Carbon taxes need to fund negative emissions technologies

Oct 2018 EMERGENCY DEBATE on Climate Change in the Canadian House of Commons.
Do Canadians prefer that Climate Change be reversed with technology instead of taking home a carbon tax rebate? The carbon tax could be used to pay for GHG removal and start to get us out of this predicament.
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Global infrastructure problems need global solutions including reverse engineering

Climate and CO2 deniers cannot hide behind the Ordovician period of 44 million years ago when the CO2 level was 12 times what it is now, and there was glaciation. CO2 is not beneficial to life because of the Ordovician period example. All greenhouse gases conspire to create warming, and back then there was likely an absence of methane because oxygen levels were high enough to burn off methane and maximize heat escape.

The lesson of the Ordovician is that CO2 cannot be oxidized by oxygen species in the atmosphere, it is the one exception greenhouse gas. What this tells us also is that if we oxidized off all other greenhouse gases, which we might have the power to do in a significant partial measure, we can trigger a global scale cool down.

All regional methods to try and cool the Earth down, and even forest fires which cause regional cooling, are only temporary short time scale cooling measures. We need the longest time scale cool down we have at our disposal. There is only one measure that will work, a global scale measure, global removal of greenhouse gases, and the only way left to us is to concentrate oxygen at ground and send it up to the ozone layer where sunlight will activate the oxidation cycle and burn off these gases. If we could shade the Sun, we would still have the problem of greenhouse gases, and we would lower photosynthesis, which is another global scale infrastructure we need to maximize for both CO2 level removal and evaporative cooling.

Chemicals and physics not found in nature are not the only ways to modify the weather, the climate, the global temperature. In fact science has gone completely mad with these ideas and methods and is destroying the planet, and the sooner this is admitted by science, the better. these methods, from all over the globe, which can be seen at credible sites like, to weatherwars 101, to Gaia, to aboriginal group objections, and many others, catalogue the science hubris and madness that is going to drive humanity into starvation. The only people that will be left if we don’t change course will be the wealthy who instead of proper stewardship methods, chose capitalism/cannibalism and invested their wrongly earmarked profits into deep underground bases, so they could inherit tunnels in an aftermath which they piloted. These are cunning people not intelligent people.

The planet is small enough that we can damage it and lose life support. Trying to overwrite natural principles of chemistry and thermodynamics contaminates our biological heritage and legacy. Before all resilience in the system is lost, and we are in the tunnels, we need to try to do better. We need to stop overpopulating the Earth now, right now each and every woman should be educated in this imperative reality now. We went forth and multiplied without the right resource distribution and management systems in place and now we have millions either at each other’s throats, or dying slowly in droughts. The lines between competition and cooperation on this earth are not drawn correctly. We need to do some rewriting whether we like it or not, and it has to be done with the consciousness that our decisions very clearly affect others, and the environment we have is the most important treasure we have. It is more important than all of the synthetic treasure we think is valuable. Greed for those synthetic treasures has created a dying natural world, and because of it, now our task is to salvage what is important while many are still ignorant, and while the cunning try to prep their way into the tunnels that will be needed to house survival goods that we had above ground on a stable planetary system. Had we made better choices in chemistry, physics, and governance, we would not be looking at a dying infrastructure of life.

Luckily we have a store of oxygen in the atmosphere that will be there for us for a long time, but let’s remember that plant life put that oxygen there for us. The other infrastructures we need are going to be distributed by careful thought, brute force, competition, or climate forces. The profit models of the past, which fueled manic greed and delusions of security, or wealth addictions, have left many investors sitting on their funds for lack of enough profit in the business models of needed projects. There is an abundance of innovation in waste to energy projects, green infrastructure, but these do not make enough profit for the ones with quite a lot of the wealth. If they don’t lower their profit expectations and remember that right now we need all of the waste management  and green technology we can possibly have to protect and salvage life on Earth we could lose it all.

Much is going to fall away for people living a human experience on this planet. It is now our task to let go of what is not important in deference to the longevity of life support infrastructure that we have globally damaged, one mistake at a time. We for example, are not going to solve global warming with anything less than a global cool down that reverse engineers our plight. The one available to us with the least number of drawbacks is an oxygen airlift that will do some ozone layer restoration at the same time that it cools us down. We just have to get the dosage right, and we can model this with computers. I propose that life support infrastructure needs to be fully protected globally as soon as possible in full contrast to every man for himself darwinian philosophy. We are going to need to take some writ large actions and writ large policy direction changes in the near future, so prepare with an open mind, and be as smart as possible about the environment even while increasing CO2 levels are lowering your IQ.


