world, they are being traumatized by media reports on climate change disasters with rising death tolls. The response to throw lots of money at over-engineered and under-delivering carbon removal is a panic response.

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Basic Income for 9 billion with a 10% Administration Budget

If we take the 360.6 Trillion and divide it by 9billion people, we obtain an individual allotment of $40,066 USD Isn’t that interesting. Who’s entitled to someone else’s allotment, who actually exercises that prerogative while dismissing this mathematically perfect wealth distribution figure? Are we ever held accountable for our income and lifestyle choices?

Does living in a society where there is a notable capitalist culture bubble just mean that you are just lucky and others are basically out of luck? Should we take a relatively primitive aboriginal, or and emerging economy citizen and deem them entitled to a basic income as a birthright as a human being? What is the most responsible and fair distribution of the Earth’s wealth?

We all know that the millionaire-billionaire sector is very slow to being considerate about reducing their huge carbon footprints. I call on them to take their businesses and portfolios carbon negative on a long term and sustainable basis by 2035. Anything less is completely unjustified.

What is successful about polluting your neighbors home and yard by using outdated technology that is culturally a marker of financial success in capitalists dream scenarios. Clearly, financial success does not make you a good neighbor, a caring individual, an environmentalist, or a positive force for justice and equity. If it did, we never would have been led by combustion and development excesses in the pursuit of high owner and shareholder profit models which are found in countries who have hoarded the most wealth. Why is this monetary paradigm so emotional and polarizing? This cultural and financial emotionality and ambition clearly demonstrates that we are not conscious that we live on a small planet, and have to be conscious of our finite resources here as well as our lifestyle impact on others.

Criticizing the wealthy is appropriate global policy in light of the physical state of our planet at heir hands, and then exhorting them to change specific behaviors and adjusting their thinking to truly include others in their consciousness in a way that makes environmental and financial equity possible is necessary. They insulate themselves and pursue their material ambitions while trashing everyone’s sense of equality. The hierarchy they have espoused and pursued is harmful to the planetary environment, and the power they have wielded has compromised many individuals the in this system, felt they needed to hush or to capitulate their ethics in order to secure a pay cheque. We need to govern profit models.

Profit models should be categorized and taxed and regulated. This would protect startup companies from being forced to project steep profit models in order to get private financing. If the profit models of fossil fuel companies were regulated and taxed, the commons would already be wealth enough to pay for the climate mitigation needed now. Presently, we are terribly behind and it’s because of ungoverned capitalism.

We should not fear this subject, in fact, we risk looking like very dead idiots if we don’t address the points made here, because wealth insulates the wealthy and makes many of them functionally deaf to issues of equity, basic income and environmental justice. Their fear of living on a “Road Warrior” planet, with stockpiled canned food and desolate natural scenery needs to be hastened so they seriously look at their priorities which should include reverting significant wealth back to the human brotherhood that we cannot indefinitely avoid recognizing and supporting. The most important question in all of this is- where did their love go? Is it still being channeled into the pursuit of what they think is “fabulous” material success at the cost of Earth being made an unstable cesspool for everyone else?

The best way to address these corporate kleptocrats is with strong and fast, possibly retroactive profit model policy.

I currently run a company that I bill as profit controlled, in the carbon removal space, so that we are publicly understood as a morally conscious corporation that will not gouge the consumer. We think others should have to follow suit.

ReductionTech Inc Oxygen Based Climate, Carbon, and Weather Events Management Products

ReductionTech Inc offers 7 trademarked natural hydroxyl based products that advance Climate and Weather management based on sound science.  These products also decarbonise the atmosphere as they work, and are available to governments and qualified private entities to test.

  1. Total Restore TM, is our hydroxyl generating system designed to provide totally complete, residue free, GHG and pollutant removal at scale for the least cost in the direct air carbon capture field.
  2. Purest Alkaline TM, for water, an oxidant that can remove pharmaceuticals/chemicals/organics from waters/effluents, and is the top ethical alkalinity enhancement for Ocean CDR and oxygenation.
  3. Natural Rain Trigger TM, Speeds CCN coalescence and conditions the adjacent atmosphere aerially for moderate precipitation.
  4. Natural Rain Suppress TM, electrochemical suppression of precipitation applied to cumulous and for aerial based conditioning adjacent atmosphere. Will calm extreme microbursts that cause 100 year floods.   
  5. Inversion Resolve TM, Air shed aerial hydroxyl dispersal for resolving bas air quality in smart cities and regions.
  6. Hurricane Calm TM, For conditioning known hurricane tracks aerially with a powerful electron acceptor that de-energizes the hurricane- available for testing.
  7. Tornado Calm TM, Electron acceptor aerially applied to suppress and de-energize tornadoes.


