Hurricane intensity reduction

Hurricanes need potent energy removal. This method may significantly achieve that by dispersing doubly ionized oxygen into and around the storm, even ahead of the storm. Viva outlines the amount of oxygen needed based on the average energy found in a hurricane.


Kinder Morgan Emissions will Further Damage the Ocean and Here is How to Repair it

Every Year, 84 million Tonnes of CO2 will be produced by Kinder Morgan as mobile emissions. The ocean is damaged by CO2 emissions but we can repair the damage by placing oxygen in the ocean at the rate of .4 million Tonnes per year at the going rate of $230/Tonne, which is $100 billion per year. The cost of oxygen would come down if the oil industry invested in the remediation technology itself…wait, maybe they should.

Where in the economy we pay for the repair to the emissions-caused damage is an important discussion to start. Fossil fuels have a large and generous profit model that is too large in today’s environmental situation. They can now consider themselves informed in advance that the emissions from their oil products cost money to clean up with real clean up operations.

If we are ever going to balance the climate we have to perform remedial chemistry which often gets swept under the rug. Now we see that we are being told to adapt, to lay down and adjust so that business profits as usual can continue. Scientists and policymakers know that this cannot continue. Every aspect of the fossil fuel industry should cost, according to our remediation company’s (GC Green Carbon Inc.) calculations, 25% more to have than it does now, so that the extra can be put aside to remedy the damages.

Will the big financiers ever meet this challenge? They never knew that the remedy to CO2 existed by oxygenating the oceans, which is our main CO2 sponge. Currently work is being undertaken to move this technology ahead. We need to look at how we will fund this ecosystem service in the future if we are going to create lasing cooling ability on the planet. Geoengineering is only a temporary stopgap because we all know that Mt. Pinatubo and other volcanoes only temporarily cooled the Earth. What truly cools is solving the physics problem of heat removal and oxygen did this 5 times over at the beginning of each ice age. It did it slowly, and in exquisite detail we see it in the fossil records.

There is an enabling technology that can make large quantities of oxygen, compress it into tanks and transport it to where it is needed. I suggest that we have to go with the proven cooling solution found in our planetary history. Oxygen destroyed the methane in the atmosphere which allowed the heat to escape. Why not do this again to save us from more starvation, war and possible extinction?

For All Kinder Morgan CO2 Emissions damages, four plants of this size (75 MW) could provide the oxygen for the ocean to repair the damage to it from those emissions.

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Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd


Instead of particulates there is Georemediation

If the oysters, scallops lobsters are losing life to CO2 levels have we gone too far on our global thermostat? Should we look at something non toxic rather than toxic? Would this method to shade the planet at the mesosphere above the Ozone layer interfere with cooling efforts from using non toxic oxygen on the clouds to remove heat? How will it help the Ozone layer which really protects life? Do the particles really levitate up there and for how long? Isn’t it just more of the same thinking used lower down or is it more appropriate and logical? What is the most important thing when you have an emergency in a large room and need to leave-the exits, we need heat to exit our atmosphere and so how is this accomplished?

A new carbon free fuel is on the horizon Hyper-Oxygenated Water

We don’t know yet what this could promise, but Hyper-Oxygenated water looks like this:

You take pressurized Oxygen ions and combine them with water to up to about 5 atmospheres or 75 psig to obtain a combustible fluid. At ambient pressures, water can absorb the oxygen and create a pH of 10.5, and we theorize that each atmosphere of pressure added would increase the concentration by about 40% on the pH scale. One atmosphere added may add .4 to the 10.5 based on what has been observed in the GC Green Carbon lab.

“Working up from these pressures, 10 atmospheres brings this solution to close to a 50% solution” says Viva Cundliffe. “The catalytic effects of the oxygen ions under pressure in water have yet to be studied, but the water does not need to be highly purified according to our findings.” The fuel may have 90% of the energy density of 99% hydrogen peroxide and an autoignition profile that would be practical for ships and possibly aircraft as a co fuel. “Certainly oxygenation this way, along with the hydrogen content deserves to be studied further”.

The added pressure concentrating the fuel may be the property that was missing from Brown’s Gas that would give this potential fuel a practical basis to be applied.

With more funding this research will be on the bench as the world looks for decarbonised fuels to mix with hydrocarbons or standalone non GHG emitting fuels.

Courtesy GC Green Carbon Inc.

Georemediation mops up after geoengineering

GeoRemediation: What it IS

Oxygen, oxygen oxygen,

Non-Toxic and Sustainable while it sustains human activity and the Natural system…

  • Pro-Sunlight for Plants
  • Pro Clean Air
  • Pro ozone layer
  • Pro rain and blue sky
  • Pro Clean water
  • Pro Clean oceans
  • Pro healthy ocean pH
  • Pro healthy ocean life food chain
  • Pro Clean Soil
  • Pro Clean Food
  • Pro global cooling by removing greenhouse methane and other GHG gases
  • Pro polluter pay
  • Pro sustainable ecosystems
  • Pro-healthy, life giving conditions of every kind
  • based on the geophysical principles of the Earth system
  • A human right as a part of the global infrastructure

Works with natural geophysical and geochemical processes and obeys the dynamics and understands the composition of the natural world and how to balance it naturally.