Snowball Earth in 2018 REVISION 1

Call to replace CH2Cl2 with less ozone depleting compounds

A popular industrial solvent, Dichloromethane is damaging the ozone layer over human populations. It’s already listed in the Montreal Protocol as a hazardous substance but it needs to be replaced with greener alternatives. While this solvent is classed as a very short lived substance, it is taking a large toll on the ozone layer.

When we combine this with the loading of atmospheric bromine and for every 5 ppt of that, we have an ozone loss of 1.3% and it could get as high as 350 ppt ( Impact of Very Short-Lived Substances on Stratospheric Bromine Loading, Jan Aschmann Doctoral Dissertation). Just the Bromine releases could wipe out 90% of the ozone layer.
“Several human-produced chlorocarbons not controlled by the Montreal Protocol are present in Earth’s atmosphere. Among the most abundant of these compounds is dichloromethane (CH2Cl2)—an industrial solvent also used as a feedstock in the production of other chemicals, among other applications 13,14. Unlike CFCs, which are virtually inert in the troposphere and have long atmospheric lifetimes (decades to centuries), CH2Cl2 is a so-called very short-lived substance (VSLS)15. Historically, VSLS have been thought to play a minor role in stratospheric ozone depletion due to their relatively short atmospheric lifetimes (typically <6 months) and therefore low atmospheric concentrations. However, substantial levels of both natural and anthropogenic VSLS have been detected in the lower stratosphere 15,16,17,18 and numerical model simulations suggest a significant contribution of VSLS to ozone loss in this region 19,20,21. Long-term measurements of CH2Cl2 reveal that its tropospheric abundance has increased rapidly in recent years 15,21,22,23. For example, between 2000 and 2012, surface concentrations of CH2Clincreased at a global mean rate of almost 8% per year, with the largest growth observed in the Northern Hemisphere (NH)21. Given that natural emissions of CH2Cl2 are small, this recent growth likely reflects an increase in industrial emissions 15. While the precise nature of the source remains poorly characterized, industrial CH2Cl2 emissions from Asia—in particular from the Indian subcontinent—appear to be growing in importance 23”

These growth rates are exponential, and we seriously risk another ozone crisis in addition to the one addressed by the Montreal Protocol. In order to reduce the risk, a call to replace dichloromethane with alternatives needs to be made, and upgrade it to at least a partially-banned, controlled substance. If we do not take measures like this in the near term, we run the risk of even more dangerous UV radiation in the environment and cancelling out the benefit we see from the Montreal Protocol.

What’s worse, we run the risk of losing our ozone layer while we watch greenhouse gases and miss this very real risk which could lead to the need for an emergency oxygen airlift to replenish ozone.



Observed trends and growth rate of surface CH2Cl2 and simulated stratospheric loading of chlorine.

Governments Should Subsidize the 90 fossil fuel companies to transition to renewables

We need to identify root causes.

Ordinary people are not the problem, 90 companies with the wrong products are. We need to tell them to transition us off of their deadly products into a more distributed economy running on renewables.

While we have Canada missing the farmers who could run solar and wind farms -while farming in Alberta like they do in Europe, Canadian taxpayers are financing the oil sands. Large scale policy shifts like this one are needed.

We have seen the costs of bulking up on high rises, energy, food production, and industry and are now living with the tradeoffs, to our imminent demise. The increasing conservation movement is leading to larger preserved areas that may fail completely as we experience our recent extinction event. All of our assets for life are on the line because of global warming caused mainly by the products of these corporations now. We now know this.