Ozone Remedy TM, We can manufacture and balloon lift Ozone atoms to the Stratosphere if the Ozone holes become dangerously large and compromised by allowing UVC-ground penetration.

CFC-Oxidise TM, We can manufacture and disperse -or apply- singly and doubly ionized Oxygen atoms that will oxidize, Br, Cl, F, I, At, and HCFCs, making them rain out as inert compounds.

All of these natural residue free products are water based. They advance the science of climate and weather modification by offering powerful, advanced non-toxic solutions that are remedial and harmonious to nature. We think that harsh weather and climate modification chemicals will become a thing of the past, and good riddance.

To discuss these testing materials and applications, please contact 778-809-1702 or email Admin@reductiontech.com

Saying Goodbye to fossil fuel energy dominance and convenience isn’t going to be easy or cost free

Sitting out doors on an open patio with methane space heaters with flames. Revving up or racing a hot rod, using a chainsaw or a cook stove from various fossil fuels, fire pits, and finally bright gas lanterns. I will hope and perhaps innovate on alternatives. So I’m going to research the specific alternatives to the fossil fuels applications I just listed. Who else is working on this seems important.

I think it may be mainly solar, wind, hydro, gravity and wave energy, so a lot can be electrified. That transition is going to take effort and thought because of the pipeline sharing factor. Some people say that corporations and governments share pipeline infrastructure, which impacts large regions.

I’m simply going to miss the infrared radiations of different flames.

Fossil fuel companies and their pipeline infrastructure operators are quietly fighting for their joint ecosystems, which add another layer of geophysical and geopolitical complexity between countries and corporate fuel supply projects. It is a bit of a mafia relationship that we sort of need to treat as a network. They are expensive to be out bought by consumers and governments, and have as group enjoyed massive subsidies from several government’s taxpayers on top of being profitable at the pump in the trillions.

In Canada, if the economy goes into Recession, I think that government should levy a windfall tax and buy carbon offsets by direct air capture Where oxidation technology and hydroxyl is dispersed, or contactor devices or natural processes that remove a major greenhouse gas, CO2, CH4, SGHGs, SLCPs plus 8 other functions when using hydroxyl dispersal as previously written here:

Because of fossil fuels, my company can have over a million tonnes of ceramic powder every year. Fortunately we also plan to recycle the YSZ mineral very carefully and cleanly-with electrical energy from solar, and smaller wind installations. Energy storage via N2 gas, gravity, or electrochemical may combine and optimize storage. This will also power the heated ceramic cells made with a YSZ pipe that is heated by a tube heater to just over 900’C (medium grade heat). YSZ is an incredible insulator, so once the pipe heats to working temperature, the heater needs are lowered. The installed power for each cell is 900W. The pipe lasts a year, and the heater lasts three years. A Siemens off the shelf PLC for the thermocouple, the heater controller, the elements and the computer system. Full stop, very understandable, affordable/adoptable and maintainable.

The warming-accelerated fires, droughts, and floods from our fossil fuel use must be minimized ASAP.

Snowmobiling, boating. jet skiing, quadding, and combustion processes must be limited. The wealthy 1% need to offset every gram of CO2 and other emissions or pollutions in any of their portfolios. They actually need to address their emissions gap perhaps collectively as corporations of the highest income bracket or for pocketing profits of a certain size. With profits, profit size really matters. Entrepreneurs can project for low or high incomes, optimistic or pessimistic, so the very expensive angel capital looks for startups with huge profit models and checks if they can believe and trust the projections by preprocessing every startup to profit model bootcamp. The pitch decks mainly highlight fast returns as accurately as possible. Angels rarely fund mitigation or remediation work, and as of this writing are barely in the climate finance area, where there are hundreds of innovations. Some of them are really poor projects technically or logistically, but much good is being delayed by the angel networks.

And, climate deniers don’t consider and count the fossil fuel ways and outputs, which makes them slow learners.

The XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition finale will have over a hundred teams that could be in the running for &70M USD. ReductionTech Inc is trying to build 72 working cells by 2025. We are struggling to do this as it will cost $1.9M USD, so if you could buy the advance purchase carbon offsets for our totally thorough and guaranteed global cooling protocol, we would really appreciate this and it starts at a cost of $1.50 CAD over on Shopify: https://miracle-hydroxyl-dispersal-natural-global-ghg-removal.myshopify.com/

We’re also on stripe so that large advance purchases are accommodated. Please pass this article along.

