Limited government limits the risk of chaos naturally

A Couple of Words from Selected Wisdom Teachings

Taking the middle ground in placing emphasis, balancing issues, and holding perspective.

Nation states are the middle road and middle class of administration size on Earth. They encircle and defend old worlds through to egalitarian and democratic cultures, Provinces, ethnic variations, and families. To homogenize existence more than this is an extreme and perpetually inefficient effort.

The middle class is not only the majority around the median area around a bell curve, it is where the most civility, agreement, democracy, mutually respectful, and collaborating people exist and serve as the font of stability and variety within a functioning social structure.

Walking a balance in the middle, between the polarities of the natural and hard sciences providing technology and services in medicine and technology will ensure that society is not corrupted by a dangerous excess in either direction, such as endangering the planetary system with hard technology, poisoning the populations through hard medicine, or falling short on scientific understanding and remaining completely primitive and backward.

Outlying variations and mutations of individuals that are emerging often reflect a new stressor of some kind in the environment.

Since we do live on an experimental planet, a technique from science R&D is of interest to mention: the decision tree. This is a graphic tree that moves through if…this result…move to this test..if no or negative result…discard or drastically change research pathways. Nation states can work with this wisdom by slowing or closing the influx of people or ideologies, or cultures, in order to protect and evaluate for its own stability and coherence. To suggest that this is extreme is patently false, it is the most responsible action.

Why should any culture feel rushed and hurried into or out of their sentiments and general direction? Usually because the proponents are trying to pull off a deception, robbery or usurpation, it is only positive if you see all of the logic in the proponents case, and agree that it is protective, and as a group you choose it but still allow individuals to opt out.

Governance is a lot like a small lid on the small can and the large lid on the large one. To tighten the smaller lid requires less force than the large lid and can simple because there is less friction and less mass to control. Big lid? Big administrative force needed to maintain the integrity. Globalism is completely unnecessary administrative scaling.

The free will of regions of the planet has only been revoked in absolute ways by disasters and psychotics with too much access and power to cut the basics of life. Think of ten one gallon cans versus one ten gallon can; which one is the safer food supply if bacterial infection risk needs to be minimized?

What do you think global government is? It is a scaled up closely connected unelected, “self” vetted group whom are vulnerable to contamination and corruption just like a ten gallon can. They don’t function to balance each other from the same level. Balance of power is better seated between the governed and the government, with the governed have the removal powers.

A political term of service could be viewed allegorically as similar to being flown by the voters like a person flies a kite, it goes up, and when the time is up, it comes down by the hand and will of the kite operator, or if it fatigues it comes down, and then is replaced with a new kite. This way, the activity is refreshed and governance fatigue leading to apathy and disengagement is better avoided.

Forensically, all ruling classes, hereditary or fascist, marxist, socialist, corporate or scientific, suffer fatigue and weaken in noticeable ways. This is why I am stating a case for shared term government within republic government frameworks that protect and enshrine your individual rights.

Official and unofficial militias are a fact of life in every society, armed or unarmed, and serve as a necessary contingency plan to prevent the chaotic outbreak of complete slaughter or wide human abuse, which is forensically, statistically and historically a factual risk, and has absolutely 97% occurred from the top down and this cannot be credibly denied. It can be ignored or covered up, but not denied

I wish you well

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