It is Not:

  • An aerosol, it is a naturally occurring gas needed for life
  • Geoengineering, it replaces it and restores the natural system with active reduction of carbon dioxide levels
  • Expensive (50 cents per year/per person for 30 years for 8 billion people)
  • Allied with geoengineering
  • Part of a secret global government
  • Unclear about its mandate to restore the Earth to a natural like state as much as possible
  • A trade off of negative effects
  • A depopulation agenda
  • Based on artificial and synthetic precepts
  • Military
  • Political
  • A black or classified project
  • Laser or directed energy enhanced
  • Cause wildfires, Alzheimer’s, cancer, drought, illness and diseases, or sunburning
  • Going to need remediation itself like geoengineering does
  • Applied until fully tested on a small scale
  • Properly funded
  • Unfounded in science, it is rooted in historical fossil and current scientific records and applies the chemistry relationships and consequent chemistry properties and physics which are well understood.

If you want to know more go to, and and check out Viva Cundliffe on YouTube or twitter: GCGreenCarbon

Provided by Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd

Sparging Oxygen Ions Into the Ocean is Remedial Geochemistry at its Best

Sparging Oxygen Ions Into the Ocean: Geochemistry at its Best

 73 grams of Oxygen Ions could draw down as much as 1Kg of COand is going to be tested.

Deeper sparging (bubbling) is better for the more acidic mid depth waters below the thermocline, thereby reducing the risk of precipitating magnesium Hydrate above pH of 8.251, and Calcium Hydroxide above 8.4. Because the logarithmic range of 7-8 is 1/10th of 8-9, the relative remediation is also higher, the water is colder and will hold more oxygen, and any gas not dissolving there will have a longer residence time in water for best absorption and remedial impact on the average overall pH.

Ideal pH and a cooler temperature has caused the ocean to absorb 1/3 of the industrial revolution’s CO22, but as it drops, the net dissolved oxygen has lowered and is more alarming when coupled with CO2 combustion 3 caused atmospheric oxygen depletion as a loss to CO2.

FIGURE 2.2 Inorganic carbon and pH vary as a function of depth and latitude. (a) Vertical profiles typical of the mid-North Pacific showing variations of several seawater chemical parameters with depth. Adapted from Morel and Hering (1993) with calculations using constants from Dickson et al. (2007) and Lueker et al. (2000). (b) Typical distribution of pH with depth along a North-South transect for the Pacific Ocean. (Byrne et al., 2010a). 2

On a 1” oxygen sparging line, delivering to a 50-60’ depth of water gives about 26 pounds of resistance to the 2100 psi pressure of the oxygen tanks. (.036lb/inch H2O x 12” x 60ft).

Influencing Seawater pH Slots

Seawater CO2 in the three slots has increasing alkalinity as it moves to the right, and as a formed carbonate ion it will trigger the two left side slots to become accommodating to more CO2, so leveraging with Oxide is shown in line 2.

1. CO2 + H2O ↔ (1,4) H2CO3 H+ + (2,5)HCO3 ↔ 2 H+ + (3,6)CO32–

2. O2- + H2O ↔ 2OH ↔ 4 H+ + 2CO32-

2CO32- is the most alkaline species, and leaves room for the other two slots to absorb CO2 as the less alkaline ions. Thesis: One O2- ion triggers room for up to 5 accommodation slots for CO2 in the buffer (arbitrary slot number in brackets) and some additional Oxygen in the form of OH- will serve as a helpful oxidant.

The sparging pH target has a limit as mentioned of 8.25, but when this much CO2 can be absorbed into the water, this technique could be extremely helpful. This would also take an oxygen demand load and remediate it as the auto-ionization of the OH of the seawater (a separate natural mechanism) would be strengthened by the presence of this added oxygen.

About 89 percent of the carbon dioxide dissolved in seawater takes the form of bicarbonate ion, about 10 percent as carbonate ion, and 1 percent as dissolved gas 4. Placing carbonate ions via this method thus could be helpful for ocean life affected by acidity as well as for CO2 mitigation. Using oxygen ions avoids the sodium (cation) loading problems with sodium hydroxide and other hydroxides, and there is little difference over concern for control of the dosage (solid powder vs gas) because it must be restricted to a target pH of 8.25 to avoid precipitation of minerals.

The effective stoichancy of oxygen ions to absorbed CO2 would range from 1:5 to 1:6 assuming that the continual uptake of CO2 by plant life and continual CO2 vapor pressure are actively moving CO2 and make some of the stochastic ratios for those overlap on the buffer system. This can be tested in the lab.

