The Snowball Earth Shows the Power of Plants to Radically Cool the Planet With Oxygen

There we have it, and so we add this as a potential big clue that this planet’s ecosystem is influenced by its resident life. They were a source of fossil fuels, using the free energy of the sun, and their extinction events have been very beneficial for us.

We have a higher CO2 level than presented in the above graph at 480 ppm effective CO2 level in CO2e, when the refrigerant gas releases are factored in. (Dr. R. Prinn MIT)

In this first video, I presented the Atmospheric Contingency Plan Oxygen Assessment part 1 and provide this important paper on the snowball earth phenomenon, which is well studied at

There are many excellent discussions on this and stem from a long tradition of multidisciplinary forensics in the area of Geology; these are available to us to have a real chance at a non toxic phase 2 in our battle with global warming. Subscribe and stay tuned.

Snowball Earth Harada_et_al_2015_EPSL (1)

Unequivocal truth about oxidation in the atmosphere by Viva Cundliffe

The truth shall set you free…or maybe not….

Oxygen Earth Conservation Protocol

The atmosphere almost totally relies upon the hydro oxygens to clean it. Here is proof from over a dozen major institutions:

The abstract and introduction are very clear so this really is a full scientific endorsement for OH and hydro oxygens as a route for atmospheric cleanup, especially methane which is coming online.

Further to this the paper reads: “The hydroxyl radical (OH) is the primary atmospheric oxidant, and reaction with tropospheric OH is the most important removal process for many ozone-depleting substances (ODSs), their replacements and other gases that contain one or more hydrogen atoms, e.g., hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Many of these compounds are also potent greenhouse gases (GHGs) and can exert significant impacts on climate [Rigby et al., 2014; Velders et al., 2015]. The rates at which these long-lived gases are removed from the atmosphere, and therefore, their lifetimes, are dependent on the atmospheric OH abundance…

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Local Community Based Greenhouse Gas Removal Services Becoming a Reality

Oxygen Earth Conservation Protocol

If the current man made greenhouse gases and methane were removed from the air, humanity would lower the global temperature by half a degree Celsius.

There is a technology which can emit the hydroxyl radical, whose formula is OH* on a large scale to do this. This OH* is lighter than water in air and floats along with the wind until it can react with one of the greenhouse gases and remove them. About half of the OH* put in the air meets with these gases.

When the OH* is made by the technology, it starts with one oxygen radical, an O*. This O* makes contact with water and forces the water to react and make two OH*.

The formula is O* + H2O→ 2OH*

In this way an oxygen-like OH is doubled, which makes the process much more effective and efficient.

Scientists have learned that this common molecule does…

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The root cause of climate warming has 2 dimensions

The first dimension is the abandonment of billions of CO2 equivalents of emissions into our common atmosphere, totally abusing the services it provides. We all have done this, and must remember we are hurting others directly when we do.

The second dimension is treating the heating caused by the gases. The only way to do that are to remove or prevent these gases. We need to do everything to reduce the gas levels, which means that both approaches should be in full swing. For some reason, we have attempted only half of this, by trying to change carbonisation of our economies, and have left out the critical gas levels.

The present gas levels are a critical threat and part of the root cause of our problems. We should not point fingers about this being “green washing”, nor an easy get out of jail card. People will have to be deployed for the removal and so lives and societies are being changed. We have very little time for climate virtue signaling now.

We can’t let climate virtue signaling drown out the fact that we are in a great deal of peril and need to select emergency measures now and fund them to scale.

We will have to rely on some kind of science informed process at an international level-perhaps through the Clean Development Mechanism, which could be tasked with hosting a process, and having it connect with the COP 26 as major committee work sessions. I think there is no excuse left for this to happen at COP 26. We should virtually force these CO2 removal committees to be struck for COP 26.

The persistent Ozone Hole problems and how to address them

The recent Ozone hole over the Arctic show yet again that science is still actually struggling with a very serious problem which can be addressed with another Oxygen Protocol.

We all know that the base chemistry is important and must be focused upon when thinking about how to address the persistent holes.