Count Company Percentage of global industrial greenhouse gas emissions
1 China (Coal) 14.32%
2 Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) 4.50%
3 Gazprom OAO 3.91%
4 National Iranian Oil Co 2.28%
5 ExxonMobil Corp 1.98%
6 Coal India 1.87%
7 Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) 1.87%
8 Russia (Coal) 1.86%
9 Royal Dutch Shell PLC 1.67%
10 China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) 1.56%
11 BP PLC 1.53%
12 Chevron Corp 1.31%
13 Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) 1.23%
14 Abu Dhabi National Oil Co 1.20%
15 Poland Coal 1.16%
16 Peabody Energy Corp 1.15%
17 Sonatrach SPA 1.00%
18 Kuwait Petroleum Corp 1.00%
19 Total SA 0.95%
20 BHP Billiton Ltd 0.91%
21 ConocoPhillips 0.91%
22 Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) 0.77%
23 Lukoil OAO 0.75%
24 Rio Tinto 0.75%
25 Nigerian National Petroleum Corp 0.72%
26 Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) 0.69%
27 Rosneft OAO 0.65%
28 Arch Coal Inc 0.63%
29 Iraq National Oil Co 0.60%
30 Eni SPA 0.59%
31 Anglo American 0.59%
32 Surgutneftegas OAO 0.57%
33 Alpha Natural Resources Inc 0.54%
34 Qatar Petroleum Corp 0.54%
35 PT Pertamina 0.54%
36 Kazakhstan Coal 0.53%
37 Statoil ASA 0.52%
38 National Oil Corporation of Libya 0.50%
39 Consol Energy Inc 0.50%
40 Ukraine Coal 0.49%
41 RWE AG 0.47%
42 Oil & Natural Gas Corp Ltd 0.40%
43 Glencore PLC 0.38%
44 TurkmenGaz 0.36%
45 Sasol Ltd 0.35%
46 Repsol SA 0.33%
47 Anadarko Petroleum Corp 0.33%
48 Egyptian General Petroleum Corp 0.31%
49 Petroleum Development Oman LLC 0.31%
50 Czech Republic Coal 0.30%
51 China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec) 0.29%
52 China National Offshore Oil Corp Ltd (CNOOC) 0.28%
53 Ecopetrol SA 0.27%
54 Singareni Collieries Company 0.27%
55 Occidental Petroleum Corp 0.26%
56 Sonangol EP 0.26%
57 Tatneft OAO 0.23%
58 North Korea Coal 0.23%
59 Bumi Resources 0.23%
60 Suncor Energy Inc 0.22%
61 Petoro AS 0.21%
62 Devon Energy Corp 0.20%
63 Natural Resource Partners LP 0.19%
64 Marathon Oil Corp 0.19%
65 Vistra Energy 0.19%
66 Encana Corp 0.18%
67 Canadian Natural Resources Ltd 0.17%
68 Hess Corp 0.16%
69 Exxaro Resources Ltd 0.16%
70 YPF SA 0.15%
71 Apache Corp 0.15%
72 Murray Coal 0.15%
73 Alliance Resource Partners LP 0.15%
74 Syrian Petroleum Co 0.15%
75 Novatek OAO 0.14%
76 NACCO Industries Inc 0.13%
77 KazMunayGas 0.13%
78 Adaro Energy PT 0.13%
79 Petroleos del Ecuador 0.12%
80 Inpex Corp 0.12%
81 Kiewit Mining Group 0.12%
82 AP Moller (Maersk) 0.11%
83 Banpu Public Co Ltd 0.11%
84 EOG Resources Inc 0.11%
85 Husky Energy Inc 0.11%
86 Kideco Jaya Agung PT 0.10%
87 Bahrain Petroleum Co (BAPCO) 0.10%
88 Westmoreland Coal Co 0.10%
89 Cloud Peak Energy Inc 0.10%
90 Chesapeake Energy Corp 0.10%
91 Drummond Co 0.09%
92 Teck Resources Ltd 0.09%
93 Turkmennebit 0.07%
94 OMV AG 0.06%
95 Noble Energy Inc 0.06%
96 Murphy Oil Corp 0.06%
97 Berau Coal Energy Tbk PT 0.06%
98 Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk PT 0.05%
99 Indika Energy Tbk PT 0.04%
100 Southwestern Energy Co 0.04%


I am asking these companies to change their products as quickly as possible by investing in a renewables infrastructure urgently. Their circular economy which they rely upon, bulking up on high rises, energy, food production, and industry be changed to a distributed system. The concept of performance contracts for renewables can also be applied to designing less dense cities, downsize big steel, clean or carbon neutral energy, distributed smart, clean food production, and carbon neutral or negative industry. Their profit and financing models are too ambitious and are creating unrealistic iniquities with no effective benefits even to the grandiose profit takers doing this at the expense of our collective human existence.