Sea Life Conditions

Because the pH adjustment is limited t within the precipitation maximum, membranes of animals are not at much risk5 , in fact slight alkalinity and negative ions (as even a small increase in ecosystem voltage) may be helpful, as well because that pH rests close to the mineralogically ideal ocean pH. Again, deeper waters can be alkalized more aggressively but would require mechanical assistance to access the deeper water or piping for sub surface sparging. Diffusion would occur and the net absorption of CO2 would be achieved regardless. Viva Cundliffe PhD abd



  1. A. R. Haas, The Effect Of The Addition Of Alkali To Sea Water Upon The Hydrogen Ion Concentration. Laboratory Of Plant Physiology, Harvard University, Cambridge. July 18, 1916
  2. National Research Council. 2010. Ocean Acidification: A National Strategy to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Ocean. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Doi: 10.17226/12904
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Science and Geochemistry Solution That Will Stop Aerosol Spraying -a Thesis


The theory presented applies to all other air sheds.


By Viva Cundliffe

Viva Cundliffe Weather as a radiation budget controller to deflect heat to space-a new science approach

There we go with the new science of Water Vapor Global Cooling where we can use the clouds and natural aerosols to deflect heat off of the Earth. the magnitude available is highlighted in the last graphic below the movie. It should be enough if the interstellar cloud we are in has given us most of its heat already around the Earth and other planets. For references see Viva’s additional blog articles. Please share this blog article and blog link and consider subscribing! Our public work will be journaled here.


These diagrams can be used for reference also:

Viva Cundliffe on Geoengineering and the Methane Blowout of 2016 to 2026

Viva Addresses this disaster and how we should treat it. Cleaning it up to allow cooling rather adding more mass and obfuscating heat loss…one costs and one is an economic boost with carbon products added and – is a remedy and not a band aid…when do we stop doing the stop gap and recreate most of what we had? I propose half of the methane be oxidized, or prepare for that, and any ice age triggering can be monitored on the way to this dose.


Diamond Parts factory a future concept: Light weight and durable

Discussions of Alkali Earth Metals in geoengineering by Viva Cundliffe

These are provided with the intention of adding to the discussion of blocking sunlight with metallic oxides.




In my PhD studies, this work has gone a lot further into the area of ecosystem management techniques based on the ice age records, snowball Earth theory, and some very elegant electrochemistry. We do not think that blocking the Sun is the long term approach that will succeed and want to coordinate a scale up of our technologies to enable this long term remediation science.

12 Point Plan for global reset of Earth climate 12 2017

  1. Allow forensic studies of corporate climate history then,
  2. fund and scale up and pretest reset technology and oxygen
  3. Publish the science as reviewed
  4. Pay lenders, investors, employees
  5. Deliver the oxide and maintenance services
  6. Develop the carbon products with integration strategy
  7. Product accessible ordering platforms and supply chains
  8. Satellite and sonde measurements interviewed
  9. Invest into sustainable systems
  10. Hire directly and via spinoff operations
  11. System business case is so strong that public subsidy not necessary rather fee for services is done with reasonable deliverables
  12. The company will be the sole trustee of any heroic measure free of political or state influences

Oceanic moisture to Pacific Coast of California

It is curious to me as a potential natural weather modification provider why California would not be receiving more precipitation. The convection in the ocean is not known to be irregular to the West. I can model this with a long trajectory triggering protocol using oxygen ions. There is only one reasonable pair of explanations for any place on Earth to be dry: it is being allowed or overlooked.

We can change what has developed in California. I would need help.

I wish you well


Where a root cause of global warming definitely came from

How much global warming we will experience from the cosmos is yet to be seen, but it could be as much as 3.5’C

The Sun's motion relative to the galaxy's spiral arms over the past 200 million years is defined by changes in the angle ⌽. The most recent spiral-arm crossings ⌽1 and ⌽2 were at ~100° and ~25°. Climatic data show rhythmic cooling of the Earth whenever the Sun crossed the galactic midplane, where cosmic rays are locally most intense. From these geophysical data, the astrophysical data shown in table 1 can be inferred. (Svensmark 2006a)

The space formerly occupied by these spiral arms is higher in energy and may be a part of why we are experiencing warming across the solar system,.

Our main greenhouse gas, which also absorbs almost all of the IR radiation, trapping heat, is affected like this by three different kinds of cosmic rays:

At different levels in the atmosphere (high >6.5 km, middle 6.5–3.2 km and low <3.2 km) the blue line shows variations in global cloud cover collated by the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project. The red line is the record of monthly variations in cosmic-ray counts at the Huancayo station. While there is no match at the higher altitudes, a close correspondence between cosmic rays and clouds low in the atmosphere is plain to see. (Marsh and Svensmark 2000)

What Are Cosmic Rays? – › Science & Astronomy

Apr 21, 2016 – Showers of high energy particles occur when energetic cosmic rays strike the top of the Earth’s atmosphere. Most cosmic rays are atomic nuclei: most are hydrogen nuclei, some are helium nuclei, and the rest heavier elements. … Cosmic rays are atom fragments that rain down on the Earth from outside of the solar system.

This is how they are presently mapped;

I invite you to look at this info graphic of the atmosphere column about how CO2 causes themal trapping or more accurately, idling. It’s a simple explanation of the physics.