And, thanks for being there and being present in any positive effort you can do.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc., https://www.reductiontech.com

Nobel Prize nominee, 2019 Katerva Award finalist, XPRIZE Semi-Finalist

In the pharmaceutical paradigm versus the natural paradigm- we all know the natural paradigm must prevail

75 years of geoengineering that is now scaled as weather modification has left a terrible mess, ozone layer damage, hydroxyl depletion, and toxic chemical inundation that is desiccating whole forests, chemically accelerating forest fires and leaving toxic metals absolutely everywhere to be absorbed and cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. What a lousy science paradigm, which only buys the fossil fuel companies more time to emit, and our disgusting depopulation elites-enthusiasts have hijacked and supported the program. It can get worse though, if President Biden is duped into making SRM official and paying these losers to double down on the toxic crap. This pharmaceutical “shading” physics paradigm is so inferior, unwise and rotten, it really had to be government classified!

It’s time to provide the physics that will heal. That involves removing the GHGs trapping heat and helping the heat escape to space, which it can do very rapidly. Al Gore described a net zero scenario at COP 27 worth mentioning: at true net zero, the Earth system would take 35 years to cause CO2 to “fall out of the sky”. This is hydroxyl and water at work, and we need to speed this process up with our available hydroxyl dispersal technology which is nature-based and extremely powerful. Here are the key roles that hydroxyl plays as our main cleansing infrastructure, which deserves to respected much more than it is by mainstream scientists:

Please note that the psychotic depopulation elites will relish and enjoy this information for all the wrong reasons!

We Must Understand and Address the Hydroxyl Radical of the Atmosphere, or More Life Dies.

Hydroxyl is made mainly by the sunlight based breakdown of ozone where an ozone atom, O* combines with water, H2O, to form 2OH*, and it provides a colossally important set of ecosystem services for the planet and its lifeforms every day. Due to human activities, it is now completely inundated, which will lengthen the climate disaster, and continue to kill more than 20 million people per year. (10million dies from bad air quality, and 10 million die from climate related drought, flood, inclement weather, starvation).

Scientists generally do not understand the hydroxyl infrastructure, therefore it has been neglected, disrespected, and abused with almost no end in sight. Positive climate feedbacks like runaway methane release are now the consequences of this unacceptable oversight.

Hydroxyl is responsible for:

  • Fastest GHG removal-all types-all at once: oxidizes methane, SLCPs, ODS, PFCs, and hydrolyzes CO2 via enhanced weathering (20B Tonne annual sink capacity of Earth system)
  • Attaches to all particulates, aerosols and molecules including forever chemicals, promoting deposition to ground. This helps with ozone layer repair, air quality.
  • Kills Viruses.
  • Kills mould.
  • Kills unwanted/unfriendly bacteria.
  • Deodorizes.
  • Removes non GHG pollutants like Nox and maintains air quality at adequate capacity.
  • Provides surfactant services to mixing weather fronts which reduces weather extremes.
  • Is involved in precipitation mechanics, and triggers coalescence, droplet formation and precipitation.
  • Increases cloud albedo when sufficient via regularized convection cycles that produce “clean” clouds.
  • Reduces/controls tropospheric ozone levels.
  • Ages aerosols into CCN (cloud condensation friendly nuclei).
  • Reduces/controls VOCs, volatile organic pollutants.
  • Removes smoke.
  • Increases mineral diversity, which leads to plant diversity.
  • Increases biodiversity after large scale hydroxyl based oxidation events as widely noted in the fossil record and peer reviewed literature.

Hydroxyl can be replenished and increased to help with the climate disaster by quickly removing all GHGs at once when dispersed at scale. There is developed, scalable, affordable dispersal technology that can be found at https://www.reductiontech.com. It’s bad but we can act by scaling this technology.

“We Ignore the Hydroxyl’s Inundation at Our Gravest Peril”

As an Academic, I studied and wrote about what I think is a better way to enhance weather and precipitation by carefully placing residue-free concentrated hydroxyl radicals and positive OH+ ions instead of Silver Iodide and unbelievably toxic seeding chemicals which, in my opinion, are the epitome of bad and careless pharmaceutical paradigm science. I think that we can suppress and trigger precipitation with natural electrochemical-spatial management. If you wish to read that thesis it is available over at Academia.edu at https://www.academia.edu/36312545/2018_NATURAL_NONTOXIC_REMEDIAL_WEATHER_MODIFICATION_BACKGROUND_SCIENTIFIC_THEORY_pdf

If you prefer non-toxic approaches to weather and climate management, the best thing you can do is share this post with other scientists and with politicians. Scientists are unfortunately generally not taught Earth system science and Paleo chemistry well in universities so they get trapped in the pharmaceutical paradigm much to our grave danger, and, politicians think that they are hiring and relying on wise scientists advice, which they generally have not had. I think that government employed scientists are the laziest and worst among us, and, are huge cowards. They opt to keep their heads down and get their pensions which has contributed to them not serving us at all regarding the climate disaster, which many of them know about. Even now, air quality scientists hardly ever advise lowering air pollution in a practical way-they just let it happen to our collective detriment and peril.