Here we see in the graphic that O1D oxygen is a major driver of oxidation cycles in the Ozone layer. The way this can be addressed is to use YSZ ceramic membranes to produce oxide gas. This oxide will serve perfectly an instill the baseline molecules including more hydroxyl and more Ozone within the very critical Chapman cycle.

An airlift of oxide gas in compressed tanks could be initiated to provide this solution. The main technical barrier remaining is to test whether oxide gas can be compressed successfully for this protocol.

This key part of the Oxygen Earth Protocol simply needs ceramic cells producing oxide gas after confirming compressibility of oxide.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd

Climate Damages Litigation update and commentary

Fossil Fuels on Trial: Where the Major Climate Change Lawsuits Stand Today: Quoted from the article cited below the excerpt:

Updated Jan. 17, 2020, with federal appeals court dismissing the national youth climate lawsuit.

The wave of legal challenges that is washing over the oil and gas industry, demanding accountability for climate change, started as a ripple after revelations that ExxonMobil had long recognized the threat fossil fuels pose to the world.

Over the past few years: Two states have launched fraud investigations into Exxon over climate change and sued (one went to trial in 2019, and the attorney general lost). Nine cities and counties, from New York to San Francisco, have sued major fossil fuel companies, seeking compensation for climate change damages. And determined children have filed lawsuits against the federal government and various state governments, claiming the governments have an obligation to safeguard the environment.”

The article continues here:

Comment: As we see below, there are significant cases falling through the cracks because of legislative confusion. Governments, through their judicial systems are too often forgetting that they are the parties that provided permits and licensing for many decades. This government amnesia must be corrected through concerted effort and awareness of litigants, by forcing them to remember that they did provide “permit issuing supervision” on behalf of the people, in a position of trust that should be completely consistent across the whole government architecture. The judges have no excuse for missing the reality of government joint culpability, and indeed the government really has a critical co-liability that they are effectively hiding by avoiding the facts about their own governments. To this end I have written to the International Commission of Juries, which sets standards for judges, explaining this problem.

Message to the Wealthy 10%

As a climate strategist, environmental engineer, and Clean tech founder, I want the following advice to be on record, so that our urgent climate crisis is better dealt with. Firstly to get justice happening for the historical emissions floating around in the atmosphere, which is a liability for the wealthy ten percent, they need to divide their emissions into three categories, their personal lifestyle emissions, their personal operations, and the emissions baked into their investments, and then they must cut them very drastically and attempt to go carbon negative. Then, there are two liability areas for the government-industrial-corporate complex: first is the historical emissions gap, second is the present emissions gap, both need to be targeted. Simply put, in order for the wealthy to begin to address the debt they have caused by their large footprints, they are going to have to downsize.

Things like private jets, boats, extra residences must go into lock down and not used on a long term basis. They must take responsibility for the emissions embedded in their investments because they are liable for indulging on those investments. And doing things, like Royal funds for Climate solutions, Billionaire Climate projects must at least quintuple in size to be of any real leadership value or effect. Angel investors must engage in very stringent carbon accounting with their startup portfolios, or be held liable.

The wealthy should also consider giving back to governments and letting infrastructure investments happen on a very generous and worldwide basis. Tax payments could be lump sum and voluntary, and the wealthy should think more progressively in this way, which will help them move out of their acquisitive lives, to a life of more relevance, responsibility and meaning. Just doing green washing, with nominal sums in the tens of millions of funds is not going to accomplish what needs to get done if humanity is going to survive. I encourage them to start an accounting ledger for carbon conservation work they accomplish to protect themselves from future liability, because the liability landscape for climate change has only just begun.

They need to look at this graphic and do the math with changing this graphic to carbon negative in mind. I also want them to realize that the states which have allowed the amassing of excessive abundant money resources is justified in amending tax policy to recoup for the externalities which the wealthy are taking advantage of, and are not paying for, and, do most certainly owe money for. Governments that are funded do things like clean up slums, pollution, and protect environments and should be given their due so that this can be accomplished.