Co2 fringe and warming
Next is the graphic of the present atmosphere’s radiation flux downward and upward. As we consider how big an effect water has and that would be an important gas to have under remedial management to encourage heat releases upwards on a regular and sustained basis. This would help warm the unavoidable CO2 fringe which is increasing in altitude, and help the warmer fringe pump heat space ward. Note also the Oxygen and Ozone- doing its critical job of absorbing UV light-these physics also need remedying by restoring this layer instead of further destroying it with either lasers or scalar radio or microwaves. These change the properties of water, artificial and weaponized nucleation processes-happening in forced locations are changing existence for our wildlife and plant heritage, and our health.
Source for image below:
Image result for infrared transmittance of CO2
There have been as noted in the fossil record, cool temperatures with CO2 levels over 1000 ppm in the past. these would be accompanied by low methane and high albedo from snow, which would radiate heat to the CO2 fringe at about the stratosphere, and this would create the “warm to cold differential” at the fringe, which would keep radiation moving outward.
For every 1% of missing ozone, we also have 2% warming increase, which has penetrated and melted the snow at the caps in part also, as they released OH* which destroys Ozone as well as it lofts in the clean air of the poles, where much less other material is using up the OH* so it more readily contacts Ozone lower down, and the Nitric Acid- Nitrous Acid cycle also became a reservoir of the OH, and destroyed it at altitude.
Without the polar ice cover, high altitude CO2 fringes are not well activated to release heat from below. There needs to be a thermal radiation flux sufficient to do this. In our present atmosphere, we also have refrigerant gases trapping heat and warming the stratosphere which also changes the thermal column profile, deviating the gradient from warm-cold to warm-cold-warm-cold and down-regulating heat release.
So, since we do have cooler periods in the fossil record, with high levels of CO2, I suggest here that this evidence is showing us that working on the other removable and easily manageable greenhouse gases is patently logical, based on the proof if this also in the fossil records. This can be performed in a controlled manner with non-toxic oxygen.
In Summary
The cosmic rays that could be quite easily responsible for 3.5’C as shown here in the galactic record,
Four switches from warm “hothouse” to cold “icehouse” conditions during the Phanerozoic are shown in variations of several degrees K in tropical sea-surface temperatures (red curve). They correspond with four encounters with spiral arms of the Milky Way and the resulting increases in the cosmic-ray flux (blue curve, scale inverted). (After Shaviv and Veizer 2003)
Four switches from warm “hothouse” to cold “icehouse” conditions during the Phanerozoic are shown in variations of several degrees K in tropical sea-surface temperatures (red curve). They correspond with four encounters with spiral arms of the Milky Way and the resulting increases in the cosmic-ray flux (blue curve, scale inverted). (After Shaviv and Veizer 2003)
As we look at this next graphic from the same article, the crossing of the spiral arm is better visualized as crossing the space that the spiral arm previously occupied, and the galactic mid plane can also be described as the equatorial plane of the galaxy.
The Sun's motion relative to the galaxy's spiral arms over the past 200 million years is defined by changes in the angle ⌽. The most recent spiral-arm crossings ⌽1 and ⌽2 were at ~100° and ~25°. Climatic data show rhythmic cooling of the Earth whenever the Sun crossed the galactic midplane, where cosmic rays are locally most intense. From these geophysical data, the astrophysical data shown in table 1 can be inferred. (Svensmark 2006a)
The Sun’s motion relative to the galaxy’s spiral arms over the past 200 million years is defined by changes in the angle ⌽. The most recent spiral-arm crossings ⌽1 and ⌽2 were at ~100° and ~25°. Climatic data show rhythmic cooling of the Earth whenever the Sun crossed the galactic mid plane, where cosmic rays are locally most intense. From these geophysical data, the astrophysical data shown in table 1 can be inferred. (Svensmark 2006a)
So in summary we are looking at from the cosmic ray source, a general temperature change cycle of 7 K or 7’C over these crossings. When we put this at the base of our models we can get a better perspective.
Since these cosmic rays also activate solar processes, a modeling of that relationship I am sure has been proposed, and the magnetic systems in our solar-planetary radiation belts may also be affected as all kinds of particles can traverse and up/down-regulate large- body magnetic fields. (I will research this area)
One thing may be quite certain. Our population levels can go up and down in the blink of an eye compared to these changes, as we see presently.
I would suggest that the three gases to focus on are water vapor, methane, and oxygen-in its most active forms as the management tool. Other scientists call CO2 a “baseline” for warming…I am suggesting it may be less worrisome if the other gases are managed more proactively to radiate heat, irrigate our food and filter UV rays and pollution from our environment.

CO2 levels during and after the 2016 Methane blowout onset

While we may wish to give up a lot of hope because of the great volume of Methane we are going to release, some leverage able aspects remain. Firstly, a larger CO2 envelope will ensure continued warmth, and does not block sunlight for plant growth. The height where heat venting to space will rise making it necessary for active management and monitoring from more leveraged natural albedo management at the cloud cover levels.

The very potent clouds and weather systems are going to require professional activation to ensure clearance of ground based thermal energy along with heat trapped by saturated warm clouds that then will precipitate and provide heat releases. This is a powerful strategy to modify and allow heat escape.