Stop trusting the government scientists and the geoengineers from Harvard University because they are badly mistaken peer-reviewed liars on SRM and a lot of them are unethical because of this. They also deny what is happening right now with SRM all over the world, having treated you all like mushrooms out of fear and knowing that the solution is truly less than mediocre, and is very dangerous. They need to be told that to get us all off this mistaken aerosol masking effect rebound warming paradox, we need natural cleansing and offsetting, and have it done quickly. These are the same engineers that want you to overspend on giant suction fans with dirty chemistry, and a morally stranded fossil fuel made via the expensive and dirty Fischer Trop process that professional engineers have criticized as net carbon doubtful. The inventor has sidestepped being stopped by claiming that economies of scale will prove out. Society cannot afford over-engineered technologies that swallow up energy, expensive staff and resources, and only focus on ONE GHG. Easy to adopt full solution technology is critically important. Combine this with the parasitic COP meetings going almost nowhere on the emissions reduction phase out and removal reality, and you have huge waste and useless carbon footprints and difficult emissions gaps. Pitchforks are sort of justified for all these useless eaters!

You can sponsor my work by purchasing the most affordable, powerful nature based advance carbon offset for your own carbon footprint here starting at $1.50 CAD: https://miracle-hydroxyl-dispersal-natural-global-ghg-removal.myshopify.com/

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc. www.reductiontech.com

Male Chauvinism and Male Favoritism are Deadly Male Dominated Conspiracies

The imbalances caused by male primacy have thrust humanity into grave danger with climate change and general pollution. As a woman, I know that men prefer to work with combustion technology, but they never learned how to avert and prevent the consequences because they barely know how to work together on big issues. They never got organized adequately, and they pushed the combustion technology agenda, which is tied to their higher paycheques and manhood so deeply, it really got out of hand.

Combine this with the male dominated STEM professions, where many scientists, engineers, and chemists traded their ethics for a personal paycheque, rather than agitate for the actual truths around having a clean environment. This failure needs to be called out as personal middle and upper class greed.

The misogyny problem also includes more newly arrived females in the STEM professions. We have been overlooked by at least 4 female decision makers, which is totally disgusting to us. The fact is-we have the best value technology, with the wisest and most safety creating chemistry in the world-the hydroxyl. Women in the STEM professions are woefully ignoring the misogynist bias and not opting for even a shred of affirmative action. I find this disgusting professionally-what is wrong with these women?

Recently, STEM government departments, and programs began paying “lip service” to being inclusive, but it is a false policy change, mainly promulgated by social pressure and demographics changes, but I remain fully skeptical of this new face of the STEM communities because frankly, the white males who are entrenched in Western society aren’t stepping back without a good fight. Perhaps unfortunately, this demographic, which steered humanity into several major ongoing disasters, is actually quite a psychotic population. Outsiders have had to drag the majority of this group kicking and screaming into a place with better morals grounded in reality.

I have met a few prominent exceptions in the white male senior demographic who have had real decency, real empathy, real senses of justice, but they are sorely outnumbered. I wish that men would work harder to pressure higher ethics and consciousness in each other, and do it a LOT more quickly because the endangerment caused by male dominated societal imbalances is hard to countenance. I’d like to kick a few asses in this demographic recently as I work to scale this great nature based technology that is not hard to grasp by most people if they pay attention. We really need people to pay attention to what happened and what IS happening around this technology. People should be AFRAID to lose hydroxyl dispersal technology of this global caliber. If YOU don’t do it- WHO WILL?

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc.,

Please spend as little as $1.50CAD over here to help us get going: https://miracle-hydroxyl-dispersal-natural-global-ghg-removal.myshopify.com/

See our technical papers and web site at: www.reductiontech.com

The depopulation agenda and the powerful are so corrupt that it will extinct humanity and put the sick perverts into their bunkers

This article is for the perverts of the depopulation agenda. Congratulations, you all win your retirement in your emergency bunkers, where you will endure the fruits of your evil anti-life agenda. Enjoy trying to power your vertical greenhouses, keeping your slaves in line with guns, and eating out of cans for the resto of your sick lives.

I am a person of significant faith, being a reader of the Urantia Book revelation, and have noted the contrast between the corrupt controllers, the paid off and threatened politicians, threatened and intimidated professionals that cower to you who are so powerful that you are virtually anonymous. However, you are not anonymous to God and Jesus Christ. I think you will be held to account for your exponential hypocrisy, heartlessness, and greed. The insane asylum that you have created on Earth will be vindicated and probably penalized fully on a penal planet after you are done ruining this one, you’ll have those conditions for eternity.

