Dead People on Your Watch

Good management is dealing with dead people’s issues as well as living every day. Why? Because if we are intelligent -and not psychotic, we are, as a priority, digging into the reasons behind failures on our watch. Whether you are a democratic government person, a medical professional, a corporate or volunteer executive, the infrastructure of science gives you the tools to both predict and prevent human loss today. This will apply to the addition of robotics as well as an additional risk interface and computing power will make this easier.

Statistics on death, illness, and dysfunction are tools for us to use to directly improve your management services. We are all familiar with how to use them to underscore powerlessness and limitation, and often, genuine and fully earned ignorance, which we are all blessed with in life.

Mental health statistics have provided the fantastic understanding that we have about a 3% psychosis problem in management professionals as well as “senior materially wealthy family members” which I include for the sake of acknowledging the inherited cultural, social, and familial imprinting that I experience in my family, and which science acknowledges for individuals in great depth.  “The disturbing link between psychopathy and leadership” 

Attached to the 3% statistic is a set of skills, which are used by both management and psychopaths in daily activities for different reasons. Herein lies the management mental hygiene keys: yours or the candidates true intent and motivations. Both you and a candidate will unavoidably disclose your true intent and motivations over time through everything that is the sum of you and your life. This is important because management deals with larger, more grandiose issues than non-management.

One of these issues is death, dying and illness of our people and it is a very influenceable management outcome. Do you ask yourself and your support to understand this area in real depth by drilling down and confronting your own spheres of influence on it? Did you know that doing this is healthy and that many living under management schemes (which is most of us in some way) assume that this is done more broadly and more commonly than it is because they have a normalcy bias. In short they are investing trust in management.

We all know that this is a successful and growing social contract because we are living longer, but reviewing our progress is necessary.

Here is a question to consider: why are 7 million people just simply dying every year from one cause- pollution. The short answer is that if you are management it is because of you; directly or indirectly.

Here is a warning, which I think is fair; people of today can see the “dead bodies “on your watch

Here is the truth: you want the responsibility and the recognition but you will have to justify it. If you do not, your thoughts will create your public track record over time. I would liken this to an unavoidable artificial intelligence which will autopsy who you were while you lived and breathed whether you like it or not.

For the number one health concern of today, deaths from pollution, a problem we are fighting as many victims across all classes and nations, we must go to the root causes as quickly as possible.

Can we stop or drastically modify indoor cooking by having a better more communal and safe enough outdoor practice until the fuel problem is dealt with? Can we know why the safer fuel supply is in a bottleneck and how to reduce it?

On parties who permit dumping and effluent releases. Limited liability companies, CGL insurance, and government immunity for ongoing abandoned emissions never really satisfied a statute of limitations of any kind simply because once there is a release it becomes an ongoing event until it is professionally remediated by remediation professionals, whom are trained scientists/technicians serving as independent third parties to the releases. Remember, these professionals are management also, and their duty of care cannot be legally or materially abrogated by any management without potentially punitive and retroactive consequences.

These matters involve hazard management and people’s valuable time and efforts given in exchange for their livelihoods, innovations and cooperation. You, as a manager would expect this appreciation and protection in your time as non-management consumers of others’ management services.

Management has been given a kind of “social bitcoin”. Even if you are a fascistic management type, you have to know, all your losses will be debited to your personal accounts, which the majority of your fellow human beings here believe, will travel with you for an ongoing accounting, into the next experience. Your legacy here as well, in the future, will be an accurate long term personal fingerprint, so I would postulate as others do,  that no one lives or dies without accountability, no matter how hard they may try, or how ingenious or organized they may be.

My suggestion:

Work and fight to keep your people, animals, and plants alive and well, this is what they want you to do, compete to find ways to ensure that this does not require unacceptable harm or friction. Spread enjoyment and love during your spare time, it’s meaningful.






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