With an oxidant that also has repaired the Ozone holes, cleaned up the large aged and ongoing pollutants backlog, we can also reinstate watershed and urban air quality.

The greatest critical path we have to take is to airlift OH- oxidant to the Ozone Layer to remove CH4Cl  and other refrigerant fragment molecules. Then, 2Km above this instill O2- ions to immediately supply UV protection.

The ions work at a 96 to 1 potency and recycle significantly. Lowering all pollutants will also occur.

Should you have further questions, please contact Viva Cundliffe by phone@ 778-809-1702


Limited government limits the risk of chaos naturally

A Couple of Words from Selected Wisdom Teachings

Taking the middle ground in placing emphasis, balancing issues, and holding perspective.

Nation states are the middle road and middle class of administration size on Earth. They encircle and defend old worlds through to egalitarian and democratic cultures, Provinces, ethnic variations, and families. To homogenize existence more than this is an extreme and perpetually inefficient effort.

The middle class is not only the majority around the median area around a bell curve, it is where the most civility, agreement, democracy, mutually respectful, and collaborating people exist and serve as the font of stability and variety within a functioning social structure.

Walking a balance in the middle, between the polarities of the natural and hard sciences providing technology and services in medicine and technology will ensure that society is not corrupted by a dangerous excess in either direction, such as endangering the planetary system with hard technology, poisoning the populations through hard medicine, or falling short on scientific understanding and remaining completely primitive and backward.

Outlying variations and mutations of individuals that are emerging often reflect a new stressor of some kind in the environment.

Since we do live on an experimental planet, a technique from science R&D is of interest to mention: the decision tree. This is a graphic tree that moves through if…this result…move to this test..if no or negative result…discard or drastically change research pathways. Nation states can work with this wisdom by slowing or closing the influx of people or ideologies, or cultures, in order to protect and evaluate for its own stability and coherence. To suggest that this is extreme is patently false, it is the most responsible action.

Why should any culture feel rushed and hurried into or out of their sentiments and general direction? Usually because the proponents are trying to pull off a deception, robbery or usurpation, it is only positive if you see all of the logic in the proponents case, and agree that it is protective, and as a group you choose it but still allow individuals to opt out.

Governance is a lot like a small lid on the small can and the large lid on the large one. To tighten the smaller lid requires less force than the large lid and can simple because there is less friction and less mass to control. Big lid? Big administrative force needed to maintain the integrity. Globalism is completely unnecessary administrative scaling.

The free will of regions of the planet has only been revoked in absolute ways by disasters and psychotics with too much access and power to cut the basics of life. Think of ten one gallon cans versus one ten gallon can; which one is the safer food supply if bacterial infection risk needs to be minimized?

What do you think global government is? It is a scaled up closely connected unelected, “self” vetted group whom are vulnerable to contamination and corruption just like a ten gallon can. They don’t function to balance each other from the same level. Balance of power is better seated between the governed and the government, with the governed have the removal powers.

A political term of service could be viewed allegorically as similar to being flown by the voters like a person flies a kite, it goes up, and when the time is up, it comes down by the hand and will of the kite operator, or if it fatigues it comes down, and then is replaced with a new kite. This way, the activity is refreshed and governance fatigue leading to apathy and disengagement is better avoided.

Forensically, all ruling classes, hereditary or fascist, marxist, socialist, corporate or scientific, suffer fatigue and weaken in noticeable ways. This is why I am stating a case for shared term government within republic government frameworks that protect and enshrine your individual rights.

Official and unofficial militias are a fact of life in every society, armed or unarmed, and serve as a necessary contingency plan to prevent the chaotic outbreak of complete slaughter or wide human abuse, which is forensically, statistically and historically a factual risk, and has absolutely 97% occurred from the top down and this cannot be credibly denied. It can be ignored or covered up, but not denied

I wish you well

A Water Blog

A Quick Water Blog

Pretty much anyone whom is providing Fluoride into water supplies is liable for your brain damage and cancer risk, but you will likely have to find a way to sue via class action as the system is rigged and expensive, or vote in politicians, or become one, who will remove the Fluoride from your water and consider safer, easier to dissipate Chlorine Dioxide instead. Anyone claiming they are doing what they are ordered, or did not know are -being duped to make things worse, for how could money rule someone with the keys to your water in this way and avoid being removed from this job for endangerment- these two explanations are both legacy compartmentalization techniques that originated from the Hitler fascist and “Holocaust experiment” that rewarded Hitler with a comfortable secret retirement in South America until at least 1952 as per the recent President Trump release of the 2800 Kennedy and other related files.

So, one day at the local medical clinic, I heard a pregnant woman telling her mother on her phone that her baby was going to have strong bones because of the Fluoride in water and toothpaste! Now a huge study has been released about Fluoride and babies:

To manage the risk of tooth decay use safe, natural sugar alternatives, and teach your kids to understand sugar is a high risk food that gives them tooth rotting sugar bugs in their mouth and in their tummies, please don’t say awwww, but they are kids…no they are young becoming adults that you want to see succeed with good information, and sugar is correctly taught as a fast cheap thrill food that comes with many risks, that could become as bad as a hand on a hot stove over time. Junky chips and cookies and candies are all also a form of sugar so a wonderful family project is to replace these with many other great real food options.

