CO2 levels during and after the 2016 Methane blowout onset

While we may wish to give up a lot of hope because of the great volume of Methane we are going to release, some leverageable aspects remain. Firstly, a larger CO2 envelope will ensure continued warmth, and does not block sunlight for plant growth. The height where heat venting to space will rise making it necessary for active management and monitoring from more leveraged natural albedo management at the cloud cover levels.

The very potent clouds and weather systems are going to require professional activation to ensure clearance of ground based thermal energy along with heat trapped by saturated warm clouds that then will precipitate and provide heat releases. This is a powerful strategy to modify and allow heat escape.

With an oxidant that also has repaired the Ozone holes, cleaned up the large aged and ongoing pollutants backlog, we can also reinstate watershed and urban air quality.

The greatest critical path we have to take is to airlift OH- oxidant to the Ozone Layer to remove CH4Cl  and other refrigerant fragment molecules. Then, 2Km above this instill O2- ions to immediately supply UV protection.

The ions work at a 96 to 1 potency and recycle significantly. Lowering all pollutants will also occur.

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holistic oxygen chemistry around methane and ice

We have new friends over on twitter @ReductionTech asking for more about oxygen and how it helps the climate stabilize into the Goldilocks zone.
Let’s just touch on Methane right now, as it is releasing very rapidly from the permafrost.
Put your chemist hat on.
net: CH4 + 6O=  CO2 + 2H2O the H is removed by one OH at a time and C is oxidized to CO and then CO2.
In this graph:  Methane could well be causing this paired trajectory by the normal order of the above reaction from left to right, which is chemically correct and not favored in the reverse direction in the atmosphere. Then a warming trend would have both the reactants and the products increasing because of physical retention of heat by methane and water, CO2 lastly. Ozone loss with respect to oxidation of methane which increases solar insolation, more water product retaining more heat, and separately sun cycle activity are the other drivers. This may clear up that controversy at least somewhat.
CO2 will then follow the below trajectory as well, but the reaction order is still as described, left to right. Methane is more volatile than CO2 and fortunately subject to oxidation which CO2 is not, thus the flux pattern is driven y methane and CO2 just follows suit as the product. The product water will trend downward in altitude and will trap heat as is is mixing with oxidants which are infinitely soluble in it, and removing dusts from space above and activities below known as wet/dry deposition.

Inline image 1

This graph shows that Methane and the precessional cycle of the Earth are related as one is completed, the high CH4 point may be due to the angle aspect change with respect to the arctic or the uncovered ocean as a heat sink that when warmed releases more methane than at other points in the precession cycle. Each period can be a little inconsistent and have a deviated trajectory on the gases depending upon cosmic ray (very important), biogenic, volcanic and solar events/processes.(my postulation). (Also anthropogenic issues will be discussed in a new post).
The Sun’s heat can coax more methane from the Earth, depending on its intensity and the thickness of the ozone layer. we are at this point presently likely.
The OH radicals at the ice surface of any ice/snow fields.
Snow and ice is a superb reservoir that helps control methane. Once water and O2 are cleaved in the clean air with almost 2x the solar radiation, a down welling and an upwelling reflection of it, one would achieve good production of O and OH radicals. The O is able to enter water and nucleophilically abstract a hydrogen of water and then produce 2OH*. This doubling of this species this way is very providential. Likely why snowier climates produces/promotes longevity in a lot of oxygen using organisms including humans. The pH of O’C  water is 7.47, the highest self ionized pH, so this will also reside around the ice and promote more OH availability, while helping to lower the cp-(heat capacity). In the Chapman cycle, the OH is a scavenger of Ozone, the poles have more OH in proximity to the ozone column and thus mathematically would show the thinning first when the ozone goes into a depletion cycle.
I would just ask that you await one more graphic which  would like to show you the precipitation event using geometry and water properties, and touch on how the past and present Refrigerant gases, chains of hydrocarbons, BC,  artificial aerosol fluxes (levels) and warming (from the sun, methane, ozone holes and water vapor) inhibit it.
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Expert explains link between Weather and Climate Change (March 2017)