The psychosis of greed was shown at COP 27, where the fossil fuel companies are trying to buy more time, with the help of duped, bought off and intimidated politicians. You all are at your absolute worst by dragging your feet on fossil fuel emissions. You are also terrible evil beasts for consigning us to weather modification and solar radiation management, mocking and jeering at the observant people who have standards of decency. These situations are totally psychotic and within them are the seeds of your destruction, I guarantee it. Your materialism and selfishness are fueling your long term demise. You will likely not have a shot at eternity for what you are perpetrating in the pursuit of comfort and wealth. Spiritual and religious dispensations describe how completely you will be dismissed and likely destroyed by the just divine beings we know about.

No one will come to your aid, no one will talk to you, you-if you live- you will be isolated like Satan and Lucifer and their minions, who have been imprisoned and await permanent destruction now on a prison planet not far away. You traded your short term gain for eternal life, while psychotically harming and neglecting principles of decency. At this stage of what is happening, I can pretty much guarantee that for you as a class, there is now no going back. It is so far along into mass extinction now, that you all are unrecoverable spiritually. All of your plans, your abused privileges, behind closed doors are all pretty much exposed to everyone else now, and the exposure is going to get more intense because humanity is awakened.

What you have done on Earth is so merciless and selfish, that it will be met, I believe, in kind, before you leave Earth and when you are awoken after your death when you will be called to judgement. Some of you will probably be deleted while unconscious.

All around this is not a good picture. You are total failures as human beings. It is stressful to watch your machinations unfold. The good people should really stick together now for sanity’s sake, and for solace, but be truthful. The fall of humanity’s Earth based habitat was due to the addiction and pursuit of wealth, and willful self-centredness of the elites. Scum, scum, scum.

I have allowed comments for this blog post, so if you are a good person and wish to add to what I have said, please comment.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd

The single best way to deal with aerosol dimming removal shocks is to create air that is devoid of GHGs and mix it in

This dimming effect that will cause an aerosol rebound as a sudden temperature increase needs to be dealt with by hydroxyl dispersal because concentrated hydroxyl is the only agent that can safely make air devoid of all GHGs at once. Doing this will rapidly cool by allowing heat to get vented to space. The global dimming paradox, also known as the “McPherson paradox” can really only be confronted by a complete and total GHG purification method. The Earth system science is clear, hydroxyl is the only safe, available, affordable, scalable, natural compound. It does this already but humanity inundated it by overconsumption of fossil fuels and refrigerant GHGs, and, short lived climate pollutants, SLCPs.

Hydroxyl oxidizes SGHGs, methane, N2O, at the same time will remove CO2 by neutralizing it by hydrolysis, creating increased mineral and stabilized biodiversity, calm weather extremes, and increase cloud brightness. It also attaches to any aerosol particles it encounters, both natural and synthetic, and weighs the particle down, bringing it to ground. It participates in precipitation mechanics by acting as a weather front lubricant or surfactant, which causes faster resolution of weather events. Folks, let’s get serious here-why do half a job or spend billions on SRM geoengineering that doesn’t solve the GHG problem? Hydroxyl dispersal is scalable NOW. Showy, irresponsible physics fundamentals around blocking sunlight only are not necessary or efficient in light of scalable hydroxyl dispersal.

Hydroxyl is a major part of the Earth system, is fully understood with a few exceptions. Frankly why would we try to apply CO2 only solutions, or methane only solutions when frankly the hydroxyl gives us pristine air that rapidly vents heat to space, which deals with our problem at its root?

Blocking sunlight with different geoengineering techniques do NOT get to the root cause and remove the offending GHGS.

Please support our dispersal technology over at https://miracle-hydroxyl-dispersal-natural-global-ghg-removal.myshopify.com/

Thanks to my followers and supporters.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc., www.reductiontech.com

ReductionTech Inc Miracle Hydroxyl Dispersal Natural Global GHG Removal is Now Advance Selling on Shopify


On this site, they offer 8.3 Kg Carbon removal for $1.50, and so limited budgets can participate in advance funding this best Value direct air capture (DAC) technology.

Certification information will be updated as it happens, and is being sought from several partners after being vetted already by the CARBON REMOVAL XPRIZE judges. This technology is a 2025 finalist, and also has a Katerva Finalist Award 2019, and a 2012 Nobel Prize Chemistry Nomination.

To my blog followers, please go over and have a look at the progressing Shopify site, and consider even a small purchase because this will send a huge message to larger partners. Please share our news and more news is coming. We also won a scholarship with Coralus-formerly SH-E-O, who also paid for this one year launch on Shopify, so we are gaining momentum.


Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO and Founder of ReductionTech Inc.