This Saudi Prince made some real meaning happen with his fortune. He gave it away in an organized fashion. His charity will mean something in the long term if others in the same demographic pare down stagnant and unearned or non critical income focusing on CO2 intense products in the same fashion to power their lives, businesses and income on renewables:


The only way to help greed, money and wealth addictions is through consequences. The consequences from a frenetic paradigm of growth are in full swing and are going to increase. The beliefs around money range from believing that GOD blesses only those who can multiply money- as in the case of the biblical story of the talents; others believe that past lives of merit causes the wealthy to be chosen to those lives. On a small planet today, the bulked up enterprises and all of the imbalances in the ecology, income brackets and economies don’t look so divinely guided now. The industrial revolution banked on the combustion engine and brought us to danger. We all have to embrace what we face, and embrace the shift we are being confronted with. This moment in our time is critical as we face so much. The root causes of what has happened need to be very clear.

The Oxygen Earth Protocol to remove major atmospheric greenhouse gases by oxygen airlift

The Emergency Oxygen Plan to remove atmospheric greenhouse gases by oxygen airlift and cool the planetary temperature.

It can be done as a bypass of the carbon cycle.

There is ample capacity to send 3,000 to 10,000 tons of industrial oxygen in tanks to 2,000 feet above the cloud cover or up to 25 Km, to be activated by the sun and have the oxygen burn off major greenhouse gases. Only oxygen has slowly triggered glaciation in the fossil records 3 times over, solving global warming decisively. It’s the only non toxic plan that will work because we will not succeed unless the greenhouse gas levels are reduced. This is the lesson to take from the past and present  is why I am sharing this conservation strategy.

The gases we can remove are also ozone depleting substances, which are warming the planet by 80 ppm of the excess 160 ppm we have put in the sky. Just think what the world would be like if we removed these gases…half of the present warming could be reversed. What an important opportunity. We would also likely restore the ozone layer if we airlifted the oxygen to 20-25 Km, returning the world to a time when UV radiation was safe for life under the ozone layer.

500 million ton per day of oxygen are not tied to special industries, therefore, we could actually do this with carbon reinforced tanks and proper nozzles. It would not work for the ocean unless the oxygen is ionized by corona discharge systems, but, again, this could be done. It probably would cost less than half of the plan to split CO2 by using existing pressure swing absorption. We don’t have the luxury of time, so please spread the word that we have this capacity. It would save us from the toxic geoengineering operations! I believe humanity is ready to try this and with some peer review which I invite you to help with by sharing this, it could be launched in a few short years. I will serve as the resource person for this for as long as I can afford to keep the blog and YouTube channel (Viva Cundliffe) up. I will put up a donation button as well so that this site is helped by good strangers who read the blog to learn about oxygen and its ions from our technology which is for sale at

New Analysis of CO2 levels in the fossil record:

CO2 levels follow warming cycle initiations because methane is the warming gas first, then- oxygen turns it into CO2 afterward. CO2 levels then rise after the methane releases. I believe this is what is missing in the analyses. Methane is on the rise now, so is warming, and this is where we should focus by targeting and removing the methane and the anthropogenic greenhouse gases using oxygen. Harada et al, “Transition to an oxygen rich atmosphere with an extensive overshoot triggered by the Paleoproterozoic…” 2015 Harada_et_al_2015_EPSL

This citation bears the clues to the methane watch and the condition of the oxygen-ozone-OH sinks:

Walker [1979] used a simple chemical model to explore the effect of lower oxygen on ozone concentrations (which would scale with OH radical). He found that maximum ozone actually increased with a slight drop in atmospheric O2 (0.5 present atmospheric level (PAL)) because of enhanced penetration of UV radiation. Kasting et al. [1985] explored the effects of much lower levels of oxygen with a more complete chemical model, finding that the methane residence time was slightly higher at 0.1 PAL but lower at 0.01 PAL and below. Another possibility is that the residence time of methane might increase substantially with a rise in methane flux if the tropospheric and stratospheric sinks became saturated. P 12: schrag et al.: initiation of a snowball earth 10.1029/2001GC000219

If the methane builds up, the oxygen based sinks are saturated and may need remediation, (which at the same time would lower UV penetration which is increased at present, causing skin cancer and sunburns to plants and animals).

Check out associated videos on YouTube: Viva Cundliffe

Viva Cundliffe, MSc

Instead of particulates there is Georemediation

If the oysters, scallops lobsters are losing life to CO2 levels have we gone too far on our global thermostat? Should we look at something non toxic rather than toxic? Would this method to shade the planet at the mesosphere above the Ozone layer interfere with cooling efforts from using non toxic oxygen on the clouds to remove heat? How will it help the Ozone layer which really protects life? Do the particles really levitate up there and for how long? Isn’t it just more of the same thinking used lower down or is it more appropriate and logical? What is the most important thing when you have an emergency in a large room and need to leave-the exits, we need heat to exit our atmosphere and so how is this accomplished?

