About Viva

Viva has published a hydroxyl release strategy doctoral dissertation which is awaiting defense and is the founder/CEO of ReductionTech Inc.. This company offers the release of oxide radicals which form the natural atmospheric GHG removers: hydroxyl radicals and hydroxide ions, which are very fast, residue free, and fight viruses. They also promote mineral diversity and biodiversity at scale, by engaging in the Urey Reaction of the natural 10GT/yr mineralization system of the atmosphere and Earth, this is a type of geochemistry that is 4B years old.

Viva has developed several prototypes to a TRL of 8, and has reduced CO2 gas to a solid diamond like carbon which could be sintered into diamond wear parts and structures, diamond wires, and may be the only person who has produced doubly ionized oxygen in the lab. She also invented the CO2-ceramic-oxygen system for use as an oxygen supply such as on Mars.

Her work on Co2 was cited for a Nobel Prize in 2012 for reducing CO2 to a solid. She is leading a team in the XPRIZE for Carbon Removal which will be adjudicated by April 22, 2022.

The consequences of a full scale release of hydroxyl/hydroxide are full GHG removal and cooling, mineral diversity increase, biodiversity increase, virus load destruction in the air, with no unwanted residues and a simple, fast technology that has a small footprint.

The company she runs is planning to be CSA approved in 2023 and will start selling offsets.