Hydroxyl Based Companion Stack Janitor 17 times more potent than CO2 and can make Clean Coal Carbon Negative

Releasing hydroxyl from one of the ReductionTech ceramics removes 17 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere a year by emitting only 3 tonnes of oxide radical, which forms hydroxyl on contact with water found in the air. The CO2 is caught with water and reacts with OH* to form carbonic acid, which rains out. In the soil, this acid leaches out minerals, increasing mineral diversity, plant diversity, and biodiversity. Enough hydroxyl to match the CO2 released and match the releasing methane burp are a necessity, not a frill, that aligns with the natural Earth System. The atmospheric sink for CO2, when paired with hydroxyl dispersal is up to 20B tonnes a year, which is enough to remove humanity from danger and put the total ppm of GHGs from the 510 ppm total all the way down to the 380ppm range and remove all methane and all other climate pollutants. This would lower and create an effective CO2 level total of 380ppm, and the world would also be free of all other atmospheric pollutants, saving at least 20 million human lives, and halt biodiversity loss, whole calming weather events and increasing cloud albedo (reflectivity of heat to space).


The fact that we have not been scaled is due to widespread ignorance, which we are working to change. The climate and engineering professions, while ignorant also shamefully harbor misogyny and female founder marginalization biases for which they will be held accountable, since we are a female owned, female run technology company at the moment. This is a major black mark on Canadian society and scientists. The federal government science bureaucrats who run the innovation and CCUS programs now state that they are inclusive, but I am still skeptical.

I appreciate my blog followers so very much, thank you. If you can, please share this post on your social media sites or follow me on twitter from this page, and forward through your email.

Thanks again!

How Close to the Brink are the Idiots Going to Take us?

Those who use artificial chemicals to modify weather and climate do not understand or do not respect the natural system.

The hydroxyl safety net of the Earth is fully and irresponsibly inundated by intentional and combustion based aerosols, in addition to the GHG overload, short lived climate pollutants, and forever chemicals. The hydroxyl in the Troposphere intercepts our trash every day, sponsored by what sunlight is allowed through, now that solar radiation management is in full swing under the false banner of weather modification.

Complacency, cowardice, laziness and heavy-handed chemistry brought us here. According to the US government’s own documents from the Department of Agriculture, they are desiccating the forests under aerosol spraying, and then sponsoring fires that kill-you guessed it- people. This is so sick! Folks, we are suffering from bad scientists with no moral compass and other scientists who work for government who dragged their feet on advising politicians, and then scientists who think they can strong arm the weather and climate with harsh chemicals, and be paid for it. Evil does touch a significant fraction of our scientists, you need to know that. This is NOT treating the root of our atmospheric problems.

We have extra moisture in the atmosphere with global warming that would be better distributed if it were not depleted of hydroxyl via the aerosols and the incredibly lax job government has done on lowering this rests at the feet of government scientists, whom have probably brought us all past the brink. I hold them accountable, and no longer trust them, along with the geoengineers that are not prtecting the Earth’s hydroxyl safety net. The least they could do, is fund hydroxyl dispersal technology from my company, ReductionTech Inc. Let me ask, the hydroxyl system is taught and written about in the peer-reviewed literature so why don’t these geniuses realize that it should be protected? The wilful incompetence is stunning against a backdrop of documented evil agendas for depopulation, that are supported by scientists in love with artificial pseudoscience that solves very little. It’s not a good stopgap measure because it depletes hydroxyl, which will attach to any aerosol particle and be taken out of commission.

Try to find ways to hold these very poor, unethical scientists I mention to account. Even professional associations have been lenient. They did not choose to invent in alignment with the natural Earth system, and they should be called out for this major flaw across several disciplines of science, including chemistry, engineering, medicine, food, and agriculture. At the base of it, it is about money, and they were willing to cheat sound 7 generation principles to get ahead for themselves. Note also that this is incredibly male dominated.

Take a good look at your scientist colleagues and finally weed out all this artificial dead end science, and put it in its proper place- minimized, defunded and in the past. Only clean chemistry is going to get us out of this sick push to this brink of extinction we are now at.

The lack of sufficient hydroxyl contributes to inclement weather, because hydroxyl is a surfactant as well as an oxidizer, hydrolyzer (of CO2), bactericide, anti virus/mold and a deposition promoter. These services are critical, and I’m prosecuting scientists who have allowed this through permitting work, or directorships in government, or senior advising scientists in the private sector, and more. Hydroxyl is a necessity- it is infrastructure, and it’s failing by now failing to match to the heavy pollution load by all of the different pollution pulses. This is as bad as an ozone layer weakening because hydroxyl intercepts ozone destroying substances that can migrate upwards by attaching to it and weighing it down, bringing it to ground. This is significant combined with all the other hydroxyl services. It is necessary infrastructure that has been inundated that is currently in need of attention and protection so that it can perform all of its functions and removals. It can be relied upon to remove all GHGs all at once, which is badly needed, but it would need to be manufactured and dispersed, which it can be without any big suction fans or costly complex technology designs.