People have to have a global consciousness now

Well with COVID 19 and the climate crisis totally force everyone to be thinking at a global level, as survival, habitat and shelter is being taken by the mostly white western culture’s excessive emissions. This debt is not only karmic, is is a debt created from the unleashing of capitalisms’ cancerous white collar criminals. They dragged a lot of unsuspecting people along into their damaging selfish and destructive wholesale systems purely to push goods on others for the sake of profit. Before we could get policy in place to assess product life cycles, these criminals raced to fleece the planet’s resources, and leave others homeless and starving as a direct result from the excessive emissions that resulted in western cultures. We all now that the top 1% have not yet been fully reigned in and made accountable for their excesses and destructive business models. These liabilities must be played out in law courts as urgently as possible. No one will get out of this planet without accounting for their deeds in this area to a supreme being that has been generous with a magical creation and probably looks upon the Earth as one of the universe’s greatest eyesores.

We all have to pressure our societies to move in this direction permanently.

Viva Cundliffe, Eng., PhD abd

Interview with A COVID 19 Predictor

Hydroxyl cycles with nature, as the Sun exposure in the fall reduces, there is less there to control the virus, but we keep up pollution levels all year, thus, the pollution particle vector is maximized in the fall and winter. Less hydroxyl means more viruses, and high pollution levels steal hydroxyl that may have been destined to kill viruses naturally. This supports the statement that hydroxyl is swamped by our emissions to our detriment.

Industrial and General Productivity limits going forward

Well, we actually have to begin dropping productivity and stopping expansion through government health authorities, whom are tasked with protecting public health.

Governments need to ration productivity and expansion by creating an effective across the board 7.1% reduction in emissions every year for 10 years. Essential services may have more leeway than non essential, which can take a bigger reduction to achieve this average.

All investments, such as private, like angel networks, and venture capitalists need to be mandated and put on a rationing system to become climate neutral and carbon negative as soon as possible, holding these organizations accountable in detail and in writing.

These policies should have been implemented as we experienced the coronavirus. Now that we have the game plan for that happening, it’s time to focus on GHG reduction through two streams: actual direct removal from the air with technology, and emissions reduction through planning de-carbonization, de-growth, population reduction, and green deals.

Unfortunately the honor system was not successful for governments nor private groups and people, so we must wake up to the fact that this is no longer optional as it is a life or death situation, a real and present existential threat to all of us. Left-right politics is nothing but a distraction from what needs to get done now. We must globally launch into a GHG draw down right away. There is no excuse for not doing this and the punishment will be extinction level loss of a quickly shrinking habitat and biodiversity. It is now DO or DIE. Wake up your elected officials ASAP everyone.

ReductionTech, the most desperately needed GHG draw down technology in the world, where we say “Local Pollution is Global Pollution”. We’re ready to go, and just waiting for governments to come to their senses.

Our tailpipe atmosphere

Well we are all swimming in each other’s exhausts. This is not being negative or purist, this is the reality. Local pollution is now global pollution because we are collectively so numerous and so powerful.

We know more than enough to begin removing GHGs from the atmosphere with technologies that disperse hydroxyl radicals like

Governments have to make the big moves on this as soon as possible; it will not work any other way.

Seniors often mistakenly think climate change is natural

My own mother, who is 79 years young falls into this mistaken thinking, and I have heard that many others in this demographic do as well. This means that a large number of people are not paying attention to their carbon footprints because they think that humans can’t impact the climate.

How do we use science to ensure that the seniors not on board are taught properly?

Emissions removal and Avoidance the only moral high ground left

As the world plummets and crashes into a projected 3’C world, the only things left to do are remove GHGs from the air by any and every means possible.

Note the methods in this article. I don’t support BECCs, but all others are good. Not included is hydroxyl dispersal, (, which removes all emissions at once and packs the most punch.

All Corporations including Banks should become B Corps-maybe it should be mandated?

A B Corp or a Community Contribution Corporation is mandated to be sustainable for the environment and to limit profit taking, among other things. This would be really helpful for everyone, and reign in the harmful aspects of capitalism, while preserving entrepreneurship.