Your water- the supplier of the Fluoride is also liable. These are deemed “professionals”, and as such are accountable to some form of peer group or organization that is science based with standards for human and environmental safety. If they are not- you need to replace them immediately as a citizen.

Buy a water filtration system that is more effective than what is at Walmart. If you just want the Chlorine out, you can set out pitchers for 24 hours and it will mostly dissipate.

Bottled water should be limited as much as possible and its always better to buy jugs and fill ahead of time from you filtered system.

Fluoride is known as “the universal solvent” in chemistry. It can travel through all of your body tissues and react with every protein, molecule, atom or electron in your body, and causes traumatic signaling to initiate things like: calcifying your pineal gland, damaging you thyroid and other glands, inhibiting nerve function, repair, growth in your brain.

Honestly we do need to be humbled into realizing that our bodies are vulnerable tissues and very special and need the basics of clean water and food.

One way to adjust our perceptions around things like this is to mentally note that when we see 2 bags of chips for $3, these people are making an aggressive pitch to you to get your money without actually caring about their product’s impact on you over the long term. And just to prove it they really put this stuff in your face knowing that you will likely have a terrible time ignoring the towers and rows of bags, and the saliva you make when you remember the starchy-sugary high you get after half a bag! How do you then remember your healthy list items, walk on by with that consciously planned bombardment on you, and of course the statistic that processed foods now kill more people than smoking did; and especially if you do drink Fluoridated water that is hurting your thought processes?

I wish you well. In taking control of your personal environment. Viva Cundliffe, PhD -abd

Monetize Waste & change the lending approach after obtaining damages

The economy very likely should monetize waste- designate it as our new resource and energy frontier and lend funds from a revolving account from a non-profit regionalized & democratic merit based system

As we see that the establishment financial system is relied upon by even the bureaucrats and scientists whom are products of the universities where the bought and paid for know how to truly lay humanity itself to waste as these scientists and bureaucrats collect their pension plans which exploit almost exclusively the technically easier methods to obtain resources: by conventional extraction and aggressive chemistry. The exploration science is so advanced now that the satellites are confirming that the easy pickings resources can run out before their equipment amortizes. What I find interesting observing this is that these corporations attempt to shield the downstream impacts and product supplier liability I will describe here, and personal anonymity through LLC law, shell companies, and secrecy.

Ongoing plume events are significant product supplier liabilities. We really must confront this although the suppliers will not like this. The consumers generally were not these apparently bright chemists, engineers and physicists who demonstrated the ability to accelerate the product-profit distribution process and were hot-housed for the earlier capitalists, whom have now gone into abundantly funded cronyism, who funded the universities, the scholarship programs and the “bright” students. I think this convenience bridged everyone else to our current consequences and we need to really look at some changes to this system, which I will attempt to introduce so that we can advance beyond to a less corrupted and more intercessory approach with less tunnel vision and management myopia.

Advances in waste stream analysis are improving with large programs for streamlining the capture from centers, but two main axes which need changes are the monetary system and the product life cycle innovation and design system. Second only to nuclear waste, electronic waste, which made fortunes for the suppliers, whom have not fully addressed their product supplier liability, again, in an ongoing plume event- also known as a pollution event. Lets place a few of these into a simple high level table below. Again, these are all ongoing pollution events, and thus to properly address them, corporate and government shield laws are suspended in order to present this root cause analysis in an accurate manner:

Waste Stream Toxicity Rating Monetizable Recovery Definitive Remediation Approaches Liable Product Supplier/s
Nuclear highest Via radioactivity depletion techniques and innovation Under development Utilities, governments, military, shareholders, lenders, PRFM, media
Oil High-moderate carbon Capped plastics combustion, downsize/arrest chemicals intensity Oil companies, refineries, petrochemical suppliers, shareholders, lenders, government, PRFM, media
Pharmaceuticals High Downsize and subsidize natural therapeutics & prevention Downsize the subsidies, change policies, re-educate, reduce adulterated foods & consumer products Pharmaceutic companies, Physicians, policy makers, adulterated product makers, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Combustion High-moderate Cap and recover Recycle and make high risk compounds inert Coal, governments, permit providers, shareholders, lenders, governments,PRFM, media
Biotechnology High Genetic hygiene and heritage efforts Slow and evaluate the R&D, products much more stringently Biotech, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Computing High-moderate Safe E waste recovery R&D, Real Electro-smog hygiene and shielding for bio organisms Better Shielding, pre-planned greener manufacturing, better planned chemical plume arrest Computer reatil brands, suppliers, manufacturing industry, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Consumer products High-moderate Reduce chemicals Biologically friendly standard actually upheld Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Communications High- long term Healthy lower maintenance, more robust organisms and individuals Shield DNA and its frequencies, shield environmental dissipation from devices Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Agro-foods High Reduce chemicals via gentler alternatives, natural ecosystem management Subsidize incentivize & invest R&D into alternatives Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Science Highest Give the natural sciences more emphasis, demand more justification and long term merit of hard & synthetic sciences Invest in more remediation of hard sciences experimentation damages, consider avoidance and better containment Each brand employer, scientist, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media