Only about 52% of scientists can be trusted in my experience. And the super-wealthy have intimidated many scientists over the decades. This is not a good situation.

Viva Cundliffe

Hydroxyl Dispersal at Scale Has only Positive Benefits for Humanity

ReductionTech Inc’s protocol to disperse hydroxyl at scale is an oxidation event which is already well understood at global scale.

Quoting Wikipedia:

Consequences of oxygenation[edit]

Eventually, oxygen started to accumulate in the atmosphere, with two major consequences.

  • Oxygen likely oxidized atmospheric methane (a strong greenhouse gas) to carbon dioxide (a weaker one) and water. This weakened the greenhouse effect of the Earth’s atmosphere, causing planetary cooling, which has been proposed to have triggered a series of ice ages known as the Huronian glaciation, bracketing an age range of 2.45–2.22 billion years ago.[64][65][66]
  • The increased oxygen concentrations provided a new opportunity for biological diversification, as well as tremendous changes in the nature of chemical interactions between rockssandclay, and other geological substrates and the Earth’s air, oceans, and other surface waters. Despite the natural recycling of organic matter, life had remained energetically limited until the widespread availability of oxygen. The availability of oxygen greatly increased the free energy available to living organisms, with global environmental impacts. For example, mitochondria evolved after the GOE, giving organisms the energy to exploit new, more complex morphologies interacting in increasingly complex ecosystems, although these did not appear until the late Proterozoic and Cambrian.[67]

Role in mineral diversification[edit]

Main article: Mineral evolution

The Great Oxygenation Event triggered an explosive growth in the diversity of minerals, with many elements occurring in one or more oxidized forms near the Earth’s surface.[68] It is estimated that the GOE was directly responsible for more than 2,500 of the total of about 4,500 minerals found on Earth today. Most of these new minerals were formed as hydrated and oxidized forms due to dynamic mantle and crust processes.[ End Quote

The hydroxyl release is still being overlooked by decisionmakers, which shows that they are not serious about mitigation of the climate yet. ReductionTech is working hard to rectify this problem.

Hydroxyl Dispersal at Scale Has only Positive Benefits for Humanity

ReductionTech Inc’s plan to disperse hydroxyl at scale is an oxidation event which is already well understood at global scale.

Quoting Wikipedia:

Consequences of oxygenation[edit]

Eventually, oxygen started to accumulate in the atmosphere, with two major consequences.

  • Oxygen likely oxidized atmospheric methane (a strong greenhouse gas) to carbon dioxide (a weaker one) and water. This weakened the greenhouse effect of the Earth’s atmosphere, causing planetary cooling, which has been proposed to have triggered a series of ice ages known as the Huronian glaciation, bracketing an age range of 2.45–2.22 billion years ago.[64][65][66]
  • The increased oxygen concentrations provided a new opportunity for biological diversification, as well as tremendous changes in the nature of chemical interactions between rockssandclay, and other geological substrates and the Earth’s air, oceans, and other surface waters. Despite the natural recycling of organic matter, life had remained energetically limited until the widespread availability of oxygen. The availability of oxygen greatly increased the free energy available to living organisms, with global environmental impacts. For example, mitochondria evolved after the GOE, giving organisms the energy to exploit new, more complex morphologies interacting in increasingly complex ecosystems, although these did not appear until the late Proterozoic and Cambrian.[67]

Role in mineral diversification[edit]

Main article: Mineral evolution

The Great Oxygenation Event triggered an explosive growth in the diversity of minerals, with many elements occurring in one or more oxidized forms near the Earth’s surface.[68] It is estimated that the GOE was directly responsible for more than 2,500 of the total of about 4,500 minerals found on Earth today. Most of these new minerals were formed as hydrated and oxidized forms due to dynamic mantle and crust processes.[ End Quote

The hydroxyl release is still being overlooked by decisionmakers, which shows that they are not serious about mitigation of the climate yet. ReductionTech is working hard to rectify this problem.

Particulates from Weather Modification and Hydroxyl Depletion and Steric Hindrance Warning-Human Caused!

Here is a one page Science Communication that outlines the damage from the perspective of hydroxyl functions in the atmosphere and the weather modification climate impacts, which are causing depressed precipitation because of hydroxyl attaching to this particulate and becoming inundated. This collapse is a part of the climate predicament. Water is also a GHG and hydroxyl has a role in removing it so hydroxyl is a key cooling agent that could be increased with hydroxyl dispersal technology invented by Viva Cundliffe. “No hydroxyl-no consistent rains)

Military Documents on Forest Fires as a Military Weapon

This is stunning information about a form of global fascism within the US Military. This faction is sponsoring depopulation, foreign and domestic using desiccant aerial powders and forest fires. President Biden must remove these enemy criminals.

