Oxygen airlift links ozone depletion and Greenhouse gas problems

Many people do not know that ozone depletion is considered a cause of global warming as well and it is very significant. The Ozone-Oxygen cycle absorbs UV radiation UVB and UVC. Because the Ozone layer is depleted, this heat is getting through because Ozone is formed by default where UV can get through to oxygen. […]

Call to replace CH2Cl2 with less ozone depleting compounds

A popular industrial solvent, Dichloromethane is damaging the ozone layer over human populations. It’s already listed in the Montreal Protocol as a hazardous substance but it needs to be replaced with greener alternatives. While this solvent is classed as a very short lived substance, it is taking a large toll on the ozone layer. When […]

Six issues a non toxic oxygen airlift would address

A liquid oxygen airlift and dispersal at the lower stratosphere would address these six issues: Reduction and removal of synthetic greenhouse gases which are causing 80 ppm of CO2 equivalent warming to the planet. Ozone depleting substances removal or reduction. Thickening up the ozone layer, increasing needed UV protection by reducing the relative chlorine, fluorine […]

Oxygen links greenhouse gases and ozone depletion in global warming predicament

Many people do not know that ozone depletion is considered a cause of global warming as well and it is very significant. Ozone absorbs the high heat UV radiation UVB and UVC. Because the layer is depleted, this heat is getting through at 48 times the hotness of infrared radiation.  Dr. Peter L. Ward is […]

Help the Legal profession go global on climate harm legislation

Here is the press release and the letter written by West Coast Environmental Law this week, asking for the product liability that belongs with fossil fuel companies and their shareholders for climate harm, please enjoy and forward to your governments. It is time to set the right precedents and science can provide all the global […]

The sooner we computer model an oxygen airlift -the better

I recently asked 15 atmospheric computer modeling groups around the world to model the oxygen airlift to see what the effect would be according to their algorithms. Computers are the only place where the interference of EMF frequencies and chemicals can be removed if a basic study is done. We are almost inundated with interference […]

Governments Should Subsidize the 90 fossil fuel companies to transition to renewables

We need to identify root causes. Ordinary people are not the problem, 90 companies with the wrong products are. We need to tell them to transition us off of their deadly products into a more distributed economy running on renewables. While we have Canada missing the farmers who could run solar and wind farms -while […]

Physics of weather modification and geoengineering approaches trap earths heat

Every time we put a substance, except oxygen, into our atmosphere we are putting up walls that stop heat release from the Earth to space. Heat release is the correct physics problem to tackle, not putting up more walls to block heat escape. Reactive oxygen, activated by the sun removes heat trapping substances. I am […]


We Owe Ourselves an Oxygen Airlift Program

We Do Owe Ourselves an Oxygen Airlift Program A longstanding environmental remediation tradition for soil, air and water contamination is the use of oxygen or oxidation enhancement with hydrogen peroxide to restore harmony by making compounds inert and harmless to their surroundings. This principle applies to the atmosphere as it stands now, as well. Countless […]


The Oxygen Earth Protocol to remove major atmospheric greenhouse gases by oxygen airlift

The Emergency Oxygen Plan to remove atmospheric greenhouse gases by oxygen airlift and cool the planetary temperature. It can be done as a bypass of the carbon cycle. There is ample capacity to send 3,000 to 10,000 tons of industrial oxygen in tanks to 2,000 feet above the cloud cover or up to 25 Km, […]

Global Warming needs this physics problem solved and it is not geoengineering

Geoengineering as it is currently being applied is mimicking volcanic eruptions. The heat is deflected both upwards and downward back into the system. Several other problems are associated with it but let’s just focus on this on area. Mt. Pinatubo erupted and secured a cooling phase for about 5 years, but the cooling from that […]

Kinder Morgan Emissions will Further Damage the Ocean and Here is How to Repair it

Every Year, 84 million Tonnes of CO2 will be produced by Kinder Morgan as mobile emissions. The ocean is damaged by CO2 emissions but we can repair the damage by placing oxygen in the ocean at the rate of .4 million Tonnes per year at the going rate of $230/Tonne, which is $100 billion per […]

A new carbon free fuel is on the horizon Hyper-Oxygenated Water

We don’t know yet what this could promise, but Hyper-Oxygenated water looks like this: You take pressurized Oxygen ions and combine them with water to up to about 5 atmospheres or 75 psig to obtain a combustible fluid. At ambient pressures, water can absorb the oxygen and create a pH of 10.5, and we theorize […]