Bad billionaires and millionaires lift money from their employees and suppliers, and we should not forget that all money is tied to raw materials that come from the Earth, (a delicate space habitat) no matter how special you think the innovators and entrepreneurs are.

Private Sector, Elites and Governments must go Carbon Negative

Millions of humans and species are at risk of going extinct because of our emissions practices and so this trend must stop. By having significant fractions of the private sector, the engine of new growth, and governments taking responsibility largely for public emissions, we can begin to reverse course.

Two weeks ago I tweeted to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, asking them to go carbon negative with their operations, and now I am calling for the same from the whole private sector and governments.

Businesses use raw materials from the Earth as they expand or grow, and must take the emissions into account up front or we will get nowhere with the trajectory of killing. The same goes for governments. In Canada I have found that no level of government has expressly taken responsibility for the public’s emissions, so the public just goes on with no means to help themselves. I am certain that the Canadian public does not want to be the cause of human and animal deaths if they don’t have to, and is willing to treat the polluted commons as a whole if possible.

The means to remove emissions for the public is available.

I have also called for angel investors in BC to go carbon negative with their portfolios. If a combined effort in this direction were taken, and all of the above was included, we would be on the right track.

Governments going carbon neutral by 2050 is sending the clear message that a vast number of deaths of humans and animals are acceptable as we hold to a high standard of living in the meantime, mollycoddling the situation as painlessly as possible. There is untold pain and suffering because of this message, arable land is being lost, and many lives with it, all because of us-the advanced nations.

It is past time for governments to deal with the public’s emissions through removal and reduction schemes that are more effective than the carbon tax and time fo businesses everywhere to go carbon negative.

Look around, local pollution IS global pollution.

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, ReductionTech

The Kings finally wake up to Climate Chaos

Now that Charles is finally openly worried about the kind of world he is leaving to his grandkids, showing he really did not dig into the science responsibly enough 20 years ago when others were and he was fully informed, we have royal funds. Now this is supposed to become a “prestigious effort” now to satisfy the royal self mania and grandiosity. Don’t waste my time with advice to be satisfied that they finally opened their fat pockets…I have personally gone into debt to fight the climate disaster for over two decades.

The Royals realized finally that not everything was going to “stay pretty” for them as they float on their Islands of wealth in a sea of growing suffering. They had every advantage of knowledge and science that could have prompted them to prevent this disaster 20 years ago, but Charles did not fully grasp and hold on to the precautionary principle. Thus, we see that when really needed, establishment royals are useless, bloated, and complacent.

You will see that the first claim Prince William is making is that his work is the most prestigious- does that not make anyone else want to puke? Anyway, have a look at what he thinks he is going to try to do with a lot of help:

We all know that emerging solutions being funded 20 years ago would have made our predicament much better. These royals are very tardy which is being extremely generous. It really points up the fact that amassed wealth is a real detriment to the health of society – it always needs to be moving in a positive direction. So those who amass this wealth are actually hoarding valuable flow that should be directed much more aggressively back into the commons.

What we have is a class of money addicts, dragging us down.

A real solution available is at

Climate Deniers: How much of the atmosphere have we sucked?

It looks like we have about a 10% allowance in the system for our administrative screw up with combustion. The problem is that it certainly is no more and we can see the leading edge of our mistake now. I made this graph for the climate deniers as well as others. The idea you should get is just to see how powerful humanity is on the very limited Earth system now:

Above is the peer reviewed projection of our oxygen use but the graph does not reflect the total as the first graph does. Scientist call this a budget because it simply is what we have out there for oxygen. Note also that 10% of the atmosphere as both nitrogen and oxygen has been forced through our power operations. Let’s note that at these levels, the hydroxyl has been swamped five times over, which is exponential, and which means nature gave us a safety factor of five on this, so take note-we are done! We have to pare down-and fast!

If you want to know more about the very dangerous tipping point of the hydroxyl situation, read this:

The wealthy must go carbon negative

Instead of telling ourselves that the delay found in most carbon offsets makes them a poor idea, I suggest the better strategy is to deploy all carbon offsets as soon as possible.

