Discussions of Alkali Earth Metals in geoengineering by Viva Cundliffe

These are provided with the intention of adding to the discussion of blocking sunlight with metallic oxides.





In my PhD studies, this work has gone a lot further into the area of ecosystem management techniques based on the ice age records, snowball Earth theory, and some very elegant electrochemistry. We do not think that blocking the Sun is the long term approach that will succeed and want to coordinate a scale up of our technologies to enable this long term remediation science.


Geoengineering A Request by Viva Cundliffe for a Stand Down of present operation and plans proposed by David Keith Jan 28 2018

January 28th 2018

Dr. David Keith publicly announced the plans for the geoengineering  operations:

This is our response, seeing an opportunity to really heal, not just “arm wrestle the physics of our system”.

I would just add that the quality of contingency planning was not as good as it could have been from these influential climate emergency first responders. The natural GC Green Carbon Inc proprietary techniques were disclosed in 1998 and continuously developed without needed government support. Now, we are calling for seed funding so that this set of techniques can be on standby for practical action to remediate the current programs and proposals.

Ozone should be replaced to lock the harmful part of the Sun and allow the rest of the rays to enter to sustain life for us, while we reduce the amount of molecules locking heat escape naturally.

Ozone and the refrigerant gases are likely less important now than the Methane Blowout now occurring in the Arctic. That could mean as much as 1.2 Teratonnes of C Which would need 2O to full oxidation 4.4 Tt of CO2, but as 1.6 Tt of CH4, courtesy Alastair Bain McDonald. This is going to be a 15x multiple of the lift described in the below video to start.

The important fact to note is that the global cooling effect proposed by this technology is the same as that which has triggered ice ages in the past; therefore, this rapid onset may intercept the methane blowout problem if we were to act by scaling up immediately.

Viva Cundliffe, Founder

GC Green Carbon Inc

Celebrating everlasting life at Christmas


The sky has no border,

either does the sea,

they both will end together,

come see the end with me.

There’s something in the skylight,

Far beyond the sea,

They both will last forever,

Come everlast with me

Viva 1977

Possibly onewards to a new universe somewhere…


The mystical white stag in Surrey tonight. http://www.whitestag.org/program_spirit/legend/ethnic_stories_of_the_white_stag.html

Egyptians celebrate it as the coming of light. May you all be blessed by light this season.






12 Point Plan for global reset of Earth climate 12 2017

  1. Allow forensic studies of corporate climate history then,
  2. fund and scale up and pretest reset technology and oxygen
  3. Publish the science as reviewed
  4. Pay lenders, investors, employees
  5. Deliver the oxide and maintenance services
  6. Develop the carbon products with integration strategy
  7. Product accessible ordering platforms and supply chains
  8. Satellite and sonde measurements interviewed
  9. Invest into sustainable systems
  10. Hire directly and via spinoff operations
  11. System business case is so strong that public subsidy not necessary rather fee for services is done with reasonable deliverables
  12. The company will be the sole trustee of any heroic measure free of political or state influences

Foaming agent events on the lower mainland





This encounyer had no evidence of street sweeping nor wet salting operations. Taken Dec. 12 2017

Here is some literature on foams. They can drastically change the surface tension of water which would make hydrophobic or hard to wet particulates easier and faster to disperse within water such as, even clouds.