Sparging Oxygen Ions Into the Ocean is Remedial Geochemistry at its Best

Sparging Oxygen Ions Into the Ocean: Geochemistry at its Best  73 grams of Oxygen Ions could draw down as much as 1Kg of CO2 and is going to be tested. Deeper sparging (bubbling) is better for the more acidic mid depth waters below the thermocline, thereby reducing the risk of precipitating magnesium Hydrate above pH of […]

Science and Geochemistry Solution That Will Stop Aerosol Spraying -a Thesis


How to replace geoengineering permanently with global geochemistry

Global methane levels are set to quickly and unavoidably double CO2 levels, which is going to lower the oxygen content of the ocean. This will kill most of the ocean food chain which is already dying at the larval stage of several species1-4. Only an ocean with a nearer optimal pH can sustain life and […]

Unequivocal truth about oxidation in the atmosphere by Viva Cundliffe

The atmosphere almost totally relies upon the hydro oxygens to clean it. Here is proof from over a dozen major institutions: https://acd-ext.gsfc.nasa.gov/People/Jackman/Liang_et_al_2017.pdf The abstract and introduction are very clear so this really is a full scientific endorsement for OH and hydro oxygens as a route for atmospheric cleanup, especially methane which is coming online. Further to […]

Viva Cundliffe Weather as a radiation budget controller to deflect heat to space-a new science approach

There we go with the new science of Water Vapor Global Cooling where we can use the clouds and natural aerosols to deflect heat off of the Earth. the magnitude available is highlighted in the last graphic below the movie. It should be enough if the interstellar cloud we are in has given us most […]

Viva Cundliffe on Geoengineering and the Methane Blowout of 2016 to 2026

Viva Addresses this disaster and how we should treat it. Cleaning it up to allow cooling rather adding more mass and obfuscating heat loss…one costs and one is an economic boost with carbon products added and – is a remedy and not a band aid…when do we stop doing the stop gap and recreate most […]

Discussions of Alkali Earth Metals in geoengineering by Viva Cundliffe

These are provided with the intention of adding to the discussion of blocking sunlight with metallic oxides. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-TihFJYtfSLlx1FLDHSzSw       In my PhD studies, this work has gone a lot further into the area of ecosystem management techniques based on the ice age records, snowball Earth theory, and some very elegant electrochemistry. We do […]

Geoengineering A Request by Viva Cundliffe for a Stand Down of present operation and plans proposed by David Keith Jan 28 2018

January 28th 2018 Dr. David Keith publicly announced the plans for the geoengineering  operations: This is our response, seeing an opportunity to really heal, not just “arm wrestle the physics of our system”. I would just add that the quality of contingency planning was not as good as it could have been from these influential […]

12 Point Plan for global reset of Earth climate 12 2017

Allow forensic studies of corporate climate history then, fund and scale up and pretest reset technology and oxygen Publish the science as reviewed Pay lenders, investors, employees Deliver the oxide and maintenance services Develop the carbon products with integration strategy Product accessible ordering platforms and supply chains Satellite and sonde measurements interviewed Invest into sustainable […]

Where a root cause of global warming definitely came from

How much global warming we will experience from the cosmos is yet to be seen, but it could be as much as 3.5’C https://academic.oup.com/astrogeo/article/48/1/1.18/220765 The space formerly occupied by these spiral arms is higher in energy and may be a part of why we are experiencing warming across the solar system,. Our main greenhouse gas, […]

CO2 levels during and after the 2016 Methane blowout onset

While we may wish to give up a lot of hope because of the great volume of Methane we are going to release, some leverage able aspects remain. Firstly, a larger CO2 envelope will ensure continued warmth, and does not block sunlight for plant growth. The height where heat venting to space will rise making […]

Emergency Response for Chloromethane Fluoromethane Bromomethane in the Ozone Layer

October 18, 2017   Response Advice below this video The remediation approach to these CH3Cl… molecules is to disperse several Tonnes of an oxygen ion. This oxygen ion can be taken from the lower atmosphere quickly through a capped and closed carbon combustion system that draws from the thicker pool of oxygen gas at ground, […]

Eurochem 2017 PARIS Keynote address provided by Viva Cundliffe featuring Dane Wigington

“The ongoing Arctic methane blowout rescue cannot occur until there is a stand down of these operations. I ask the Engineering profession and the engineers corps to form a chemical vectors minimization ad hoc international roving committee, which I am striking under the International Red Cross and Article 11 of the International Court of Common […]