Now that we are all already more informed we can demand these standards and force them to become incentives and more widely proposed. Consumers are very intelligent, and have a keen sense of consequence and healthy levels of empathy. Our current environment does not reflect this well for us because all of this is cumulative and converging as a group of ongoing pollution events. Many of us have taken smaller matters into our own hands, by being thrifty, and saving items we think have value- in sheds you can find metal collections, jars, parts, second hand everything. It is time to tell the product inventors and suppliers about these and your own standards as a consumer driving the free market.

These are not frivolous liabilities leading to frivolous lawsuits that should be ignored because these products and activities purportedly gave you a high standard of living-they actually lowered it as they degraded the biological system around you- and none of us authorized that outcome. We all have a good idea of what we can do to change this and it starts with using our voices, taking the constructive personal action that we can in our personal environment and exposure, and inspiring and educating our families, friends and communities. Vote with your money, protect your people, animals, and plants.

It is time to constructively and logically re-educate those whom are actually liable for these damages, and change the monetary system after obtaining a forensic accounting of these aggregate damages from a non-establishment adjudication process so that money is not hoarded out of circulation by addicts who cannot help themselves. They are so overwhelmed and incapable of admitting damages, omission, neglect, incompetence, negligence, that they have rationalized mass murder as an acceptable option. Any conspiracy to reduce the population cannot even interpret the proven statistic that clearly show that if our standard of living increases, we clearly tend to stop overpopulating as there are other and more numerous healthy stress-reducers besides copulation.

I sincerely hope that this thought adds value and empowerment to your life. by arming you with accurate information that you will use constructively and wisely.

The one question I would ask in return is: should we continue to stand down, condone, ignore, wait out, trust, serve, accept, buy from or obey the liable parties who think that any judge serving in this LOTS, corporate contract law system at this time could hand down a staying action, decision, or proclamation which would make this information untrue, invalid and by that fiat from their mouth, convince you that he or she represents and maintains justice? If you believe that this is not possible, give some study time to this organization as we assess which parties are delivering what results into the environment, by way of adding a demonstrably damaging chemical remedy into the mix; ineffective, toxic geoengineering and consciously worsening the Earth’s living communities and societies:

In Canada we have the democratic Credit Union System. A few years ago I inquired about how to execute an international funds transfer. I was given a form and a very prominent contact: Edmund DeRosthchild, who officially handled those transactions at that time. That told me that this Credit Union had indeed been infiltrated by a member of the oldest banking cartel, so- I would say that is a red flag.

holistic oxygen chemistry around methane and ice

We have new friends over on twitter @GCGreenCarbon asking for more about oxygen and how it helps the climate stabilize into the Goldilocks zone.
Let’s just touch on Methane right now, as it is releasing very rapidly from the permafrost.
Put your chemist hat on.
net: CH4 + 6O=  CO2 + 2H2O the H is removed by one OH at a time and C is oxidized to CO and then CO2.
In this graph:  Methane could well be causing this paired trajectory by the normal order of the above reaction from left to right, which is chemically correct and not favored in the reverse direction in the atmosphere. Then a warming trend would have both the reactants and the products increasing because of physical retention of heat by methane and water, CO2 lastly. Ozone loss with respect to oxidation of methane which increases solar insolation, more water product retaining more heat, and separately sun cycle activity are the other drivers. This may clear up that controversy at least somewhat.
CO2 will then follow the below trajectory as well, but the reaction order is still as described, left to right. Methane is more volatile than CO2 and fortunately subject to oxidation which CO2 is not, thus the flux pattern is driven y methane and CO2 just follows suit as the product. The product water will trend downward in altitude and will trap heat as is is mixing with oxidants which are infinitely soluble in it, and removing dusts from space above and activities below known as wet/dry deposition.

Inline image 1

This graph shows that Methane and the precessional cycle of the Earth are related as one is completed, the high CH4 point may be due to the angle aspect change with respect to the arctic or the uncovered ocean as a heat sink that when warmed releases more methane than at other points in the precession cycle. Each period can be a little inconsistent and have a deviated trajectory on the gases depending upon cosmic ray (very important), biogenic, volcanic and solar events/processes.(my postulation). (Also anthropogenic issues will be discussed in a new post).
The Sun’s heat can coax more methane from the Earth, depending on its intensity and the thickness of the ozone layer. we are at this point presently likely.
The OH radicals at the ice surface of any ice/snow fields.
Snow and ice is a superb reservoir that helps control methane. Once water and O2 are cleaved in the clean air with almost 2x the solar radiation, a down welling and an upwelling reflection of it, one would achieve good production of O and OH radicals. The O is able to enter water and nucleophilically abstract a hydrogen of water and then produce 2OH*. This doubling of this species this way is very providential. Likely why snowier climates produces/promotes longevity in a lot of oxygen using organisms including humans. The pH of O’C  water is 7.47, the highest self ionized pH, so this will also reside around the ice and promote more OH availability, while helping to lower the cp-(heat capacity). In the Chapman cycle, the OH is a scavenger of Ozone, the poles have more OH in proximity to the ozone column and thus mathematically would show the thinning first when the ozone goes into a depletion cycle.
I would just ask that you await one more graphic which  would like to show you the precipitation event using geometry and water properties, and touch on how the past and present Refrigerant gases, chains of hydrocarbons, BC,  artificial aerosol fluxes (levels) and warming (from the sun, methane, ozone holes and water vapor) inhibit it.
Viva Cundliffe, Phd abd
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Preview YouTube video Expert explains link between Weather and Climate Change (March 2017)