Unequivocal truth about oxidation in the atmosphere by Viva Cundliffe

The atmosphere almost totally relies upon the hydro oxygens to clean it. Here is proof from over a dozen major institutions:

The abstract and introduction are very clear so this really is a full scientific endorsement for OH and hydro oxygens as a route for atmospheric cleanup, especially methane which is coming online.

Further to this the paper reads: “The hydroxyl radical (OH) is the primary atmospheric oxidant, and reaction with tropospheric OH is the most important removal process for many ozone-depleting substances (ODSs), their replacements and other gases that contain one or more hydrogen atoms, e.g., hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Many of these compounds are also potent greenhouse gases (GHGs) and can exert significant impacts on climate [Rigby et al., 2014; Velders et al., 2015]. The rates at which these long-lived gases are removed from the atmosphere, and therefore, their lifetimes, are dependent on the atmospheric OH abundance. Their lifetimes are used to calculate future atmospheric abundances based on emission projection scenarios. OH is also responsible for removing methane (CH4) and many short-lived atmospheric constituents, e.g., volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon monoxide (CO). Atmospheric mean OH abundance and its interannual variations are important for understanding the observed long-term atmospheric trends of these trace gases [e.g., McNorton et al., 2016; Rigby et al., 2017; Turner et al., 2017].”

So it really is our duty to utilize the Hydroxyl and oxidation route to remove blocks to atmospheric cooling as the Solar system sits in a warm interstellar cloud. Putting up blocks to heat escape are not following sound engineering principles. The cost to do this has been reduced to a system that is less expensive overall than current efforts to cool the Earth, which are killing the biosphere with toxic sediment which traps heat and moisture on its way down. We don’t need to disperse these powders. We need to let Viva Cundliffe and a new team lead a milestone based launch of oxygen ionization, direct ozone repair, methane oxidation, and cooling in logical science based steps, which should reverse some of the damage done and recover the natural system with full public knowledge and oversight. Follow GC Green Carbon on twitter and youtube.



Gentlemen’s school a Curriculum Idea

Father 2Dad and babyFatherbelieved in me

I really loved my Father, He was a retired RCMP officer early due to illness, and he was an incredible all around sportsman. Even in a stressful home life, his presence was so very significant and memorable.

We of course have learned that women today, across a spectrum of feminism and suffrage and also chosen pursuits in iniquity, and women’s backlashes with fathers of their children are causing opt-out divorce to the loss of the children.  Women have two powers which are stunning: invalidating a father, and their no power as described by Mahatma Ghandi.

We do know that we are consumed by men, with their eyes, and other senses, when they are not operating from above the neck so to speak. Male society is very tough, it is the fons of highly dramatic aggression and physical power and tactical thinking, which can create a Camelot, or make war. There is I suggest, a need for a course on gentlemen’s school, which would have a curriculum designed by 60% women, and 50% men, but only delivered by men. We need to collaborate on our young men on some boy-girl situational analysis, to reset the bar in a world with an abundance of recreational opportunities.

Young men should know what sexualizing a young girl means in a collection of its possible ways. Girls have a lower IQ but if they study and exercise their brain, they can easily become much smarter than boys, this may be occurring in the school system now.

Personal security goes both ways for the sexes, and those issues could be addressed.

I suggest that a set of scenarios be provided for young men, to elicit their thinking and responses in a safe environment that is not the locker room, which I can tell you, a lot of up and down voting of girls happens, and is the foundation of targeting and labeling outside the locker room. which can get tragic.

I would hope that we would have gentlemen who would like to teach and model in discussing these situational questions, either as a group or one on one.  This is not to replace Father at home, but to reset peer pressure based chaos and loss of the tradition our elder men teaching boys. Also, exploring what do girls want today, which would reveal that life dreams happen from above the neck and anchored by the heart.

So, the format can be very creative, round table, classroom, written essay, multiple choice, video relationship puzzles, hikes and encounter camps, with follow up. I think that the light of community would serve young men well in this way. The school counselor would also be an avenue to provide expertise.

I think this kind of bringing together will also help resolve some primitive biases, and stimulate male community. Obviously it will revolve around leading situation to sexual relations and here, providing an understanding on wise and good boundaries. If we did not address the sexual part of boy-girl relations, they would lose interest , be cause I suggest that the current male culture does cultivate a viewpoint that females on a basic level are providers of sexual access, reproductive access, domestic management, but we do know now the list has expanded.