Right now it matters to get any downward trajectory on our emissions going, even though we would like a quicker fix. We are going to need all fixes available.

The wealthy must re-define themselves in the new reality. They must accept that a part of the accouterments of being flush with money, is their immediate liability to everyone else. Their homes, their cars, and boats, air travel are only acceptable today if they are carbon negative both presently and historically.

Let’s revisit this graph of the footprint we’re talking about:

We need to add to the sentiment and necessity here that all existing operations that the wealthy have should be taken carbon negative as soon as possible. We know that new operations throughout the world are going to fare better now that the world is waking up.

Living large and being financially successful today absolutely does inflict dangers on everyone else. we have to be honest and let this be known now.

I personally have already tweeted to Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and asked him to take his operations and life carbon negative. I am going to ask more wealthy people to do the same.

Maybe others will join me in the communication effort so that we can minimize the unfolding fatalities and damages. These gases are invisible, but they have met with a scientific community that is successfully showing everyone how they impact the Earth System for all of us.

If the wealthy do not step up and buy up all of the carbon offsets that emerge, they are not taking care of the most important thing to them-their own interests.

A message to every millionaire and billionaire alive today

I would like to ask you to voluntarily work to take your lives and your operations and your historical emissions carbon negative as soon as possible. All I am asking is that you to put in the immediate effort to save yourselves, as well as everyone you hurt with your emissions. Once you have exhausted all of the carbon offsets currently in existence, would you kindly let me know by contacting me directly or have the news media report on it widely.

Thank You,

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO, ReductionTech

We localize the removal of dangerous greenhouse gases and pollutants from your community for your successful survival.

Climate Change in the BIBLE

In Amos 4:2 God swore by His holiness, all of His moral integrity, His very nature. He also swore by Himself (Amos 6:8), indicating everything that He is and His sovereignty over all creation. Israel was not impressed. So God says, “Look, I have sworn by My holiness and by Myself, and that didn’t carry any weight with you. So now I will swear by something so great—your own pride—that you can’t refuse!” What irony! God says if He swears by something of theirs, it may mean more to them than if He swears by something of His!

This passage also shows that when man gets out of step with God, then nature too begins to suffer. Beauty begins to be replaced by ugliness. We begin to see huge piles of slag, polluted rivers, foul-smelling garbage dumps, expanding deserts, and denuded forests. Finally, when the land begins to vomit the people out (Leviticus 18:24-28), they may show a belated interest in God and His truth, but it will be too late to stop the destruction. The time is right—the fruit is ripe, so God will punish them.

Consider what is currently happening in our Western nations of Israel. God shows a connection between nature and human morality; “natural” disasters are acts of God in response to the moral condition of the people. If men will treat other men, created in the image of God, in an immoral way, how will they treat the land, forests, rivers, lakes, and oceans? Because these things seemingly cannot fight back, man will abuse them with no fear of reprisal. But God says that the environment will fight back and vomit them out!

Instead of rain falling in a gentle mist, it will roar like an avalanche until the inhabitants cannot cope with it. The rivers will swell and flood the land in anger, washing the topsoil into the sea. In other areas, fire will sweep over forests and farmlands, destroying everything in its path. Windstorms like hurricanes and tornadoes will devastate the cities and countryside, endangering the lives and livelihoods of the people. Earthquakes will increase in both frequency and power, costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars of damage. These disasters will mount to such an intensity that the people of modern Israel may seek repentance, but it will be too late. God will not pass by anymore.

— John W. Ritenbaugh

Authoritative decisionmaking for climate solutions needed

On October 18, 2019 I received a note from that there were another 800+ papers about geoengineering. This abundant innovation is now ready to be looked at by at least one authoritative, fully financed group acting for the public good. We have the IPCC but they are not mandated to short list and pay for solutions they fund developing nations initiatives. For the big technology or Earth works approaches, we need the ideas short listed in a fair way so that a proper focus is brought to the fight against climate change.