Expert explains link between Weather and Climate Change (March 2017)

The true story of the atmosphere for the 3rd grade students and other beloved people

Hello, everyone, how are you today?

Well, today you are going to hear the true story of the atmosphere of our wonderful planet Earth, and how we almost destroyed our paradise, but our teachers made certain that how the atmosphere really works was not forgotten and saved us from much suffering and loss.

Wow, that’s a pretty big story, so let’s get to it and find out how we are doing now!

Some long while ago, many people learned that industrial processes could be quite dirty and unhealthy, and we all know now that these are being cleaned up. Two big reasons that this had to happen starting in the 1950s and even earlier is because it interferes with the way our living animal and human bodies work. Extra and unusual chemicals not found in your home or in nature find their way into our inside tissues and start to block chemical signals and processes that we need to have to stay strong and healthy.

Some teaching advised that we needed to accept a very high level of chemical contamination so that we could all live affordably together as our population got bigger. We now in 2017 do live longer but for many reasons not related to chemicals, but related to sanitation and clean water.

You all know about the carbon dioxide that came along with all of this, as a product from making our energy, which does a lot of hard work for us and makes our lives easier. You know we have learned that we release so much CO2 and other materials into our air, water and soils. The truth is that we do have to choose better large scale ways to produce our energy and stop releasing CO2 and other pollution, but it seems like it is not happening very quickly. As individuals how do we make certain that we get what we need?

Well first, we need to remember the truth about the pathways this planet has for the air gases first. Animals need Oxygen gas not only to breathe, but to filter the Sunlight up in the Ozone Layer so it does not damage our skin. It is also needed to break up the greenhouse gas Methane, other man -made gases, and to help clouds to form into rain drops, wash out particles from the air effectively, and make white sun-reflecting haze -to work with and without -our bright water clouds.

These pathways are at the root of our planetary system, and they are being forgotten in a true story of misguided chemical experimentation out of ignorance and fear that we took on by thinking that we could not afford to stick with the basics of Environmental Oxygen chemistry.

Now, some are starting to teach you the names of metallic artificial cloud formations, and scaring you about what they will have to do to you with chemicals to keep you safe, including blocking sunlight. Some of them proposed and did this without testing and without anyone’s permission, yet all they have to do is go back and look at the Oxygen. Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bears? She had just the right oxygen in all the right places to make her happy and well.

The Oxygen holds the Golden Keys to the atmosphere, and will for a very long time. I promise to you today, that I will send you beautiful film showing this Oxygen system, from a few great people so that you will never forget this, and I will show you how to preserve these keys so you keep what was originally here and is unquestionably good for you and all other life here.

The only regret is that I could not help you sooner, because I encountered some powerful people who did not share in this understanding and they went above the governments of the world with a big case of tunnel vision, believing too much in “chemical hacking” of natural processes. Please forgive them after we show them the truth and have them correct their mistakes. I can promise you also that this will not be easy to do.

Remember, we need our plant life-and therefore,  Sunlight

As an example for the more advanced viewers, this review is instructive of how the best use of the solar physics of the Ozone layer appeared to be forgotten. Instead of looking at strengthening and restoring that existing layer, this was looked at:


Yup-they mean well-but they suck at geoengineering

My Bad…I know…But…

I am now coining it “Artificial methods Geoengineers are SCI-TARDS for not treating the roots of the climate problem” I deeply apologize if I offend any laypersons or unrelated scientists but these people mean well -but suck -at this work.
I think this is unnecessary-the root cause is 1* too much gas and particulate in the air-bring it down with ionized oxygen to ensure heat actually escapes and 2* Also-just patch the ozone hole & make the rays safe again-Naturally with ionized oxygen which is the basis of the Ozone (O3) molecule that has done this for Aons. 3* We can get this oxygen from CO2 itself by capping the stacks. The CO2 destroyed for this plan is worth $85 USD to every economy without using the carbon credits according to calculations. 4 These natural ions will destroy GHG’s everywhere they are contacting them to boot. 5 And they will modify the weather naturally- spread these words. This is the best solution so let’s get smart about this-the proposed extremisms and weaponization of geoengineering means our suffering and extermination. Please direct everyone to GC Green Carbon Inc, where this natural remedy and solution are being offered.