I suggest this because I do see the fruits of cultural grounding, in every culture. If we provide this frontal cortex oriented mini course work for young men, we of course would want to do it for girls. We have and opportunity to approach this form a cultural and mutli-cultural format, so that we experiment with relationship evolution and renaissance back to those values which are timeless.

I wish you well



Your Individuality has been and is Increasingly Under Attack

Your Individuality has been and is Increasingly Under Attack- A Self Counsel Article

Yes, you should talk to yourself using the inside voice and your actual voice. It is a way to stay in touch with your self. If you don’t do this you start disassociating and divorcing yourself from your voice and your instincts.

All around us are the messages and calls to do many things that become eye, ear, and mental pollution that our subconscious works harder and harder to compartmentalize and delete. We get armored and fatigued. Others push us through the check out line, with no patience, no space to get your receipt and stuff, much less time. The narratives around us must be passed by in the bodies of the strangers bustling to their destinations.

But this all still cannot take away your uniqueness unless you authorize it. That special spark in you must be kept alive- even if you must only keep the tiny night light on. Through that spark is where you can connect to all other people. One day, maybe already, you as an individual, will serve something important because of it. It could be exponential in meaning or exponential in size.

Our sense of individuality is weakened by many forces and influences. The source of apathy is non-person like thinking- where “you” stepped out on something or someone. When you do that you do it to yourself as much as any other involved, so take caution. Alone may actually mean Al= (ALL) one =(ONE), does that thought make you feel like you are a part of something…you are.

The recent nationalist renaissance movements show that many people have rediscovered that they have personal power and worth. Just imagine if we all believed and practiced this as an article of understanding and personal empowerment paradigm. The fear that if we yield this to all others, we are taking a subordinate stance is not true. There is plenty of room for this liberal thinking even as we protect our borders and cultures, and allow differences.

To constructively and creatively deviate, edit, adjust, alter, redact, create, express, study, research, teach, parent, and conform in different ways makes you rich. To share it, and pass on the greatest of it to others and enjoy it makes you fabulously rich. Money is good, surely, but impact or value per dollar can vary greatly and have absolutely no proportional relationship to each other. The best things in life can be free, or you can spend your whole life and treasure to find them.

There is evil in the world. It is the polar opposite of good. Do your sorting and try to keep doing it because as you sort it, evil over there, good over here, the surroundings will get better for you and those close to you. Sort people based on their impact and intentions, and make certain that you are actually getting the facts on these impacts and intentions.

Share and receive your gifts and meet your obligations. Others will give you keys to pass further into joy and friendships that will sustain your positive passions. Negative passions will bring you disease, and a foreshortened existence. People who lie, cheat and steal can do these in very creative ways, so be observant, and where you see a little, look deeper and wider to get a fuller understanding so that you can sort it more proficiently from your environment.

Please remember to think your own thoughts regularly, no matter what they seem to be. Be in the practice of having your viewpoint by yourself, in your closet, your garden, your car. Think of ways to relate, to cross reference, to be a little more of a generalist, an eccentric, or even how you will stand by a tradition. All of these are your domains and realms.

Demand honesty and be honest and remember that you can say no to a great deal of demands that are not important or meaningful, especially if you have a clear idea of some good things you want to focus on and build and create to enjoy or share for others benefit.

I would say that, like many, I want and already enjoy different kinds of abundance, but material abundance that is great enough to make me want to just defend it so that I can be with it and just keep defending it is not going to make me a better person nor an example of success because I am withholding. I say this because I have experienced it. So, what is better than this? Progressing in the use of Logic in the pursuit of justice and truth, which always involves many stops in rich places with people rich and growing in knowledge and creativity. Your children are not your legacy- it is what you teach them that is.

And to boot, if we hold that mindset that so much is possible, you could end up finding much more than one key that you as an individual, who affirms and validates other individuals in the world, will be using to deliver and experience your special purpose or meaning as a fruit of all of the input you selected and allowed on your journey with all of us here. So, thank you, in advance for that positive special something, from you!

I believe that if you live this way, you live by divine right, as you are responding to the hopes and dreams in others hearts, souls and minds.

I wish you well if you do this or resonate with this kind of thinking- and even if you do not as the light of truth will shine everywhere needed at the appropriate time to free victims of deception or illusion.