All of this added particulate matter also depletes the hydroxyl, our natural detergent and GHG remover which also removes forever chemicals. We are so cursed by the above program, which is a danger to everyone on Earth. Please advise President Biden. I thought we needed the trees to draw down CO2.

All of our actions will count, past and present-article reprint

Read the Article here:

Video on the critical importance of Hydroxyl

Hydroxyl is a holistic treatment which starts as an oxide radical O*, that may also become the key Geotherapeutic, nature based remedy for the recently announced official third major ozone hole, which is set to allow dangerous UVC to land on half of the world’s population. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2022/07/220705112242.htm
7 Times Larger Ozone hole over Tropics.
One of the scientists here has also known about the Brewer-Dobson effects which create this for 40 years. (Commentor #2)

Take a look at ReductionTech.com’s Related Mitigation Services here: https://www.reductiontech.com/2022/04/21/reductiontechs-atmosphere-climate-mitigation-division-services/

There are Actually 63.2GT of atmospheric pollutants to remove not 40GT

While we focus on the great strides we are making on CO2 in the world, We have to remember that in CO2 equivalents, we do still have a lot of other gases, like methane, synthetic greenhouse gases, short lived climate pollutants, and water vapor changes as we try to cool the planet.

If we look at the ppm excess over 350, we see that we are 72ppm over that. Let’s also add the 42ppm (MIT, 2012 Report No. 211) in CO2e for all the other climate pollutants; that is basically One THIRD of the excess we need to deal with. The XPRIZE Carbon Removal focuses mainly on CO2. These other pollutants actually are very heavy so they present as fewer molecules. Some are 3000x worse in their global warming potentials. Their un-GWP- weighted amount is what I want to point to, because it shows how this small fraction holds all of the other bad actors. Note this table:

Apportioned pollutant gas presences

Since the non-GHG gases portion is so small, it is daunting to think of how to attack the problem. The best solution available is the hydroxyl, which also happens to remove CO2 and sequester it into the geochemical sink of the Earth as minerals. It provides a 2-in-1 service. No other Earth-friendly compound does this. If we disperse hydroxyl to remove CO2, it will also remove these other gases, including the growing methane gas, which hydroxyl is its most important and effective sink. If we have a methane burp emergency, I suggest we use OH*dispersal.

Situation report From Viva Cundliffe 22-04-2022

The Global competition, XPRIZE for Carbon Removal announced today their top 60 and top 25 picks and qualified a base of 287 from which these competitors were selected. Now we know what kind of team we have for their CO2 removal focussed mission. Congratulations to all who are continuing to work. We should make headway with these efforts!

The global situation also includes the ocean and upper atmosphere. Here is a recent report on the state of the Ocean which is projected to degrade quite badly:


We need to avoid Oceanic degradation as much as possible. XPRIZE Carbon Removal teams will help with this in some measure, which is good news.

Further, the Ozone layer is tied to this problem because of potential damaging UVC radiation leaks, which appear to be happening now over the USA:


Let’s hope that the IPCC positive claims are correct, we await this report: https://csl.noaa.gov/assessments/ozone/2022/

We should note that short lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) are increasing and we probably need equatorial satellite surveillance so I have suggested that NASA consider two equatorial geostationary satellites for this emerging problem, and the fact that the holes often intrude into the equatorial zones:


The Ozone degradation can allow deadly UVB and UVC into the Ocean and, on land, damaging trees and plants, which we cannot afford. This will contribute to the development of a Canfield or toxic Ocean because of phytoplankton death. More CO2 will release than be absorbed. I have a concern that the Ozone layer is depleting and am watching for more evidence. The question I have is-how many poor years in a row will qualify the Ozone layer as being in need of mitigation? Are they open to this at all? There is a company that can offer an airlift of 5MT of doubly ionized oxygen to the stratosphere. O++ would be a double-strength because it can form OF2, which is heavy and would fall out toward Earth, out of the Stratosphere more readily.

We need to treat the situation holistically and without harsh methods when gentle methods are available-hopefully chemists and engineers have learned that lesson given how harsh chemicals are the cause of our problems.

I will provide another update next Friday.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO ReductionTech Inc., www.reductiontech.com

Videos from the Climate Emergency Institute

Important Institute. Dr. James Hanson and others here: “What We’re About
Climate Protection and Restoration Initiative is a 503(c)(3) non-profit, public-interest, science-based, advocacy organization that is guided by scientists, legal scholars, and community and religious leaders who share our mission to protect and restore a viable climate system.
Securing our planet’s energy balance at a global average temperature conducive to the continuation of civilization and nature as we have come to know it requires, at minimum, a timely phase-out of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removal of excess CO2 and CH4. Our principal tools include public education, public policy advocacy, and enforcement of the law….”
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