High emitting individuals need to be CO2 regulated

We all face this dilemma- whose CO2 emissions are justified? Right now the only emissions that are justified, to be honest, are those expended in creating a net negative emissions trend. Negative emissions activities need to be rewarded while all others are reduced to an across the board liability.

This is why the cost of carbon should be very high- it is very costly. Note this graph of emitters: whom are spread throughout the world in many countries.


The great equalizer is that the richest 10% are no more important than anyone else, nor are their emissions. Income is the only determinant of emissions which are an existential threat to humanity. We can only hope to change this with an individual tradable emissions permit system and a whole new standard and metrics system for justifying emissions. Governments must immediately target the highest income brackets in each country, and create large fines for cheaters. To delay this policy is to shortchange society a 30% reduction in individual prerogative CO2 emissions, which is a significant amount of reduction in lifestyle emissions.

We also need to charge for past emissions which contributed to the past 60 years of climate damages, removing some of the wealth that was stolen early on in this crisis, and it was stolen. It needs to be reinvested in negative emissions technologies, the opposite impact is now the most vital on Earth.

We need a combination of a hydroxyl radical release program and solar geoengineering funded right away to cool the planet and remove emissions, with direct CO2 capture/removal and afforestation and rock dust dispersal scaled up to around 10 billion Tonnes a year, while halting growth.

IF this is not attempted, the planet will not be habitable. We are bringing in this for our children:




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