Monetize Waste & change the lending approach after obtaining damages

The economy very likely should monetize waste- designate it as our new resource and energy frontier and lend funds from a revolving account from a non-profit regionalized & democratic merit based system

As we see that the establishment financial system is relied upon by even the bureaucrats and scientists whom are products of the universities where the bought and paid for know how to truly lay humanity itself to waste as these scientists and bureaucrats collect their pension plans which exploit almost exclusively the technically easier methods to obtain resources: by conventional extraction and aggressive chemistry. The exploration science is so advanced now that the satellites are confirming that the easy pickings resources can run out before their equipment amortizes. What I find interesting observing this is that these corporations attempt to shield the downstream impacts and product supplier liability I will describe here, and personal anonymity through LLC law, shell companies, and secrecy.

Ongoing plume events are significant product supplier liabilities. We really must confront this although the suppliers will not like this. The consumers generally were not these apparently bright chemists, engineers and physicists who demonstrated the ability to accelerate the product-profit distribution process and were hot-housed for the earlier capitalists, whom have now gone into abundantly funded cronyism, who funded the universities, the scholarship programs and the “bright” students. I think this convenience bridged everyone else to our current consequences and we need to really look at some changes to this system, which I will attempt to introduce so that we can advance beyond to a less corrupted and more intercessory approach with less tunnel vision and management myopia.

Advances in waste stream analysis are improving with large programs for streamlining the capture from centers, but two main axes which need changes are the monetary system and the product life cycle innovation and design system. Second only to nuclear waste, electronic waste, which made fortunes for the suppliers, whom have not fully addressed their product supplier liability, again, in an ongoing plume event- also known as a pollution event. Lets place a few of these into a simple high level table below. Again, these are all ongoing pollution events, and thus to properly address them, corporate and government shield laws are suspended in order to present this root cause analysis in an accurate manner:

Waste Stream Toxicity Rating Monetizable Recovery Definitive Remediation Approaches Liable Product Supplier/s
Nuclear highest Via radioactivity depletion techniques and innovation Under development Utilities, governments, military, shareholders, lenders, PRFM, media
Oil High-moderate carbon Capped plastics combustion, downsize/arrest chemicals intensity Oil companies, refineries, petrochemical suppliers, shareholders, lenders, government, PRFM, media
Pharmaceuticals High Downsize and subsidize natural therapeutics & prevention Downsize the subsidies, change policies, re-educate, reduce adulterated foods & consumer products Pharmaceutic companies, Physicians, policy makers, adulterated product makers, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Combustion High-moderate Cap and recover Recycle and make high risk compounds inert Coal, governments, permit providers, shareholders, lenders, governments,PRFM, media
Biotechnology High Genetic hygiene and heritage efforts Slow and evaluate the R&D, products much more stringently Biotech, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Computing High-moderate Safe E waste recovery R&D, Real Electro-smog hygiene and shielding for bio organisms Better Shielding, pre-planned greener manufacturing, better planned chemical plume arrest Computer reatil brands, suppliers, manufacturing industry, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Consumer products High-moderate Reduce chemicals Biologically friendly standard actually upheld Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Communications High- long term Healthy lower maintenance, more robust organisms and individuals Shield DNA and its frequencies, shield environmental dissipation from devices Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Agro-foods High Reduce chemicals via gentler alternatives, natural ecosystem management Subsidize incentivize & invest R&D into alternatives Each brand, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media
Science Highest Give the natural sciences more emphasis, demand more justification and long term merit of hard & synthetic sciences Invest in more remediation of hard sciences experimentation damages, consider avoidance and better containment Each brand employer, scientist, shareholders, lenders, governments, PRFM, media

Now that we are all already more informed we can demand these standards and force them to become incentives and more widely proposed. Consumers are very intelligent, and have a keen sense of consequence and healthy levels of empathy. Our current environment does not reflect this well for us because all of this is cumulative and converging as a group of ongoing pollution events. Many of us have taken smaller matters into our own hands, by being thrifty, and saving items we think have value- in sheds you can find metal collections, jars, parts, second hand everything. It is time to tell the product inventors and suppliers about these and your own standards as a consumer driving the free market.

These are not frivolous liabilities leading to frivolous lawsuits that should be ignored because these products and activities purportedly gave you a high standard of living-they actually lowered it as they degraded the biological system around you- and none of us authorized that outcome. We all have a good idea of what we can do to change this and it starts with using our voices, taking the constructive personal action that we can in our personal environment and exposure, and inspiring and educating our families, friends and communities. Vote with your money, protect your people, animals, and plants.