At GC Green Carbon Inc,, we offer a full GHG removal technology packaged for Municipal governments that treat the air as an infrastructure item. Municipalities can remove all GHGs all at once including CO2, while improving general air quality. Since Municipalities are accounting their carbon, they can project what their emissions gap is and use our technology to meet or exceed it. Learn more about our technology at . The planned pilot plant is almost fully funded.

Professionals and Politicians are Responsible for the Climate Disaster

I’m calling you All Out on the Climate Change Emergency

Engineers, Chemists, Government Regulators, Politicians, Natural Scientists, Physicists, Biologists in their majority had a huge hand in our present climate situation. Since 1905 the Vaux family was photographing lost glacier ice in North America, knowing back then that industrial effluent was the cause. Since the moment I was informed about this I have been working to fight this trend by working to find a good way to counter global warming. For ten years as a lay person, I lived in fear, having my sense of security stolen, and I know that many 50-somethings around the world will say the same thing.

The scientists and leaders I just mentioned did not convey or openly acknowledge reality for very selfish reasons. They wanted to keep their upper middle class jobs. Well, look where that got us…now we all have to down size in a rather sudden manner! All of you whom the public relied upon that held your tongues, shame on you! You really are not professionals for what you have collectively omitted with only a few exceptions.

Yes, only a small percentage actually have been brave enough to detail their findings before the peer reviewed pressure to downplay negative consequences was outstripped by people dying and losing their homes and crops. Dr. James Hansen, upon confirming the reality immediately began conveying it back in 1986. Only a few scientists can be credited in this way, however, and it certainly is NOT for a lack of evidence.

So many of the upper middle class establishment that I have mentioned have flown to the opposite hemisphere within 14 hours, and thus know how truly small and limited the planet is. This immediately should have informed them that the planet and its resources are limited, and attuning to these limits was only done openly by a fraction of you! Much credit goes to the world resource sensitive organizations which are still today teaching about the massive injustices that the developed world has inflicted upon the rest.

The pinky ring that so many professional engineers wear, along with a growing number of Chemists, remind them of inferior work and the need to have high standards. Well huge numbers of Engineers have been running the combustion systems on Earth and have not been teaching the necessary replacements! Those engineers and the pro-chemical industry Chemists severely failed society and humanity and need to be told that they failed us. You failed society. Change what you are doing and saying quickly now! Don’t participate in bad effluent practices because it is the wrong thing to do for life on Earth.

You who made a good living as a science whiz in your special area and got a government or industry job….you failed society miserably until only very recently. Make sure that you never do this again. Your reticence cost lives and property, and maybe our existence.

Poeple like me were given a tin foil hat for worrying and expressing concern over the “acceptable filth” you as regulators are allowing in society-even now! The apparent collusion between government and industry on acceptable pollution has been completely wrong, and the good contingent is slowly stepping up. Always remember your hesitations caused a huge environmental disaster and your “complicity” screwed subsequent generations. I want you to know that before you go to your graves. You had a negative impact while in your comfortable jobs! Now it’s time for you to help reverse pollution, especially government regulators. Your acceptable levels are not acceptable. It is time to reduce chemicals everywhere across the board. Get off your thumbs immediately! People should not trust you because you whom I have identified have failed us and should be stripped of your pay, professionalism and respect until you have changed the disastrous trajectory of human destiny that you caused as a group.

Fatal flaw in Carbon Offsetting Found

Fatal Flaw: No one in government is thinking that the citizen emissions need to be offset. Governments are moving to clean up internal emissions, but no one is looking at citizen emissions and unless this is done, we are in a lot of trouble when it comes to reducing emissions.

Municipal governments are being presented with the idea that the air is now a broken infrastructure, and that like road and sewers, needs to be maintained at cost. Cities are already dealing with their internal emissions reduction schemes but need to realize that the public has no direct incentive to offset their own emissions. It costs money to offset emissions and because of accumulated atmospheric GHGs we have to do it. It is unavoidable. My company ran a crowdfunding web site to see if the public would know that it has to clean up its own emissions and did not have one person fund their own offsets. This means that governments will have to step up for two reasons. The honor system for offsetting does not work, and cities need to protect their assets. It would seem that asking people to clean up their own emissions is like asking each person to look after their own water quality or their own roads- we would not want to do it for lack of real standards.