It is time to constructively and logically re-educate those whom are actually liable for these damages, and change the monetary system after obtaining a forensic accounting of these aggregate damages from a non-establishment adjudication process so that money is not hoarded out of circulation by addicts who cannot help themselves. They are so overwhelmed and incapable of admitting damages, omission, neglect, incompetence, negligence, that they have rationalized mass murder as an acceptable option. Any conspiracy to reduce the population cannot even interpret the proven statistic that clearly show that if our standard of living increases, we clearly tend to stop overpopulating as there are other and more numerous healthy stress-reducers besides copulation.

I sincerely hope that this thought adds value and empowerment to your life. by arming you with accurate information that you will use constructively and wisely.

The one question I would ask in return is: should we continue to stand down, condone, ignore, wait out, trust, serve, accept, buy from or obey the liable parties who think that any judge serving in this LOTS, corporate contract law system at this time could hand down a staying action, decision, or proclamation which would make this information untrue, invalid and by that fiat from their mouth, convince you that he or she represents and maintains justice? If you believe that this is not possible, give some study time to this organization as we assess which parties are delivering what results into the environment, by way of adding a demonstrably damaging chemical remedy into the mix; ineffective, toxic geoengineering and consciously worsening the Earth’s living communities and societies:

In Canada we have the democratic Credit Union System. A few years ago I inquired about how to execute an international funds transfer. I was given a form and a very prominent contact: Edmund DeRosthchild, who officially handled those transactions at that time. That told me that this Credit Union had indeed been infiltrated by a member of the oldest banking cartel, so- I would say that is a red flag.

your brain on and under globalism the parable of the unavoidable mono crop flaws

Obviously we all want to contribute and we think we all have really great ideas and wisdom to offer.

I prefer to draw from areas where there functioning and successful principles and no partisan political issues, and I found two that are good for sharing with readers.

In agricultural crops there is experience, from small operations all the way up to tree farms and larger where the principle of the mono-crop has shown the very negative liabilities that must be confronted with these types of crops, which are precisely like the idea of a globalist administration and agenda. The uniformity of collectivism of all kinds provide these liabilities as well.
In an agricultural mono culture, the genetics and defenses of the one plant are streamlined and quite limited. The plant is expected to conform according to the wishes of the farmer, having been selected or bred to do so, conditioned and cultivated, to make the farmer’s life and work easier and less. This is also what you will get with globalist administrators, you as an individual wheat plant, then, would be considered just in this way. This is so that their needed paradigm of guarantees, which they also want you to become dependent upon, as your managers, will furnish ease for them, as you the wheat stalks are conformed and “bulked up”.

On the flip side of these ”mono crop” systems are grave dangers. The individual stalks are commoditized in a reduced system of care and management based only on mathematical odds, not individual aspects which could become very key to the benefit or failure of the crop.

When these crops are infected, the odds are very high that the whole crop is at risk, as traits like individual genetic immunity of certain problems have been cultivated out as a trade off for another primary outcome such as grain size or seed hardiness, compact size, etc. The limitations imposed on mono cultures are also including medicating these crops for pests, fungus, diseases. (Sound familiar?)

We are on this spectrum of cultivation in society already. Do you as boots on the ground, agree to be fully imposed upon in “high tech globalist collectivism” with no room for companion and complementary practices to provide balance, adaptability and more options for individuals, who want to e constructive but not conform to the mono culture? Is this conformity that is conceived of and proposed an admirable sacrifice that others should respect, follow or trust given the risk it puts the whole garden, field, region and possibly planet in-plant and human?

Isn’t it just administrative expediency gone too far where as the life options are reduced and the real security of the species goes down exponentially by a factor of at least 3 fold?

What does genetic material itself do to succeed? It variegates according to its different environments, stresses and ecosystems or cultural practices. Why is this hated or attacked by the collectivist segments? Each plant, insect, and animal is making efforts to continue, to grow, to evolve.

I suggest that if we hold to this notion that all of that natural effort and creative force is nonsense that we are dealing with proponents of stagnation, ridiculous limitations, and people who have very low frustration tolerance and want to oversimplify with what is a myopic system of governance which as demonstrated by other hive mentalities, leads to even more chaos and conflict in its pursuit of existence. It is almost always aggressive and militant toward every other community, and lowers the quality of existence of its surrounding beings by being inherently so unbalanced.

Sharing the management tasks within large population unaccountable bureaucratic classes that function like clubs and still function on tribal politics always lead to corruption, scarcity and injustice-each one failures on their own.