It is time for governments to realize that the air is an infrastructure, that it’s broken, which is an emergency situation, and that public funds and policy to protect it means offsetting greenhouse gases and pollution for the public. Until governments remove this bottleneck int their thinking when it comes to society, we will not be able to reliably reduce our accumulated emissions and those are the ones that are killing people locally and far away for many reasons.

Methane Emergency declaration


The Methane Mystery
According to NASA, “what we know for sure is that a lot more methane (CH4) has made its way into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.” Human activity has increased the amount of methane, similarly to carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. We know this because methane concentrations in the atmosphere have gone up ~150% since the preindustrial age. Methane has long been considered a harbinger of climate catastrophe.

Methane is known to have a greater greenhouse gas (GHG) warming factor than CO2, a potential of 34 times that of CO2 over 100 years according to the latest IPCC Assessment Report.  Just to put this into perspective over several time frames the IPCC AR5, widely cited as an authority on this matter, reports that the 100-year global warming potential (GWP) of methane is 34, the 20-year GWP is 86, the 10-year is 99, and the 5-year GWP was found to be 115. Even more recent research has upped the GWP of methane somewhat additionally, by around 25%.

Even more troubling is that recently, researchers everywhere are finding that methane readings globally are going bonkers to quote those reporting on this. Others are noting a surging trend and recently, shocking data has emerged showing global atmospheric methane readings literally going off the charts (video). But is this because of anthropogenic, natural or Arctic methane sources?

It’s Time to Declare a Methane Emergency
To briefly summarize from methane by the numbers, according to Dean et al. [2018], “anthropogenic sources are slightly larger emitters of methane to the atmosphere compared to natural sources.” These anthropogenic factors aren’t getting much attention and this threat has been significantly downplayed by mainstream media. In fact, it’s almost never mentioned.

Read more at:

Two more Hydroxyl Setbacks

The Hydroxyl has an added Chemistry and Physics problem with aerosol pollution. Firstly the hydroxyl is known to attach to aerosols of any size, so if they are present they are indirectly using up hydroxyl that ordinarliy could be oxidizing methane. We know that methane levels have accelerated since 2007. The physics problem we need to be aware of as well is that long wave infrared radiation escape is blocked to an GWP CO2 equivalent of 5-7 CO2e/Tonne. The global shortwave radiation dimming effect of aerosol is a net 150% stronger than this warming, so does modestly land on the cooling side. We must remember that all of the global combustion creating the aerosol cannot be justified because of its CO2, which can be removed by hydroxyl in water as the hydroxyl can serve as the carbonate buffer. We need to remove all GHGs from the air that we can ASAP.

Real time GHG offsetting

There is a lot of criticism of carbon offsetting because users do’t clearly understand when their CO2 will be fully offset, or, it will be very slow. I encourage the offsetting market to make it very clear when the CO2 has been removed- a CO2e removal index should be adopted which reflects what we all really need- a clear sense of how fast this removal is done.

I suggest that an index of complete removal could look like This:

Offsetting Index Rating

  • RT-in hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months

This would empower buyers to affect the speed of offsetting along with selecting emerging economies serving the market. Combination packages may be attractive as well.

Real time technologies are still coming online. Global Thermostat and Carbon Engineering are serving with oil company backing and scaling up. Reduction Tech begins its 4 year pilot demonstration in 2020. We need real time technologies that can also start addressing the historical backlog of emissions while reducing the present net GHG output. remember, the biggest single contribution westerners make to CO2 levels is their vehicle, so try not to drive alone in the vehicle and plan your outings very carefully to reduce emissions. Remember- if we don’t use the honor system effectively we may have to ration fossil fuel to get better control of our survival!

Viva Cundliffe, PhD abd, CEO, Reduction Tech